Feb 28 2014 1:45pm

The Muppets Have to Dance and Sing to You About Their Sequel

Muppets Most Wanted song and dance preview

While the marketing for Muppets Most Wanted has been admittedly brilliant at times, we were stopped cold by this song and dance number they put together. Ready to see the gang together doing what they do best?

Starting as The Muppets ends, the whole crew asks Kermit where they’re going from here, which results in a perfectly overwrought show-stopper.

We are so happy they’ll be back soon.

1. rogerothornhill
Glad to see at least one news outlet understands which Muppet should be in the center of the frame for a good still. #wocka4life
Matthew Abel
3. MatthewAbel
Interesting how this plot is similar to the last "second" Muppets movie which has a song and dance number at the start about how they were making a movie, and this has the self-aware sequel song. Nice parallels, whether intentional or not.
Alana Abbott
6. alanajoli
I cannot believe I missed this one going live. Thanks so much for posting it!

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