Feb 2 2014 11:00pm

Dinobots! Spider-Man! Weird Things! Your Super Bowl Commercial Round-Up

Super Bowl XLVIII commercial round-up

With another Super Bowl comes another new barrage of trailers for this year’s most exciting genre-related films! While the blockbusters certainly made a lot of noise (DINOBOTS), they weren’t the only trailers that showed up. There were angels from Noah, evil Muppets, singing Muppets, and even a special Lego appearance at the Puppy Bowl!

Check out all the cool genre commercials and trailers you might have missed during the Super Bowl.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2

A short teaser:


And a long “Enemies United” intro to the movie, including Electro’s origin:


Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Lots of new footage in this one, too:


Transformers: Age of Extinction

When all hope is lost...Optimus Prime shall crest the hill, riding a dinosaur:

(Yay Dinobots! Here’s hoping the triceratops finds the leg that went missing from our production manager’s toy! He was never the same without it.)



Darren Aronofsky’s (retelling? adaptation? ALWAYS WONDER) of the Noah fable upped its game even higher and now includes angels:


Muppets Most Wanted

The internet continues to react to the Muppets sequel but now...Constantine is ready for them. (Us. He’s ready for us.)


They and some singing vegetables also sold a Toyota or two during the Super Bowl:

Terry Crews’ smile is surprisingly edgy.


The Lego Movie

The hero of The Lego Movie himself showed up to the Puppy Bowl to toss the deciding coin!


Tom Hiddleston and the British Villain Cadre

And who could forget our favorite British supervillains selling Jaguar cars:


The Matrix: “The Truth”

A luxury car commercial starring...Morpheus? And then he’s singing? This makes us feel weird things.



These engineering toys for girls went from Kickstarter to Beastie Boys to lawsuit to insane rocket-fueled Super Bowl commercial.


Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
1. Lisamarie
I missed most of the movie previews (I was only paying half attention) but I caught the Goldieblox commercial and my husband and I geeked out about it even though so far we only have little boys (interestingly, most of the people I was with - who do not follow things like, but all have little girls - said, "But...they're pink too, so how is this any different than other girly toy marketing?" and all mentioned how they'd just buy their girls 'regular' Legos and Duplos). I really love the Goldieblox idea, but sometimes the commercials leave me a little the blasting into space meant to signify a complete rejection of their old toys? I feel like there could be room for both types of toys (for both boys and girls, for that matter - my son is often described as 'all boy' by people that meet him but one of his favorite movies is Cinderella and he likes baby dolls). Or maybe just a rejection of the way gendered toys are marketed, which I can get behind.

Anyway, for awhile my favorite commercial was the Seinfeld commercial (I grew up with that show and recently did a rewatch of the entire show and it's one of my very favorites) but then the TOM HIDDLESTON commercial came on and that was it for me. I declared that commercial won the Superbowl, nothing could ever beat it, haha. Again, the company I was with did not quite understand.

But, then I was forced to eat my words, as the very next commercial was the yogurt commercial with John Stamos. How could I pick???? And then, the surprise appearances of Dave Coulier and Bob Saget just pretty much cemented it for me. I could not stop laughing for a few minutes afterwards. (Confession: I was obsessed with Full House as a kid, and it's still one of my favorite shows, I own the entire series, and I don't care what anybody says about that!)
Katherine Olson
2. kayjayoh
Did any of you cheer a little bit at the NFL commercial that had a schoolgirl football player? (Did you notice that? It went by quickly and I had to rewind to confirm.)

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