Feb 19 2014 5:30pm

Seven Wild Sisters Sweepstakes!

Seven Wild Sisters sweepstakes

Charles de Lint and Charles Vess return to Tanglewood Forest with Seven Wild Sisters, the fully illustrated companion novel to The Cats of Tanglewood Forest. Out now from Little, Brown Books, this modern fairytale follows Sarah Jane Dillard, who wants nothing more than to meet the fairies of the Tanglewood Forest: that is, until she learns the truth about them and their age-old feud. Get a sneak peek of the story and art with our excerpt, then enter to win a copy of both The Cats of Tanglewood Forest and Seven Wild Sisters!

Five winners will receive copies of both books, so comment in the post to enter!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of 50 United States and D.C., and Canada (excluding Quebec). To enter, comment on this post beginning at 4:30 PM Eastern Time (ET) on February 19. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 PM ET on February 23. Void outside the United States and Canada and where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor:, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

Andre Thegiant
2. Andre Thegiant
Count me in.
Gordon Bingham
3. gordonbingham
De Leint is one of the best story tellers in the business - and Vess is a delight!
Kate Keith-Fitzgerald
4. ceitfianna
Ooh, I've been wanting to read the first one since I read the children's book that was a prequel. Sign me up.
Andre Thegiant
8. dwndrgn
You guys are full of excellent giveaways these days! Please put my name in every hat!
Andre Thegiant
10. srizzo00
I'd give it a try...
Andre Thegiant
11. Diana Dinara
My daughter would love this! :) And me too.
Andre Thegiant
14. Sandra Campbell
These books look enchanting. Would love to read them.
Stephen Bristow
16. Vanesmantha
Perfect for my niece...after I've had a read-through! Thanks for the chance!
Andre Thegiant
18. CarolS
These books look beautiful. I would love to read them.
Andre Thegiant
19. TBGH
I'm seeing an extra package under the Christmas tree for my little girl . . .
Andre Thegiant
28. mickey spencer
This is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE author!!!
Andre Thegiant
29. Melissa Callaham
I have loved Charles DeLint since I was young. I would be honored to win. Thank you!
Andre Thegiant
30. Anne S
my absolute favorite artist and one of my favorite authors... count me in!!
Andre Thegiant
31. Lisa M.
I would love these!! I cannot wait until my daughter is old enough for me to read them to her.
Andre Thegiant
32. Nikki keen
Such beautiful artwork! I cannot wait to pour through the stories.
Andre Thegiant
33. Phaedra
been a longtime fan would surely love to win. good luck to all!
Andre Thegiant
34. Slab
Would love to add these to my collection!
Andre Thegiant
35. Diana L. D.
I've loved everything I've read by Charles de Lint, would love to have these to share with my children!
Andre Thegiant
36. Lorretta Leslie
I would love to win this from one of my favorite authors!
Andre Thegiant
38. A kristin b clark
Im entering contest... Meowmeowflitterflutter... Fairyblessings
Andre Thegiant
39. Storyteller
While I already have both books, I would dearly love to win these for my daughter who is also a huge fan of the two Charles.
Andre Thegiant
40. Connie Shade
Charles de Lint is my favorite author - have read most of his books, but not these yet! Would so love to win!!!
Andre Thegiant
41. LorrieDee
Winning things is my favourite hobby! :)
Andre Thegiant
42. Erin Williams
Count me in please, I'd love to be able to share these with my young cousins.
Andre Thegiant
43. madainn
I love Charles Vess!
Andre Thegiant
44. Summerwolf
I loves Charles's work, I own copies of almost all of his books but don't have these yet!
Andre Thegiant
45. bill norris
too cool looking
Andre Thegiant
46. thebirdiscruel
Awesome! Count me in! :O)
Andre Thegiant
47. MotleyOklahoman
I'm a winner! I can feel it!
Andre Thegiant
48. Siri Lynn Colomy
These are 2 that hadn't yet made it to my now flood ravaged collection - have only won once in my 42 years so pretty sure I will not be so lucky - yet would love to add to current (slowly being rebuilt) collection! Ahh, a grrl can dream!!
Thanks for being a beacon of positive vibes, upliftingly entertaining & eternally inspirational that things will work out!!
Andre Thegiant
49. Michelle Amavisca
I still need to get Seven Wild Sisters. I really enjoy the artwork.
Andre Thegiant
50. Bilie Milholland
Would love to read these!!
Andre Thegiant
52. Grace Pedalino
I have loved Charles de Lint for years and years
Andre Thegiant
53. Nikiah Seeds
My daughter LOVED The Cats of Tanglewood Forest and so crazy excited about the next one! Thanks for hosting a giveaway, it owuld be amazing for her to win!
Andre Thegiant
54. RachelE
Charles & Charles do such lovely work separately, but especially together!
Andre Thegiant
55. Angelina Vanaman
How did I miss The Cats of Tangled Forester? Neat!
Andre Thegiant
56. Helen/Hawk
LOVE both Charleses. And as I started to write these several of my cats were lined up at the door (a french door) looking in at me. They too would like to read these books!
Andre Thegiant
57. EricL
my cat would love this
Andre Thegiant
59. PamS
This would be an awesome spring present for my daughter! Here is hoping!
Nova Scotia good luck to you!
Andre Thegiant
60. Melissa Thepitbullady
Thank you for giving us all a chance to win one of your amazing books! This would be awesome to win, my birthday is at the end of the month.
Andre Thegiant
61. Harmony M.
Always looking fro more books to interest my daughter in reading!
Walter Underwood
62. wunder
The only thing better than more De Lint is more Vess. Or maybe it is the other way around. Please!
Andre Thegiant
63. Mark e Stanley
Love Mercy
Andre Thegiant
64. DebeeM
Charles Lint and Charles Vess together make Magic.
Love and Magic are afoot.

Andre Thegiant
65. Eric Keogh
Can't wait to check them out!
Andre Thegiant
68. Sosa Kinat
Wonderful, I'd love to have them. Thanks for the chance.
Andre Thegiant
69. Kim Gilligan
Perfect giveaway. Thanks for the chance.
Andre Thegiant
70. Denise P
Great giveaway--looking forward to seeing both of the Charleses at Faeriecon West!
Andre Thegiant
71. John Haremza
De lint and Vess are a booklovers match made in heaven!
Andre Thegiant
72. JillK
Oh, I would love to have these to read to my boys! :)
Andre Thegiant
73. Sophie Gale
Charming! I know a young reader who would love this.
Andre Thegiant
75. LindaB
I would love these!
Andre Thegiant
76. MelissaAPerez
oh please please please I want to WIN!
Andre Thegiant
78. Kristen Caraker
Oh please count me in. I'm so excited!
Andre Thegiant
81. Maisfeeka
Love Charles deLint! I'd love these books!
Andre Thegiant
80. DonnaY
I love Charles de Lint!
Andre Thegiant
82. Penny Sklove Levy
I have adored anything about fairies since I was a tiny tot. The illustrations are a luscious addition to lovely tales. Please enter my name into this wonderful opportunity to recieve these gifts by Charles de Lint and and Charles Vess! Thank you!
Andre Thegiant
83. Julie Barnson
One of my favorite authors!
Andre Thegiant
84. Destiny
Charles de Lint & Charles Vess are both such amazing storytellers! Whenever I want to sink into something thoughtful & intriguing I look for their words & art. Such love!
Andre Thegiant
85. Amber K
I love both Charles' work - and I'm ready to win!
Andre Thegiant
86. Samantha Funk
I love de Lint!
Andre Thegiant
87. Justis
These two are one of my favorite combos! Love De Lint's stories and Vess's artwork. Beautiful!!
Andre Thegiant
90. Jenn D
Love both Charles de Lint and Charles Vess' work. When you put them together, it's wonderful.
Andre Thegiant
91. EllieM
De Lint is my favorite author and Vess's illustrations are beautiful! It would be amazing to win this.
Andre Thegiant
92. LynnS
I have never read a Charles De Lint book that I didn't love!
Andre Thegiant
93. Olivia F
I would love to win this. An amazing writer and an amazing artist!
Andre Thegiant
94. Phil Watterson
A great story, with great artwork to boot. De Lint and Vess are masters at their crafts. Eveyone should have a copy of both.
Andre Thegiant
96. Myla Salmela
Works of wonder by my favorite Charleses!
Mike Strohm
97. mstrohm23
been reading Charles De Lint since Riddle of the Wren came out.
Andre Thegiant
98. Victoria Walsh
I'm super interested! Nothing like a good de Lint book.
Andre Thegiant
99. Colleen Lorraine Smith
Charles De Lint is my favorite author, I'm always touched in my heart
/soul as I'm reading his books. Add the beauitful art by Charles Vess and the story is more vivid. I would love to win this book for myself, I lost my job a few years back due to MS and unable to buy and collect his books anymore. I'm lucky my local library carriers his books so I can borrow them.
Andre Thegiant
101. Sara Lucia
Love! I have almost a full shelf of Charles de Lint! I would probably have a full shelf, except people never give back his books after they borrow them...
Andre Thegiant
102. Darith3Duh
I'd love a copy of both! :D Who doesn't like fairytales?
Andre Thegiant
103. Miss Eliza
Oh yes, cats!
Andre Thegiant
104. Bright Raven
Charles De Lint & Charles Vess together again! Joy!!!
Andre Thegiant
105. Jeanne Raines
I am looking forward to excitedly telling my friends that I won these!
Andre Thegiant
106. JPK
Charles DeLint is my absolute favorite author!
Andre Thegiant
107. Maureen Paolini
I have been waiting for this book!
Andre Thegiant
108. coyote borders
charles de lint writes with dreams...
Andre Thegiant
110. Bill S
Would love to recieve this!! Delint in the BEST!
Andre Thegiant
111. Kathryn Coyle
Yes, please!
Andre Thegiant
112. Jessica Meyer
I LOVE de'Lint!!! SO IN!!!
Andre Thegiant
114. Christina Malone
I love Charles's work so very much. I've already started stockpiling his books to corrupt my neice with. She's 6 months old currently.
Andre Thegiant
115. Cat Allen
WooHoo Would love to win these!!
Andre Thegiant
116. Christian Killion
This would be amazing! I own nearly every other piece of de Lint's work (and keep them all in a storage chest, being my favorite author).
Andre Thegiant
118. Matt Bear-Fowler
I want to win!
Andre Thegiant
119. Christine Doyle
What A Delightful Prize!
Andre Thegiant
120. Caryn
Can't wait to read more!
Andre Thegiant
121. dSavannah
Oh, gosh! ME ME MEMEMEMEME! Pretty please, crow girls on top?
Andre Thegiant
122. Jennifer Scanlan
My favorite author!
Andre Thegiant
124. Tehol Lives
Sign me up!
Andre Thegiant
123. Tara D.
I would like to win this one!
Andre Thegiant
125. leora
Andre Thegiant
126. Mollie
I can't wait to put these on my book shelf!
Andre Thegiant
127. Jackie D
I love Charles De Lint's works. I'd love to add these to my collection. :)
Andre Thegiant
129. SuannB
Charles De Lint is my favourite author of all time. He never ceases to amaze, enlighten and entertain. I would LOVE to win these books.
Andre Thegiant
130. Jennifer Bradshaw
Charles de Lint is my favorite author, and I love Charles Vess' illustrations! I'm so excited about the books :)
Andre Thegiant
131. MatthewF
I like books. I like cats. I like books about cats...and books that are not about cats. So these books sound great.
Andre Thegiant
132. litzi botello
My favorite author. My favorite illustrator. I'M IN.
Andre Thegiant
133. Michele Court
Pick me pick me!
Andre Thegiant
134. tatterdemaliontasche
A duo of Charleses? Yes please!
Andre Thegiant
135. Heather M. O'Connor
How cool--a return to Tanglewood Forest. I love the illustrations in the excerpt! I'd be delighted to read on... and so would my kids. Fingers crossed!
Andre Thegiant
136. Rebecca Sousa
Charles, I love your wonderful stories! They touch me deeply! Thank you for sharing!
Andre Thegiant
138. Samuel I. Beard, Jr.
I've been reading Charles de Lint's work since the mid-80's when I first discovered Moonheart! Definitely one of my favorite authors, and Charles Vess's artwork is fantastic, melding extremely well with CdL's words! Would LOVE the chance to add this set to my library! Thanks much for the chance, Tor!
Andre Thegiant
139. TheMadLibrarian
I SO want this book for our collection!
Andre Thegiant
140. C. Mayo
This is awesome! I'm in!
Patrick Mosbacker
142. Patillian
8-yr-old daughter would give me an award! =)
Steven Schend
143. SESchend
Huge fan of both author & artist, so count me in!
Andre Thegiant
144. Lily De
Have been reading Charles DeLint for years. I so enjoy the books/stories that are written with the pairing of Charles Vess art. It doesn't get any better!
Andre Thegiant
145. Jerremie
Love both the author and illustrator, getting both books would be lovely!
Andre Thegiant
146. Jeff A Smith
Please pick me!
Andre Thegiant
148. KABurton
Love a chance to win!
Jenny Reid
149. jenreidreads
Well, that'll teach me not to proofread. VESS.
Andre Thegiant
150. Nancy Marshall
Can't wait to read them! :)
Andre Thegiant
151. ChristineS
Pretty please, with sugar on top!?! :)
Andre Thegiant
153. RLBrown
These books look fantastic.
Andre Thegiant
155. L. Mays
I have loved every Charles DeLint story I have ever read!
Andre Thegiant
156. rsankner
I'll take them of your hands!
Andre Thegiant
157. David Gruber
Well I have already bought both, but gifts>>>>>>
Andre Thegiant
159. Vanessa M
I would love these books!
Andre Thegiant
160. Rosy Standing Bear
ohhhhh, to add these to my other books by Charles DeLint would be like winning lottery..sweet..
Andre Thegiant
161. Chris B
I just finished Medicine Road and now really want to read the earlier stories.
Andre Thegiant
163. SJ Magee
Yes yes please!
Phaedra Collins
164. phaerie
Oh yes, I read my daughter The Cats of Tanglewood Forest and we both loved it
Andre Thegiant
165. Curlynik
How exciting! Charles de Lint is one of my all time favorite authors!!!
Andre Thegiant
166. Kimberly B.
Oh, Charles de Lint is one of my favorites! Thanks for the great giveaway!
Andre Thegiant
167. Laura J
This is fantastic! Great giveaway!
Andre Thegiant
168. Kim B.
Wonderful books!
Andre Thegiant
169. bevshewchuk
De Lint and Vess are a wonderful combination.
Andre Thegiant
170. jacqueline
what if i gave you a non quebec address?
Andre Thegiant
171. Hannah222
Pretty please! ^_^
Andre Thegiant
172. Gina Sabina
DeLint and Vess together make wonderful books, a great story, and a work of art.
Andre Thegiant
174. Shea Munroe
Favorite team! Have waited a long time for the two stories to be expanded and more illustrations added. Beautiful!
Andre Thegiant
176. Annie Lord
I'd love to win! Those look like fun reads for the end of winter. :)
Andre Thegiant
177. matkeltri
This looks fabulous!
Andre Thegiant
178. Amanda R.
It would be awesome to win; haven't read those yet but love everything else both Charles' put their mind to. GL to us all.
Andre Thegiant
179. Anita Greene
Love the beautiful Seven Wild Sisters. I'm so looking forward to this.
Tom Hill
180. thill2
Cats and Sisters, to read with my new granddaughter. Yes, please.
Andre Thegiant
181. Emas
Great sweepstakes!
Andre Thegiant
182. Reem
Please count me in. Can never get enough of the collaberative works of the two Charles. Good luck to everyone!!
Andre Thegiant
183. weavrdan
charles de lint is one of my favorite authors .... ever since i accidentally slipped into the world of Moonheart on one of my reading adventures.... intorducing me to the characters... music .. legends... a whole new world ! thank you !
larry shirk
185. lorenzo
Having these books would be parTICularly excellant!
Andre Thegiant
187. NoraL
These look great!
Andre Thegiant
191. sprintfish
Book please!
Scott Curry
192. bingom1
These books look amazing. I would love them for my son.
Andre Thegiant
193. crussell
Charles de Lint is also one of my favorite authors, I am slowly adding his books to my collection and this set would be a lovely addition!
Andre Thegiant
194. Corrie
I adore Charles de Lint's stories. Would love these books. :)
Andre Thegiant
195. Jeannine M Lewis
Excellent giveaway! Chares de Lint is my favorite author!
Andre Thegiant
196. Soraya
Please count me in.
Andre Thegiant
197. Dojo
I have the Cats of Tanglewood Forest but not Seven Wild Sisters. I've loved Charles De Lint's books since I randomly picked up Moonheart many many years ago. And I love the artwork of Charles Vess
Andre Thegiant
198. Sherina Josey
What a great author.
Andre Thegiant
199. M Mangan
Yes, please! Charles De Lint is one of my very favorite authors.
Thank you!
Andre Thegiant
202. Wizard Clip
I'd love to read them over a saucer of warm milk.
Andre Thegiant
203. VirginiaR
so delightful! please pick me:D
Andre Thegiant
206. faith schwartz
Im so excited for these! I want to own every one of your books. You are my favorite author of all time.
Andre Thegiant
207. Avrelia
I'd love to read it.
Andre Thegiant
208. lmhwjs
I love CDL, and illustrated by Charles Vess - these books are sure to be treasured!
Andre Thegiant
210. TerryFletcher
What a combination! Favourite author and illustrator.
Andre Thegiant
213. Hazel L. Conley
Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed!
Aaron Tranes
214. Itchy
Cool! My children would greatly enjoy these!
Andre Thegiant
215. MaryEllen Wilson
Charles de Lint is my very favorite author -- I have all his books (except the 3 very dark ones which I only read once! & the children's books). Charles Vess is one of my favorite artists! I would love to: a: live in Newford and b: to be a winner of this volume. thanks!
Andre Thegiant
217. Jason F
Just finished reading Tanglewood and loved it... A lot happening in that story. Can't wait for the Sisters.
Andre Thegiant
218. tyler udy
i love some free books!
Richard Beal
220. bealr
My wife accidentally gave away my copy of Tanglewood, so a replacement (and the next book!) would be great.
Andre Thegiant
221. Shedric
Charles De Lint and Charlie Vess! Now that's magic!
Andre Thegiant
222. Julie Mabie
I absolutely love his books. I would be over the moon if I won!!
Andre Thegiant
223. Julie Cormier
These look incredible!
Andre Thegiant
224. PB101
very interested!
Andre Thegiant
225. Lotus
Love Charles De Lint's books!
Andre Thegiant
226. Barb Lawrence
Read The Cats of Tanglewood Forest not long ago and absolutely loved it! I've been a De Lint fan for years but that was the first children's book from him I'd seen. Really enjoyed the references to Native American tales, and of course the idea of becoming a cat was irresistable to me. Good luck to the winner of the sequel. I'll be sure to get my hands on a copy in any event.
Andre Thegiant
229. Areteo
This looks very interesting!
Patricia Scott
231. dragonwomant
One of my favorite writers and one of my favorite artists, I would really love to win this.
Andre Thegiant
232. Elizabeth Rose
Super contest; super books I'd like to win.
Andre Thegiant
233. grimrick
Good stuff!!!
Andre Thegiant
234. rickel bart
reading cats is better than trying to herd them
Andre Thegiant
236. M.B. Shuck
The art for these looks amazing! Thanks for the opportunity to win.
Andre Thegiant
238. Shannon Baas
I would love this.
Andre Thegiant
240. lizzybizzybee
would love a copy! -L
Andre Thegiant
241. Beverly Henry
sounds like a great one
Andre Thegiant
242. Margot McKeon
Woud love these great reads for my family
Debra Kidle
243. lubelle
I would love to win these, to read with my nephews!
Andre Thegiant
245. Linda G.
Sounds like good reading to me!!!!
Andre Thegiant
247. Della Barker
I would love to read these with my Granddaughter.
Darcie Niewald
249. DarcieN
I love the cover art, remindes me of when I was young and all the childrens books were illustraded. I think me and my eight year old daughter would love these books.
Darcie Niewald
250. DarcieN
I love the cover art, remindes me of when I was young and all the childrens books were illustraded. I think me and my eight year old daughter would love these books.
Andre Thegiant
252. Jasonv
Look like a fun book to read and I want to read those books
Andre Thegiant
253. crisco
Love these two!!
Andre Thegiant
257. Gus Kroll
Enter me please
Andre Thegiant
258. Jayne Burchfield
Beautifully illustrated -would love to win these!
Andre Thegiant
261. Karen Drake
I would love to win this book.
Andre Thegiant
263. Jaime Cummings
I want to win!
Andre Thegiant
264. runner
Groovy Seven Wild Sisters!
Andre Thegiant
265. marie constantineau
hi! thanks!
LYNETTE thompson
266. LYNETTE52
Two great books, be sure to enter my name in the drawing. Thank you
kathy pease
267. klp1965
Great Giveaway! Thanks so much for the chance :)
Andre Thegiant
This illustrated companion novel is a must have.
I pray I win!!
Heather Burgess
274. skynkatesmom
Both my daughter and I would enjoy reading these!
Andre Thegiant
279. Penny Snyder
Would love to win these!!~
Andre Thegiant
281. Tim H. Moss
Good deal, count me in!
Andre Thegiant
282. Allison b
My daughter would love this one!
Buddy Garrett
284. garrettsambo
These books sound great. Thanks for the giveaway.
Chi Shannon
287. anastasiafall
Sweet! This looks like a book my daughter would enjoy :)
Andre Thegiant
good reading
Andre Thegiant
289. Stefan Ellery
Love reading children's books, never had a chance to read these though.
Wayne Lecoy
292. hotrodguy
I am entering your giveaway.
It would be great to win copies of The Cats of Tanglewood Forest
and Seven Wild Sisters by Charles de Lint and Charles Vess.
Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!!!!
Tim Lucas
293. T1551L
this could make me the best Gram ma ever!
Jennifer Jozwiak
294. jennvozik
I'd love to win this for my daughter! I hope I win!
Andre Thegiant
296. CherylMc
looks to be good read.
Andre Thegiant
297. Cheryl Reinhardt
OH how I would LOVE to Win these two books !!! They look like Fun and Whimsical Characters !!!
I Know Just who would Soooooooooooooooooooo Love to read these !!!
Andre Thegiant
298. Sara Miller
I would love these for my granddaughter.
Carl White
300. AskTheTicketGuy
Seven Wild Sisters, as a single guy, not the book I was hoping it would be but I am sure one of my girlfriends' daughters will love it.
Andre Thegiant
301. Vikkilyn
I would love to win these for my nieces.
Andre Thegiant
302. Shea Balentine
thanks for the chance!
Andre Thegiant
303. Leah Shumack
My daughter is always looking for new books to read!
Andre Thegiant
304. Melanie Comello
I'd love to win these and read them to my baby girl :)
Andre Thegiant
305. Stephanie Galbraith
I'd like to win.

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