Feb 4 2014 6:40pm

“That’s how I get into character, bro.” Watch the Thor 2 Gag Reel!

The full Thor: The Dark World gag reel is up! And it contains Natalie Portman just slapping people left and right. She should probably take some anger management classes, or something. Dang.

A lot of it is watching how very wrong stunts can go, (or how goofy they look to film in general,) but we also get Thor with a ponytail! And general adorability.

1. SueinNM
Not nearly enough Loki!
2. Basel Gill
Needs... more... Eccleston.
Brian Haughwout
3. bhaughwout
The perils of working with animals...and capes.
Pernilla Leijonhufvud
4. Therru
This is why the cape is the hallmark of the superhero. It's because it requires super-powers to make a cape work without tripping yourself up.

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