Feb 24 2014 5:10pm

New Doctor Who Character Sets Stage for Barbara and Ian-Like Dynamic Next Season

Doctor Who, Danny Pink, Samuel AndersonWe’ve got a brand new recurring character on Doctor Who! Say hello to Samuel Anderson, who will play Danny Pink! Danny will be another teacher from Coal Hill School, same as Clara Oswald.

But old-school Whovians know Coal Hill School was also the place where the first Doctor’s companions, Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton, taught a young Susan Foreman, the Doctor’s granddaughter. So what does that bode for the upcoming season? Barbara and Ian became quite close following their time on the TARDIS—can we expect the same for Clara and Danny?

One thing’s for sure, we’re more than happy to see Clara get someone to bounce off of!

Brian MacDonald
1. bmacdonald
Hang on a second. We've got an older Doctor, and the showrunners have made a thing about him being the first of a new "regeneration cycle." We're introducing two teacher from Coal Hill School as "recurring characters" (which isn't the same as "companion," but I'm willing to see how that plays out. There's one piece missing from this puzzle.

Susan appeared in flashback in "The Name of the Doctor." If the Doctor is on a quest to find Gallifrey, why not start by looking for his granddaughter? Carole Ann Ford is still around, you know.
Alan Brown
2. AlanBrown
Another recurring character would be nice. I almost hope, though, that a romance between him and Clara does not occur. Friendship, definitely, shared adventures, absolutely. But romance would be a bit too predictable. I kind of liked the Donna years, when everyone was just good pals.
3. harmonyfb
If the Doctor is on a quest to find Gallifrey, why not start by looking for his granddaughter?
bmacdonald, from your lips to Moffat's ears. I'd love to see Susan brought up in a meaningful context. :)
Andy Thompson
4. Andy_T
I don't know if the producers would want to tread on what what Big Finish ended up doing with Susan (0n audio) though... (8th Doctor)

Now if they could integrate that continuity into the New Series, then I'd say hell yes, do it!
Erik Harrison
5. ErikHarrison
My assumption was always that Susan, as a Timelord (-lady *gag*), was as dead as the rest of them. While there are multiple origin stories for Susan in the extended canon, she is definitely Gallifreyan, and if she's properly the Doctor's family, well, the Doctor told Rose that his whole family is dead.

Of course, I'd love to have her back - providing Carol Ann Ford can play her, if only for a regeneration scene...
6. csgrady78
He also told Rose he destroyed Gallifrey. So now that we know the truth of it, maybe we will see all kinds of truths exposed.
Jenny Thrash
7. Sihaya
#5: It's true, Susan is as dead "as the rest of them," but we just found out they're not actually dead.
Tom Smith
8. phuzz
Well, we know from Sherlock that Moffat likes working with family members, perhaps he'll bring Peter Davidson's daughter/David Tennant's wife Georgina back as the Drs daughter?

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