Feb 3 2014 9:00am

Morning Roundup: The U.K. Honors its Fallen Sci-Fi Heroes!

Holly-littlemonster posted this touching memorial on Tumblr, noting that “In Britain we take the death of our characters very seriously.” (Although we think she means the U.K.?) We think that’s the only proper response to Children of Earth, and we can only salute you for it, though we’d rather not remember...

Morning Roundup chooses to focus on more cheerful topics! Like rumors about Star Wars, hopes about Gambit, and further adventures in the Winchester’s universe!

1. Volle
No need to correct. Mermaid Quay is in Cardiff which is in Wales which is in Britain which is in the UK*.

What to be wary of is people wrongly referring to the whole lot as England.

* The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northen Ireland
Del C
2. del
I thought Stubby was being admirably sensitive to the feelings of Northern Irish sf fans, but then wondered why the nation state with an army, a navy and an embassy in other countries was the natural unit of fannish declaration.

If someone said "In New England we really like Stephen King," would the response be I THINK YOU MEAN IN THE UNITED STATES...!?
3. Merrian
The Ianto memorial is more than the plaque it is really the metal grill at the end of a dock at Mermaid Wharf on Cardiff Bay that is filled by letters and flowers, flags and well wishes at some point the wall was labelled "Ianto's shrine". Because it is all paper and ephemeral it changes all the time.
alastair chadwin
4. a-j
Just to clear up the Britain/UK confusion (and hoping I've got this right!):

Britain, or Great* Britain, is the geographical name for the island that lies inbetween Europe and Ireland. The United Kingdom is the politically unified country that is made up of England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and others such as the Isle of Wight, the Orkneys and so on.

Pretty certain that's how it works, anyway:)

*'Great' refers to the fact that the island is bigger than Brittany in France, ie Little Britain, and is not an embarrassing boast as I thought as a child.
mark Proctor
5. mark-p
The Channel Islands (and the Isle of Man) aren't actually part of The United Kingdom. They are Crown Dependencies and have their own govenments, athough they are not completly independent and residents are British citizens.
Robin Goodfellow
6. RobinGoodfellow
Given the tumblr poster in question is British, I think you can trust she does know what she means when she refers to her own country.

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