Feb 21 2014 9:00am

Morning Roundup: You Must Know Something by the Final Exam, Jon Snow!

Aw, poor Jon Snow. Not only does he know nothing, but now he’s being publicly told to see the T.A., and the professor spelled his name wrong. Poor bastard can’t catch a break. (This moment of epic fantasy meeting academic reality is brought to you by Lincoln Michel, coeditor of Gigantic Worlds.)

Unlike Mr. Snow, Morning Roundup knows many things! For instance, it knows the Godzilla is HUGE, that BioShock is coming back, and that Matt Smith is one of the finest Time Lords in the universe. Read on!

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Walker White
1. Walker
Nobody cares about a non-Irrational Bioshock. We already got that with Bioshock 2, which was narratively bankrupt.

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