Feb 3 2014 5:40pm

Learn About the Making of Wheel of Time Fan Film: “Flight From Shadow”

Wheel of Time fan film Flight From Shadow

Epic Level TV has posted a making-of documentary going into the story behind the creation of “Flight From Shadow,” a Wheel of Time short film created by fans of the epic fantasy series.

Check out the film itself and the making-of below!


The film:


The making-of:

Robert Crawley
1. Alphaleonis
I would pay money to see this in a theater if it were expanded to include all of the first book. Even with the low budget effects it was pretty good. If they had had any kind of budget, it could have been even better. Who has the rights? Can someone generate a picture from this series?
Kim B
2. Amaranthine
This was pretty good! I'm glad I took the time to watch it.
3. The_Duck_Is_Rising
Not bad. I did picture the lightning strike/One Paua event to be much more "compressed" if you like, nearly instantaneous and blinding ... the Myrdraal was suitably garishly ghastly, and very appropriate. I felt it was somewhat gratuitous for the Black Ajah Aes Sedai to offer the use of the Black Ajah, since they'd be conscripted anyway, and besides the Black Ajah would merely become another set of Dreadlords. Strom and Jak were very well played.

I had pictured Four Kings as being set in wide open farmland though with broad roads, kind of like Broken Hill or Goondawindi or Goulburn, rather than surrounded by hills with a narrow road inwards like a WOT Yass, or even Smiggin Holes ... Baerlon I picture as a Yass-like town or even Greymouth or Blackball-like, but not Four Kings. (Of course I picture Tear as looking somewhat like Sydney, with the Stone being a combo Opera House and Harbour Bridge, and Illian as being somewhat like Melbourne, with no clear centre, and Caemlyn looking like a combo between Paris and London FWLIW :)
Ryan Jackson
4. KakitaOCU
I approve whole-heartedly but have to offer one small nitpick.

The Myrdraal's hair and cloak moved. Some movement would be realistically unavoidable, but they could have used a good hair gel and weights in the fabric to lock both down against the wind. Or filmed it in two pieces, one without the fans or whatever they used.

All in all, well done though. :)
5. mutantalbinocrocodile
I absolutely love this film (after the intro, which is a little hammy) as an elegant and truly scary introduction into the WoT universe. Which brings me to my one suggestion: the opening with Loial's book is too derivative of the PJ Tolkien films. Overall, I think one of the biggest strengths of this production is that Randland definitely looks like its own place, not a spinoff of either Middle-Earth or Westeros. The handwritten manuscript undercuts that. Opening with a book is a classic trope that doesn't need to be gotten rid of, but given that it's a 4th Age book, shouldn't it be printed, and in a unversity library? I think keeping the early-modern, on-the-cusp-of-technology setting consistent would help make the series look like itself. . .and maybe catch the eyes of someone with the money to make a feature?
Fake Name
6. ThePendragon
The first scene with the Aes Sedai has some seriously cringe inducing writing/acting. However the rest of it is pretty good. The acting is still on par with what you'd expect from a fan film, but the production values are decent enough. Works well as a proof of concept.

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