Feb 7 2014 6:23pm

John Scalzi’s Redshirts Coming to TV!

John Scalzi Redshirts

Congratulations to John Scalzi, whose hilarious, Hugo-winning novel Redshirts is being adapted for television!

Dan in Real Life producer Jon Shestack, producer-director Ken Kwapis, who previously worked on Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and Kawpis’ partner Alexandra Beattie will develop a limited series based on the book. They have yet to announce writers and actors for the series, but we’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything! In the meantime, who do you see as a perfect Ensign Dahl?

You can read the first five chapters of Scalzi’s book here—we can’t wait to see it on the screen!

Steve Oerkfitz
1. SteveOerkfitz
From the director of License to Wed and He's Just Not That Into You. Doesn't instill confidence in me.
Jeff Fairbanks
2. Rajani_Isa
This was a great book, it will be interesting to see how well it carries.
Margot Virzana
3. LuvURphleb
I am listening to it on audible right now! So amazing!
(This could be cool-the show I mean)
6. AndrewV
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants? Seriously?

Was the guy who did Fried Green Tomatoes not available?

Color me less than impressed.
8. ZhaneEndrick
Not my favorite Scalzi novel, but it was okay I guess. I'll be interested to see how it's interpreted for television.
Andrew Phillips
9. APTimes2
I liked the book, but did not love it. I hope the TV series works out. I think it could be funny, even funnier than the book since it was kind of a T.V. series in and of itself.
Matt Stoumbaugh
10. LazerWulf
I'm hoping that the series won't be a direct adaptation of the book, because that gets you a miniseries at best, once you resolve all the conflict. I'm hoping it'll be more of an exploration of the whole concept. A real-life starship crew is forced to enact the plot of a cheesy sci-fi show, and all the peons are trying desperately to avoid being dragged into "The Narrative". There could be investigations by UU into why this particular ship has a higher-than-normal death rate for enlisted crew members.

As long as they don't try to come to Earth to "fix" it until the series finale, they could milk this concept for a while and have it be entertaining.
11. Ryan H
On his blog, Scalzi said it is currently planned as a limited series. So hopefuly they won't try and milk it too hard.

And think of all the fun they can have with casting! Jonathan Frakes cast as himself in the real world (He's a sucessful TV director these days). Wil Wheaton cast as anything. It could be hillarious. And there would be no casting too meta or in-joke for this story.
Ellen Cheeseman-Meyer
12. EllenMCM
I am really excited about this. And it would be cool if they cast Wil Wheaton. Or Jonathon Frakes.
13. Freehawk
Wil Wheaton did such a great job with the audiobook, I think he would be a natural for this.
14. Difficat
Wil Wheaton was certainly great as an attorney in that universe. He and John Scalzi performed a short bonus story, which was pretty funny.
15. Wolflied
Ensigns are by definition very young. Jesse Eisenberg or Asa Butterfield would be good as Dahl.
Gilmoure Gylbard
16. Gilmoure
Ooh, the human cop guy from Almost Human as Dahl! Or is he too old?
17. Aethenoth
@16 That would be Karl Urban. He also played Bones in the new Star Trek movies, so that seems like a fitting actor for you to come up with :D

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