Feb 16 2014 11:29pm

Second Game of Thrones Season 4 Trailer is the One We’ve Been Waiting For

Game of Thrones season 4 trailer Meereen

It begins with Arya counting off the list of people she means to kill, and it just gets crazier from there. Watch the second trailer for Game of Thrones season 4, and watch it all the way to the end or you’ll miss the reveal of someone we didn’t think we’d ever see!

(Meereen sure is gorgeous, isn’t it?)


We say this every week, but this beauty is going on the side of our van:

Game of Thrones season 4 trailer Drogon


Walker White
1. Walker
Waiting for the book purists at Westors to complain about the liberties taken with Arya's list.
Brigitte Reed
2. brigittereed
@ Walker I did notice a new addition to her list that wasn't there in the books. Arya doesn't even know Messandre (I hope I spelled that right) exsists, so how can she be a part of her list?

Also, she never tells anyone about her list, certainly not Sandor. So whee for creative liberties taken when turning a book into a TV show. :-)

Also, I am pretty sure that Drogon is about to devour a child in that picture you have captioned there. Or at least, it was a child in the books.

Was that too spoilery? >.> Sorry?
Kesper North
3. Kesper North
I was too distracted by that truly wretched cover of "Cities in Dust" by Siouxsie and the Banshees to follow the video -.-

I hope the licensing fees were good to them.
Church Tucker
4. Church
@2 She's met her in the show, when Mel visited Thoros. Not so clear on why she thinks she's worthy of murder, but then they've been holding back on her decent into psychopathy so mayhaps this is them making up for that.
Kesper North
5. DenisTroy
The Dragon looks huge. they sure have grown!!
Kesper North
6. NormanM
@4 Melisandre took Gendry. That's why she made Arya's list.
Alicia Dodson
7. LynMars
@4 Well, Mel took away someone fairly important to Arya, and said some creepy things about Arya besides. At this point, cross that little girl at your own risk; tick her off and you go on her hit list. People on it tend to have things happen to them, Arya-induced or not.
George Jong
8. IndependentGeorge
We say this every week, but this beauty is going on the side of our van:
That's rolling probable cause.
William Gardner
11. myangelsman09
The reveal that excited you was cool but something deep in me cries for that not to be Coldhands. For some reason his riding an elk seemed so iconic, they cgi the guy why not add antlers to the horse, is that particularly extensive? Though if it is supposed to be him i like that they made him look like he could be the very first monstrous creature the show revealed, that would be a nice symmetry. So i'm 50-50 i guess, but most ASoIaF book to Tv changes follow that ratio too.
Kesper North
12. rayne_girl
@9 dragons in ASOIAF only have 4 limbs: wings and back legs
Chris Nelly
13. Aeryl
@11, I don't think that is Coldhands, it's too dead looking, that's a White Walker.
Scott Silver
14. hihosilver28
I agree. Though it's odd that it takes up such a large amount of time of the trailer for just a White Walker. But I hope that Coldhands looks more like he does in the books, because that's just an iconic look.
George Jong
15. IndependentGeorge
@12 - Would a four-limbed dragon technically be an insect? What about a centaur?

Or are GRRM's dragons really birds, like the dinosaurs?
Adam S.
16. MDNY
Psyched for the Red Viper vs. The Mountain . Not so psyched for the changes in Arya's list/story. I heard this book extends into early AFFC, so wondering if Arya will make it to Bravos this season...I've seen enough of her and Sandor riding around and around the riverlands.
It's funny that they made Danni's declaration of staying to rule sound so dramatic, when it's really...not.
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
17. Lisamarie
Oh man, I really want to watch this and squee over it with my husband, especially over some of the hints of things to come that I saw in there (like ELLLLIAAAAA!, the Gold Purple Wedding, Tywin not shitting gold, etc) but he hasn't read the books so...he won't understand the significance!

It's fun watching it through his eyes though (even though the shows do take some liberties).
Daniel Castellanos
18. TheEightChandrian
@11 @14 My guess (and it's probably a wild wrong one) is that Coldhands will fight a Walker. After all, pretty much everything Bran did in book 3 was already covered in the last season, so now they're going to portray Bran's extended journey North, so maybe they'll add action.

And honestly, wouldn't that be cool?
Chris Nelly
19. Aeryl
They're moving hardcore into Dany's ADWD storyline, so I wonder how long they plan on letting that go on? How are they going to keep pace with everything else that's happening?

Obviously, though I was hoping that guess was wrong, is they are skipping the Queensmoot(as I've seen Yarasha with Mel, I'm guessing she gets captured by Northerners trying to rescue Theon), which cuts a LOT of AFFC to cover. They'll probably do some of it, they have to explain Victarion and Euron.

IDK, it's looking more and more likely they'll outpace the books, and I'll stop watching if that happens. I like the show, but I want to read the books unspoiled now that I've gotten into them.
Deana Whitney
20. Braid_Tug
Wonder if there is going to be a rash of Royal Wedding Reaction videos on YouTube?

Looking forward to the next season.
Sara H
21. LadyBelaine
Lisamarie @ 17,

What is the "Gold Wedding"? I've read everything so you may spoil me, i necssary as lonng as you veil for the Unsullied.*

* ASOIAF viewers who are not also readers.
Bill Stusser
22. billiam
We've already seen the gold wedding, it was last season when Sansa and Tyrion were married. The big wedding this season, Joff & Margaery, is the purple wedding.
Tom Smith
23. phuzz
I am looking forward to watching Joff's wedding with my flatmates. I've read the books, they haven't.
I don't think it will be quite as entertaining as the Red Wedding though, but there will probably be more cheering.
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
24. Lisamarie
billiam@22 - argh - you are right! I will go edit that, becuase now it is going to annoy me!

LadyBelaine, I suggest you google it, simply because I don't want to spoil it for others who don't wish to be spoiled (but use the term Purple Wedding ;) ) and I don't trust myself to not mess up the whiting out.

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