Feb 28 2014 5:45pm

FYI: Ragnarok is Probably Still Happening

Thor und die Midgardsschlange by Emil Doepler

Everyone thought we’d hit the 22nd of February and everything would be fine and dandy once we made it to the 23rd, right? Because end of the world stories generally throw everything out with a big boom of some kind.

But those of you who thought we escaped Ragnarok are likely having your party too early. We here on Stubby the Rocket feel the need to point out that Ragnarok begins with three years of winter. And since we're about to get yet another snow storm here in NYC...

Yup. It’s still on. You can’t stop the Ragnarok.

Marilynn Byerly
1. MByerly
The robins are back, and the crocuses are in bloom here a bit southward. Take heart and don't listen to Loki's lies about Ragnorak being here.
Chris Nelly
2. Aeryl
@2, I know, the poor animals here in KY have come out, but we're about to get slammed again. Poor things
4. wyoarmadillos
Sounds more like a wheel of time book :)
In New Mexico, we are only expected to get light rain in the 60's and our peach trees are budding.
6. Tim Hodkinson
I have a theory that the story of Ragnorok was a folk memory of an actual asteroid or meteor strike. I wrote about it on my blog last year:
7. Sean M
Unless you use your magic sword to cut off the heads of the fates. Then you and your faithfull wolf hound can stage a desperate last stand against Loki and his children.
But other than that, you are pretty much screwed.
Man June 17th can't come here soon enough.
Sydo Zandstra
8. Fiddler
Here in The Netherlands we had one of the softest winters ever. I have seen snow only once and it melted soon.

So I guess Ragnarok decided to leave us out of it. ;)
Paul Howard
9. DrakBibliophile
Nah, Ragnarok has been post-poned due to Global Warming.

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