Feb 21 2014 11:30am

Annual Con or Bust Auction Ends Sunday!

Hurry up, genre fans! The annual Con or Bust auction ends Sunday February 22nd at 5:00pm (EST)!

The auction is administered by Kate Nepveu under the umbrella of the Carl Brandon Society, a not-for-profit organization. The Society, which is named after fictional African-American fan author Carl Brandon, is dedicated to increasing and ethnic diversity in the SFF community, and holds the auction to help fans of color attend the SFF con of their choosing. This annual online auction is Con or Bust’s principal income for the year.

There is lots of fabulous stuff to be had in this auction, but just to give a partial list:

  • Signed copies of books by authors including Jo Walton (Among Others, Tooth and Claw, and What Makes This Book So Great)
  • First editions, limited editions, and galleys of some amazing SF and fantasy titles
  • Fiction critiques by authors including Yoon Ha Lee and Delia Sherman
  • A poem, written for you, by the great Jane Yolen!

This year has donated three prizes:

You can bid on auctions, offer something for auction, or make a donation. Finally, if you’d like the Carl Brandon Society’s support in attending a con, you can learn more here. Enjoy the auction!

Deana Whitney
1. Braid_Tug
You know, if Tor would donate an ARC of WoR, that would delivered by Tuesday, Feb. 25th, I bet they would make a Lot of money for the cause.

Just saying.
2. Humbledore
Does anyone know if transracial people are eligible for Con or Bust?

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