Feb 4 2014 1:00pm

Announcing Glimpses of Radiance: Daily Previews of Words of Radiance

The release of Words of Radiance, the long-awaited continuation of Brandon Sanderson’s epic saga The Stormlight Archive, is now less than one month away. To prepare you for the oncoming storm, we will be releasing daily previews of the second volume. Sentences, quotations, paragraphs, epigraphs, and other glimpses of what is to come.

These daily email-only previews will begin on February 11th and go all the way up to the release of Words of Radiance on March 4th. Tor.com registered members and new visitors must sign up for the email list to receive the daily Glimpses of Radiance. Registration to the list is free, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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Life before death.
Strength before weakness.
Journey before destination.

The First Ideal of the Knights Radiant
John Hatteberg
2. Oronis
I JUST now registered. Will I get the thingy for today?
Jon _
5. Werechull
I may have to sit this one out. I don't want too many spoilers.
7. Guinevere
Every time I try to register, it says Invalid Token. What am I doing wrong?
Rob Campbell
8. rccampbe
I trust Tor to tease us a little without big spoilers. I was happy with the similar glimpses into A Memory Of Light.
Irene Gallo
9. Irene
7. Guinevere
We're looking into it. In the meantime, we will be sure you are registered.
Chris Lough
10. TorChris
@7 Guinevere. We're showing another user account from 2010 listed under the email you provided, so the system is probably thinking you're already registered on the site.

We think we've untangled that, though, so let us know if you encounter the Invalid Token error again while attempting to register!
John Brown
11. Seerow
Just registered.

I don't know why I do this to myself. So many spoilers, but I can't help it. Always get left wanting more.
Jennie Stevens
12. Guinevere
Thanks so much for looking into that so quickly. I was able to register. SO EXCITED!!!
Jeremy Guebert
13. jeremyguebert
If this what Carl was teasing us about last week? Or is there more goodness incoming?
Deana Whitney
14. Braid_Tug
Daily?! Holy Cow, no wonder Carl was rubbing his hands like an evil genius teasing us on the re-read last week. (Figuratively of course.)

But here’s a PoV issue with word choice…
is WoR the “long awaited continuation”, or rather the “much awaited continuation”?
I would call waiting on The Gathering Storm a “long awaited continuation” or GRRM's Winds of Winter.

Brandon is great about knocking out books so quickly, in relative terms, it’s not been that long since WoK came out.

Either way, can’t wait!
Irene Gallo
15. Irene
13. jeremyguebert
This is what Carl was teasing about...But there’s always some kind of new goodness to look forward to. ;-)
Jeremy Guebert
16. jeremyguebert
Irene @ 15 - Thanks for the confirmation. Looking forward to it! :)
Mike I
17. MikeyRocks
@Braid_Tug I thought I was the only one who noticed that. An example of a long awaited book is the final book to the damn king killer chronicles which Patrick damn Rothfuss is taking his sweet ass time to release. Thank God Brandon knocks these out not just quickly but very efficiently.
Travis Little
18. tblittle
This may mildly reduce the suffering...

Looking forward to:

"Kaladin slammed the point of the spear through the visor of Amaram. The Shardbearer dropped to his knees, blade dropping to the stones...

Rock uses the enhanced strength and dexterity of the late Amaram's shardplate, which Kaladin had given him hours earlier, to prepare delicious foods. Dung-free, for the time being... but anything could happen. "
Deana Whitney
19. Braid_Tug
@18: careful, some migh think that's a real preview.

@17: Just started those chronicles. Glad I wasn't the only one to note the word choice. :-)
Jennifer B
20. JennB
Hopefully this will help with the wait.
Peter Ahlstrom
21. PeterAhlstrom
@Braid_Tug @MikeyRocks It seems some people are forgetting that The Way of Kings came out back in 2010. Book two comes out just over three and a half years after the first book was released. A lot of people would call that a long wait. Thankfully, this should be the longest wait in the series, except for the gap between book five and book six.
Jennifer B
22. JennB
Peter@ 21

Is there something happening between books 5 and 6 that would cause an extra long wait?
Jon _
23. Werechull
In case Peter misses your question:
Brandon has said that the planned 10 book series is actually two separate 5 book series and that there will be a break in writing them.
Neil S
24. Nbs2
@10 - I noticed the same issue earlier when I tried to log in to sign up (but only when I entered the right password, wrong passwords gave me the correct notice). I ended up resetting my password and got distracted. By the time I got around to trying again a few minutes ago, everything was all better.

-Rancho U
25. north0401
@22 Brandon is taking a three year break to learn the art of writing with his mind while he is asleep as well as waking.

Not to worry though, his books will be produced three times faster thereafter.
Mike I
26. MikeyRocks
Wow, for what ever reason it doesn't feel like it has been that long. I think I may have read WOK in 2012 and thats why its not that long for me. as for the king killer chronicles, I was waiting on line at the books store for the second book, so its been like torture.
Peter Ahlstrom
27. PeterAhlstrom
During the gap between book 5 and book 6, Brandon will write the second major Mistborn trilogy.
David Goldfarb
28. David_Goldfarb
I'm interested, but I think this sounds a bit too much towards spoilers for my taste -- I'm willing to read whole preview chapters, especially when they come from the start of the book, but not the epigraphs and so on. (I don't watch preview trailers for TV episodes I know I want to watch, either -- same principle.)
John Hatteberg
29. Oronis
Is this book going to be better than the last one? Because the last book was really !%@$ing good.
Deana Whitney
30. Braid_Tug
@21, PeterA: Thank you for the reminder.
I read WoK after AMoL came out, so it's not been a long wait for me.
Yes, 3.5 years is a long time.
Yet still, much better than some authors make their fans wait. And everyone knows he’s been writing a Ton.
Alice Arneson
31. Wetlandernw
So this is what Carl was chortling about. He's just having way too much fun with this.

Mmmm.... on second thought, I don't think that's possible. So clearly, he's having a very appropriate, extremely elevated amount of fun. And who knows? Maybe all that hand-rubbing is just Carl trying to stay warm enough to use his computer and provide all these tasty tidbits, rather than a reflection of the amount of fun he's having.


Probably not.
Jennifer B
32. JennB
Thanks Peter.
More Mistborn sounds good to me.
Glen V
34. Ways
Guess it worked, no confirmation, but no error message either. Time will tell.
Jeremy Guebert
35. jeremyguebert
@29 - Everyone I've heard from online who has read both (I'm looking at you, Wetlander and Carl) has said the second one is even better than the first, as hard as that is to believe.

@31 - "So clearly, he's having a very appropriate, extremely elevated amount of fun". bahaha, very well put.
Linda Grubbs
36. lindasfree
Mickeyrocks, wish I had a like button. I agree it's taking way too long to get the last book, like it took way to long to get the second book
37. Alerie Corbray
Hello, I have been trying hard work register for days, but getting nowhere. This might be the third day of trying. I am super interested in the Words of radiance. Amazon has had my preorder for months. Please fix me so I can register. All I get is invalid token today. I commented in December without a problem.
Ruben Guevara
38. rbnguevara
Ok so I have been checking my email since 1201 AM today and now I am at work 0549 so when can we expect to see the first "Glimpse"? I am hungry, earger, tired and need my WoR fix!!!!!!!!!!!
39. njeuton
when is the glimpse coming ?
Peter Pan
40. notathom
Obsessively clicking the "refresh" button on my email account...
Ailema Mirg
41. Ailema
@40 notathom -- You too? I don't think I've ever been this excited about a mere glimpse of anything.
Jennifer B
42. JennB
Anticipationspren all over the place.
Alice Arneson
43. Wetlandernw
JennB - Where's that "Like" button when I need it? :)
Rob Munnelly
45. RobMRobM
Someone post it on the new spoiler thread, please.
Alerie Corbray
46. AlerieCorbray
Thanks, I was finally able to register for the daily program.
47. Hennah
I signed up for this on 4th February but didn't receive the first glimpse, I signed up again on the 12th but have yet to receive a single glimpse. I have seen the screen saying "sign up successful", is there somewhere I can read these glimpses because they're not coming through to me, and they are not in my junk folder either.
chris parker
48. cjp1
@47 You can read them in the glimpses spoiler thread
49. Haresh
Hi, I have signed up few mins ago for the glimpses of wor. How long should I wait for the mail with preview? And since its my first post I want to tell you that whenever I think of wor I will just read the comments from u guys and it made me read the wok couple of times more since I have missed many minute things.
Alerie Corbray
50. AlerieCorbray
To who ever. My registration came through 2/11 at 4:54. So I was not surprised when no Glimpse came through. But nothing came through today 2/12. I know that the email is correct because I have the acceptance email. So why am I not receiving the Glimpses?
Jennifer B
51. JennB
@50. I flagged your comment so the moderator can help you.

The glimpses arrive in my inbox around 9am.
Alice Arneson
52. Wetlandernw
They send from Tor at noon Eastern time, so whatever that translates to in your time zone.
Alerie Corbray
53. AlerieCorbray
@51 JennB: it is now 2/13, 12:39 am est, and the only thing my mail box has seen is the acceptance from TOR, which as stated above was on 2/11 , 4:54pm est. Nothing was received on 2/12. I thank you very much for your assistance. And Wetlandernw as well. (Ps I loved your new article. )
Alerie Corbray
54. AlerieCorbray
@51 JennB: it is now 2/13, 12:39 am est, and the only thing my mail box has seen is the acceptance from TOR, which as stated above was on 2/11 , 4:54pm est. Nothing was received on 2/12. I thank you very much for your assistance. And Wetlandernw as well. (Ps I loved your new article. )
Alice Arneson
55. Wetlandernw
Alerie @53 - Have you tried emailing webmaster@tor.com? If you haven't, that would be worth a try. They really are trying hard to work out any issues so that everyone who wants the Glimpses can get them. I hope it gets sorted out! If nothing else, at least check the Glimpses discussion thread; someone will post each one as it comes out.

Glad you enjoyed the article! I had fun writing it, too. :) Thanks.
Alerie Corbray
57. AlerieCorbray
@55 Wetlandernw: I tried them at first when I was unable to successfully complete my registration process. Once I was able to get in and complete the process, And I received the acknowledgement, I thought that I was okay. But still no emailed glimpse showed up. If no mailing shows up tomorrow, I will again email webmaster. Yes, I went to the glimpse thread and enjoyed reading all of the entries. There are a lot of some very smart people out there tracking everything that Sanderson does. It is truly amazing the depth of detail in these novels. Of course all of this is making me hope that Amazon doesn't take too long getting my book to me.. I didn't ask for any express shipping, I went for the free shipping.

Anyway, thanks for trying to help and sharing all of your wonderful insight.
Bridget McGovern
58. BMcGovern
@Alerie Corbray: Hi, there--I hate to do this in the discussion thread, but we've actually been trying to contact you via email, and each time we receive an error message that mail to your account is undeliverable:

Unknown address error 550-"5.1.1 The email account that you tried to reach does not exist. Please try\n5.1.1 double-checking the recipient's email address for typos or\n5.1.1 unnecessary spaces.

I do notice that the email address you are currently registered under spells your name slightly differently than it appears in your username, so I wonder if that has anything to do with the problem? Otherwise, we're at a bit of a loss, but the system will not allow us to send email to that address as it currently appears. The only thing I can think of to suggest is using a different email; apologies for all the extra hassle so far, in any case! We've been doing all we can to try to figure this out...
Alerie Corbray
59. AlerieCorbray
@58 BMcGovern: I have returned to you the email that TOR sent me on 2/11, acknowledging my registration. I sent it to web master, where it was sent from. I have not done anything to change my mailbox since I received the mail from TOR.

By the way, I also received an ad from TOR today at 12.33 pm, and it suggests that I can register for glimpses by clicking on a link. It doesn't seem to know that I am already registered. Again, I have done nothing to change any parameters. Please let me know what needs to be done. Thanks.
leif Nyman
60. leiftinspace
I've signed up for this 3 times and i still haven't received any emails. can someone figure out why?
Alice Arneson
61. Wetlandernw
@60 - Have you emailed webmaster@tor.com? That's your best bet for resolving issues.
Alerie Corbray
62. AlerieCorbray
Hello all. I am still not getting the glimpses. I emailed webmaster, but so far no answer. This is getting very old.
Alerie Corbray
63. AlerieCorbray
I emailed webmaster again. Still no answer and no glimpses.
Alerie Corbray
64. AlerieCorbray
To whom: Day seven. No glimpses in my mailbox, however, I have another ad from Tor. Somebody please help. I will email webmaster@tor again. So far, they have not answered.
Katharine Duckett
65. Katharine
@Alerie Corbray Moderator here: could you send a screenshot of the ad you referred to to katharineduckett@tor.com? Registrants for Glimpses only receive the Glimpses and the newsletter, so there shouldn't be anything else coming to you from Tor.com. If you could send that my way, we'll figure this out. Thanks!
Alerie Corbray
66. AlerieCorbray
katharineduckett@tor.com. I wasn't sure how to send you a screen shot with my tablet, so I forwarded to your mail box the two ads that I received. Thanks for your assistance. Any chance that you can get me fixed, so that I can actually received the glimpses. Not counting the week that it took to get an acceptance to my registration, I have been trying for another week to actual get the item that I signed up for.
Tammie Darden
67. SugarMagnolia
I signed up on the 11th and haven't gotten a darn thing.
Tammie Darden
68. SugarMagnolia
Alerie Corbray
69. AlerieCorbray
Thank you BMcGovern. Glimpse received at noon today.
70. _Elena
// nevermind
71. AlerieCirbray
This is a test to see if I can comment

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