Jan 27 2014 5:08pm

Finally an Official Trailer for Terry Gilliam’s The Zero Theorem!

Zero Theorem trailer

You’re right, Christoph Waltz, we are generally everywhere alone. We just don’t like to think about it too much. But Terry Gilliam makes horrifying truth a little more palatable. Watch as Christoph Waltz takes on the “guaranteed burn out project” of making 0 = 100% in Gilliam’s newest film The Zero Theorem, which will hopefully be amazing and force everyone to recognize his genius and make Hollywood give him all the money ever so he can finally make his Don Quixote movie and it will no longer serve as an allegory for his whole career anymore.


[via Vulture!]

1. RabidNewz
I cannot wait to finally be able to see this movie. I am a huge Gilliam fan and having been waiting very impatiently for this film.
2. Dante D'Anthony
Always such a visual delight.
4. TereLiz
Still can't think about Tideland without shuddering, but I love Gilliam's work. Hopefully Zero Theorem will be well received.
5. CazW
That is going to make Brazil look plodding and sane

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