Jan 3 2014 1:40pm

Who Cares About Lyrics Anyway? 4-Year-Old Sings Frozen’s “Let It Go”

Frozen, Let It Go

Speaking from childhood experience, nothing is more fun than singing songs from your favorite musical cartoons. And now that Disney’s Frozen seems to have revived the tradition, we’ve got the most adorable recording for you—4-year-old Ella singing Idina Menzel’s number “Let It Go.”

Gah, we’re just dead from how sweet this is. She seems to have some lyrics in mind, but who cares? Lyrics don’t matter, only the emotion behind the art. (She actually has a pretty spectacular voice. Call us in fifteen years, kiddo... we'll set you up with a record label.)

Anthony Pero
1. anthonypero
Of course, the appropriateness of a 4-year old singing what could be construed as a lyric about sexual awakening and empowerment is debatable, lol.

I loved this scene in the movie. I was moved very powerfully while watching it with my daughters. I immediately cringed when Elsa's father started repeating his mantra to her. The metaphor of a father fearing his daughter's growing "powers" struck perhaps a little too close to home, and by the time Elsa ends this song, I was pretty choked up. And trying to think up ways to explain my emotion to my 8 year old daughter.
3. ZhaneEndrick
That song could be construed as a lyric about anyone accepting who they are no matter what it is that makes them "different" from the norm.
Anthony Pero
4. anthonypero
True, as I stated in the second paragraph, I recognize that my own fears were probably asserting themsleves strongly due to whom I was watching it with. But you're right. There a multitude of possible interpretations. That makes it a really good lyric.
5. coffelover
Oh! This is so cute! Someone needs to put this on the Ellen show! I hope this kid gets famous! This is on many news sites. Makes some people wanna have kids!
6. newimperium
Very nice! That girl already has a good ear for music.
I would have liked to see a split-screen with the actual girl singing, that would have been cute.

Here's my 3-year-old daughter retelling the entire "Little Mermaid" movie from memory in 4 minutes with NO cuts. I think it's pretty cute, too!

Thanks for watching!
7. jrbarsinister
Wow! Through the whole video I could barely sit on my chair I was laughing so hard! My favorite part is when she says: "let the dudorm rage on!" I love this, and my baby nephew makes me watch it all the time! He thinks it so funny! Also, after watching it a few times I realized how incredible her voice is for a four year old! This girl has got some true potential!

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