Jan 29 2014 12:40pm

We Were So Distracted By Vin Diesel Dancing We Missed His Announcement of Another Riddick Movie

Vin Diesel, dancing

Vin Diesel, you need to stop flirting with us.

Only the man himself could recording some impromptu dancing to Katy Perry and Beyonce, broken up by an announcement about his Riddick film series.

Vin Diesel has filled us with unmatchable confidence. We will never feel bad for taking selfies or dancing like goofbals in our living rooms ever again. We are empowered by this cuddly man.

Also, it would seem that Riddick is topping the DVD charts. And that Universal wants to make the next movie. But you have to watch Vin lip-sync before he'll let you in on that special secret.

Walker White
1. Walker
Please do not remake Pitch Black for a 3rd time. There are movies to be told between Pitch Black and Chronicles.

Also, please ditch Twohy.
2. puck
When people talk about how fantatic they would be about seeing celebrities in real life, all I can think about is what Vin has perfectly demonstrated here: They just people! They're dorky, can't dance, and are completely normal (with big houses, anyway). Thanks Vin for acting like a true, normal, excited person and not being afraid to share!
3. TheMadLibrarian
C'mon -- doesn't everyone have a seekrit list of celebs they are sure would fit right in at their next barbecue?

p.s. Can we do something about the blurred-together Captcha words? I have trouble with rhmtyfuzzfuzzfuzz -- on 8 consecutive picks!
4. laura lu
Vin loving it! One of the good guys.
Donia L
5. Donia
Oh no! The video's deleted -- does anyone know where else to find it?

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