Jan 3 2014 9:50am

Veronica Mars Returns in First Full Trailer!

Veronica Mars movie trailer

The first full trailer for the Veronica Mars movie is here, and it looks...really pretty promising, especially if you were a fan of the original show! The big screen version, initially funded by a fabulously successful Kickstarter campaign, sees the former teen investigator (played by the always delightful Kristen Bell) getting dragged back to her old stomping ground in Neptune for the darkest of all possible reasons: A HIGH SCHOOL REUNION.

And also, of course: MURDER.

The trailer is our first real trip down memory lane with characters like Logan, Mac, Wallace, Dick Casablancas, and Best Dad Ever Keith Mars, and in between the happy bursts of nostalgia, there’s plenty to remind fans of why we loved this character, cast, and show. Here’s hoping that Veronica Mars, which opens in the U.S. on March 14th, is as smart, sassy, and well-written as the series was at its peak!

Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
1. Lisamarie
Squeee! I forgot this was coming out until I was in a meeting at work and one of my coworkers (another fan!) asked me if I'd seen it. Then we derailed the meeting to watch it, haha.

I don't know how it will appeal to non fans, but as a fan, I am VERY excited, and it even looks a bit darker/the stakes are higher. I'm wondering if they'll kill off any of the original cast...

Also...Veronica punching Madison is kind of the new 'Tyrion slaps Joffrey' for me ;)
3. Dianthus
Can't wait! So excited, I'm losing pronouns! Huge fan back in the day. How can I cope if LoVe aren't a thing by the end?
4. BroadwayJimmy
That trailer looks pretty cool. Of course, trailers can be notoriously bad indicators, but I'm betting the film is pretty sharp. The series had some terrific writing, and when you take a series that well written and have to write just sone long episode . . . could be terrific.
Cedro Impe
5. Cedro
is awesome!!! i think that this movie will be fantastic

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