Jan 27 2014 4:25pm

Get Your Copy of Tyranny of the Night for Just $2.99!

Now’s your chance to read a fantasy epic from the creator of The Black Company! In Tyranny of the Night, Glen Cook introduces us to the young warrior Else, who unknowingly wins a battle with a god, sparking a war between his people, the Praman, and the West. Now Else is sent deep into the West as a spy, and must confront the horrors of war, astonishing acts of faith, his own doubts, and, worst of all, the brothers of the slain god, who will not stop until they have vengeance.

The sale begins on January 27, and ends on March 1st, so download your copy soon! 

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1. vanye
No offense, but this is not "new". You guys published it back in 2006....
Bridget McGovern
2. BMcGovern
Corrected, thanks. The sale is new, the book is not.

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