Jan 2 2014 6:00pm

Troy and Abed, Meet Geordi and Data!

So we all know and love Texts from Star Trek: The Next Generation. But, with Community returning like Gandalf the White galloping in on mighty Shadowfax, we thought it was time to share a new and beautiful mashup.

We give you: Troy and Abed in Engineering. This tumblr has created a world far better than our own, in which the friendship of Geordi LaForge and Data is roughly analogous to the devotion shared by Greendale’s Troy and Abed, and mashing up ensues.

Geordi works best combined with Troy’s amazing mental leaps:

And sure, Abed wasn’t actually inside the KFC Flight Simulator with Abed, but this still makes us smile:


And the fun doesn’t stop there! The rest of the cast gets in on the action, with Picard doubling Dean Pelton, Riker as Jeff, Counselor Troi as Britta, and Worf as Señor Chang:




But, in the end, this Dean Pelton/Picard image is the one that wins our hearts: 

Quickly, run to tumblr and prepare for tonight’s Community return!

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Bruce Arthurs
2. bruce-arthurs
I've never watched a single episode of Community, but these are still funny.

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