Jan 16 2014 6:30pm

Thornlost Sweepstakes!

On April 29, Melanie Rawn returns to her rich high fantasy world with Thornlost, the sequel to Touchstone and Elsewhens. Cayden is part Elf, part Fae, part human Wizard—and all rebel. We want to give you a head start on his adventures as a tregetour, a wizard who is both playwright and magicwielder, by sending you a copy of Thornlost right now!

Check for the rules below!

THE RULES: The first 10 people to email their name and address to sweepstakes [at] tor DOT com will receive one ARC of the book listed above. Please make the subject of your email “Thornlost.” Good luck! Do not comment in this post for the sweepstakes, and for safety reasons PLEASE DO NOT leave your address in the comments.

Aaron Tranes
4. Itchy
Entered! I hope I was early enough. If not, that's okay!
Rich c
5. Ann W
No thank you. Still no finish to the Exiles. Finish that series or hire a ghost writer. Until then, no. I have zero faith that you are to be trusted to finish a series and I refuse to pay your bills. Other authors who value their fans and finish their commitments (or at least hire ghost writers when they can't) deserve my money. Tor, encourage her to finish her outstanding commitments one way or another and when finished, and only then, will I give you one red cent for any title with her name on it.

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