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Read the Entire Malazan Series in One Ebook!

The Complete Malazan Book of the FallenTor Books is excited to announce The Complete Malazan Book of the Fallen, an ebook-only bundle of all ten books in the main Malazan Book of the Fallen series. An entire fantasy series in your hand! Easy to hold and easy to search!

The Complete Malazan Book of the Fallen is available now from your preferred ebook retailer.

Check out a bigger version of the new cover art by Kekai Kotaki below! The cover depicts Moon’s Spawn, the floating fortress occupied by Anomander Rake, Son of Darkness, as it hovers above the doomed city of Pale. In this scene from Gardens of the Moon, the first volume of the Book of the Fallen, the besieging Malazan armies stand arrayed against the forces of the Son of Darkness, unaware of the magical cataclysm that is to come.

The Complete Malazan Book of the Fallen

1. parabola
No love for Google Play?
Michael Kaufman
4. mkaufman
I would love to get it, but since you have priced it higher than just buying the individual books, I think I'll pass.
Steven Halter
6. stevenhalter
Cool cover! Moon's Spawn at the Siege of Pale?
edit: I see the answer is in the text of the post and yes, it is the Siege of Pale.
Irene Gallo
7. Irene
This omnibus is available from all e-book retailers where Tor Books has the right to publish these novels.
8. PrinceSaturday
Why is the Amazon kindle image defective?
9. mutantalbinocrocodile
@Lightbringer, great point. Question: will the rise of e-readers make "doorstop" format fantasy more accessible and reduce "middle-book-itis" (see the elaborate discussion on the WoT Hugo thread for the difference between a series and a prose epic that is just way too long for traditional publishing conventions)? I doubt it will encourage more writing of bad doorstops. There are plenty of those already. I wonder if it will improve the reception of good ones.
10. Everynameistaken
Original art please?
11. davhahn
I like the idea and would consider it with another series if the price is right. This volume costs 4 more dollars than buying all books individually though (as previously mentioned). I can't see an ebook compendia having anything extra that's worth a hike (of any size) in price. The new cover art is sweet, but it's only worth it if I can display it on my bookshelf. Who cares how it looks on my device screen.
12. Jordan360
Beautiful artwork, but the only way I'll ever get through this series is by listening to the audiobooks. Anyone know what the word count is for the series?
David Holden
13. davidholden
@12, Wikipedia indicates it's over 3.3 million words. Wheel of Time, for comparison, is over 4.4 million.
Chris Hawks
14. SaltManZ
Yeah, I just dug up an article SE wrote regarding FoD where he throws out the number 3 million.
Kellen Periwinkle
16. Mithrandir42
@12 and 13, Yes, the main series is about 3.3 million, though you may want to consider Ian Esslemont's books too, which likely comprise an additional million words.
17. DrLemniscate
You can get the Kindle App to read it on your Android devices.
Dirk Walls
18. dirk
Great fantasy series.
Crazy fantasy price.
Bill Capossere
19. Billcap
very cool--if I didn't already have it fully in print and in ebook form I'd grab it. And per word? Not a bad price at all . . .
20. davidwilson
Any news when this might be available in the UK? Would be great to have a digital copy to go with my physical copies (perfect for long trips!).
21. Ryamano
Is that Tattersail in the center? I thought she was fatter.
23. Pyle313
Looks like they listened to people who complained about the price last night it was 83.22 now it's down to 58.25.

How is this series? I am debating getting it, hence why I am watching the price.
24. Everynameistaken
@Ryamano I'd love to know who that is too. Tattersail is not that thin.
25. Everynameistaken
@Pyle313 - it's oft-recommended, at least on reddit. Personally, I found it too mysterious. It was a great ride, but not nearly enough was explained for me. PS if you do try it, "Gardens of the Moon" was his first book, so it's generally seen as weaker than the rest.
26. shellywb
Have you tried reading this on a variety of readers/tablets/phones/apps? I'm concerned that my phone can't handle it, and that's a lot of money for something I might not be able to read.
Dustin Freshly
27. Fresh0130
Hrrrmmmm, carrying a complete set of the MBotF around on my phone certainly has some pretty major appeal to me, holy hell though, would I have any room left on my phone for anything else?
28. Nichobert
Holy god it took WOT 4.4 million words to express how comfortable Jordan is with writing generic fantasy?

are 2.2 million of the words "pulled" or "braid"?
29. Nichobert
As for the woman in the picture, I think it's supposed to be Picker wearing the torcs, so presumably from the latter moons spawn appearance?
30. Ryamano
I thought it was Tattersail from this part of the article:

The cover depicts Moon’s Spawn, the floating fortress occupied by Anomander Rake, Son of Darkness, as it hovers above the doomed city of Pale. In this scene from Gardens of the Moon, the first volume of the Book of the Fallen, the besieging Malazan armies stand arrayed against the forces of the Son of Darkness, unaware of the magical cataclysm that is to come.

But I don't know where the article got that information from. Anyone know who is the artist that drew this? Maybe we could ask him/her.
Dustin Freshly
31. Fresh0130
Yeah, that scene certainly looks more like the latter siege that Moonspawn takes part in rather than the Siege of Pale.

@28: Don't forget several hundered thousand "Sniffed"'s as well.
32. TisteSimeon
So when Assail, the Kharkanas trilogy and the Toblakai trilogy are out I want a complete Malazan collection. In hard copy. Written in the blood of my enemies. Please.
33. Cotillion
I would say that is Lorn on the cover.
34. John H4
For those looking to buy. It's currently about $25 cheaper on Amazon than the other sites.
Chris Hawks
35. SaltManZ
My assumption has been that that's the Malazan mage cadre facing down Moon's Spawn, with Tattersail (with some generous artistic liberties taken) front and center. It could also be Nightchill, but I picture her less youthful and not blond.
36. ChevChelios
Does anyone have an idea, why I cannot see this book neither on amazon.com nor on amazon.de?

I am living in Austria and i want to buy it.
37. Korakys
@36 You can't buy it because Tor is not allowed to sell anybooks outside of USA and Philippines and maybe Canada.

Yes this is very dumb.
38. ChevChelios
So this means, there is no possibility for me to purchase the ebook?
39. Some Other Brian
Can somebody confirm whether or not this all-in-one version corrects the painful OCR errors in some of the earlier volumes (poor Toc the Younger often being Toe the Younger, etc, etc)?

(what's with the comment software requiring Name to be unique? annoying...)
40. Lucifer's Heaven
#32 Tiste Simeon - I doubt you have enough enemies to manage that :P
41. Dale99
Any plans for an Australian release? Neither the Amazon or Apple versions are available in Australia.

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