Jan 27 2014 4:30pm

Steles of the Sky Sweepstakes!

Your Monday afternoon just got a lot more exciting, Elizabeth Bear fans! We want to send you a galley of Steles of the Sky, the conclusion to the award-winning Eternal Sky trilogy, an epic tale of empire, magic, and intrigue set in otherworldly steppes.

It's out on April 8th from Tor Books, but we know you don't want to wait that long to find out what happens to Re Temur. So enter to win a copy now!

Check for the rules below!

THE RULES: The first 20 people to email their name and address to sweepstakes [at] tor DOT com will receive one ARC of the book listed above. Please make the subject of your email “Steles of the Sky.” Good luck! Do not comment in this post for the sweepstakes, and for safety reasons PLEASE DO NOT leave your address in the comments.

1. CountyParkShark
awesome prize! fingers crossed
Tom Hill
3. thill2
Someone needs to post a comment to these posts when the number of emails surpasses the number of prizes...

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