Jan 27 2014 3:03pm

Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor Costume Revealed!

Peter Capaldi, Doctor Who

Alright, you lot—the Telegraph just released the first image of Peter Capaldi’s costume as the Twelfth Doctor. Check it out below the cut!

Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi, first look costume Twelfth doctor

And... what do you think? We were definitely hoping for something with a little more pizzazz. He sort of looks like a navy captain off-duty. With just a touch of red to let us know that he means business? That he’s out for blood?

His shoes are also very shiny. We’re apparently sticking with the suited theme we’ve had since Tennant, so hopefully no one was holding out for a feather boa or some hammer pants.

One thing’s for sure—he’s definitely over ties for the time being. All ties. NO MORE TIES.

jeff hendrix
2. templarsteel
looks like a mix between the 1st doctor and the third doctor
Karin L Kross
3. KarinKross
So I found an interesting publicity photo of Jon Pertwee (date unknown):

The similarity could be accidental...
David A Dodge
5. David A Dodge
My guess is that the 2nd, third and maybe fourth doctors will be big factors in how he approaches the part (as Capaldi grew up watching them - He wrote a letter in to a paper about doctor who when he was about 11 or 12)
David A Dodge
7. Fuzzy_Dunlop
Not bad, was kind if hoping for a hat though. The Doctor should have a hat if you ask me.
Bridget McGovern
9. BMcGovern
Oh god. He's starting to look like Darkwing Duck.

Well, kinda.
David A Dodge
10. Anonymoose
I'd be excited were Doctor Who not overrated tripe.

I kid, I couldn't even type that with a straight face.
David A Dodge
11. Fuzzy_Dunlop
@8 see Now he is The Doctor!
Chris Lough
12. TorChris
Bridget you can't say things like that around me.

Jenny Thrash
13. Sihaya
Launchpad does share a distinct chin cleft with a certain immortal companion.
Matt Stoumbaugh
14. LazerWulf
When Capaldi was announced as Twelve, I thought he seemed a bit like a cross between Three and Nine, and this costume definitely reflects that. (Although, to be honest, in the 30 seconds he was on screen at the end of "The Time of the Doctor", he seemed a bit more like Four.)
Bridget McGovern
15. BMcGovern

(Although I would love to see Karen Gillan's take on Launchpad McQuack. Somebody set up a meeting.)
David A Dodge
16. Andrija Popvic
Given the fact certain actors who are currently playing the 12th Doctor were originally fanboys during the Pertwee years, I think the choice is absolutely deliberate. I forsee a lot of flaring in that jacket.

Oh, and I'm all for any Doctor wearing Doc Martin boots.
David A Dodge
17. Fuzzy_Dunlop

Darkwing Doctor, that is full of awesome, now do one of Nega Duck
David A Dodge
18. GuruJ
... am I allowed to say that I like the Darkwing Duck version better????
Alan Brown
19. AlanBrown
Those shoes look like the plastic patent leather shoes I bought when I was in the Coast Guard when I was too lazy to polish them every time I put on my dress uniform. If so, I pity Capaldi, because those kind of shoes are also almost watertight, and if your feet sweat, it gets pretty swampy for your socks!
And I am not a fan of these way too snug suit jackets everyone wears these days.
But other than that, a serviceable outfit, I suppose.
Anthony Pero
20. anthonypero
Every time I see Peter Capaldi it makes me desperately want Hugh Laurie to be the Doctor. It would be perfect on so many levels.
Keith DeCandido
21. krad
"I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the whiney noise in the TARDIS of justice!"

---Keith R.A. DeCandido
Bridget McGovern
22. BMcGovern
For lack of an actual "like" button, Keith, I'm just going to leave this here...

Tom Smith
23. phuzz
@19 They're Doc Martens, and generally pretty damn comfortable once they've broken in
David A Dodge
24. simonk1905
Dr. Martens
Dr. Martens
Dr. Martens boots

As Alexi Sayle once said.

and yes they take some breaking in. Someone once told me the best way to do it was to run them over in a small car.
Ursula L
25. Ursula
I like the outfit.

I suspect that most of the time the jacket will be closed, and you'll see him wearing a white shirt with a dark jacket and pants. It isn't really a suit.

Then you have the cardigan sweater, rather than a vest made from the jacket fabric. They've made bowties and fezzes cool. Is the cardigan sweater next? Mister Rogers for the win!

And that red lining is going to be a tease! Hidden most of the time, but I expect a lot of attention will go into deciding when and how the red will flash in a scene. A bit of visual punctuation.
David A Dodge
26. bottlehed
I really like the cut of the vest and suit, but are those some ill-fitting pants or what!
David A Dodge
27. Jerun
Bow ties were cool. :(
Kit Case
28. wiredog
Darkwing Doc
"Let's get dangerous."
Jenny Thrash
29. Sihaya
#26: I suspect it will keep him in something like the current skinny style without causing him to make an Ichabod Face. Business at the top, Party at the cuffs.
Ursula L
30. Ursula

Bow ties remain cool, and always will be. :)

The Doctor always has new and unexpected things to make cool for us.
Alan Brown
31. AlanBrown
The buttoned-up shirt without a tie seems to be cool these days. It is funny how what one generation finds geeky, the next generation will embrace.
Alan Brown
32. AlanBrown
Oh, and no one has mentioned it, but what is with the hand gestures? Is he trying to be Mandrake the Magician?
Ursula L
33. Ursula
The buttoned up shirt with a collar reminds me of Clara's trademark look - closed collars, often with details such as lace or being a contrasting color to the rest of her outfit, are very much her thing. The red dress with the black collar in "Journey to the Center of the TARDIS" and her white lace collar in "Time of the Doctor" stand out.

So perhaps the Doctor is, again, picking up on details of the first face this face is seeing?
Ursula L
34. Ursula
Actually, thinking more about Clara's Christmas costume, the first thing that Twelve sees her wearing.

She has a white blouse, worn buttoned all the way up to the collar. A dark cardigan. And a red plaid skirt.

And twelve chooses a white shirt, worn buttoned all the way up to the collar. A dark cardigan. And a red lining to his jacket.

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