Jan 27 2014 4:50pm

Get Paul of Dune and Sisterhood of Dune for Just $2.99

Sisterhood of Dune Paul of Dune ebook sale

The ebooks for Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson’s Paul of Dune and Sisterhood of Dune are on sale for $2.99 starting today. In Paul of Dune we pick up Paul’s story immediately after the events of Dune, but prior to Dune Messiah. We learn the story of Paul’s jihad, as he fears for the loyalty of those he loves and trusts most—and his own sanity. Sisterhood of Dune finds a society in turmoil, 83 years after the last of the thinking machines was destroyed. A great war rages between those who would use reason and technology, and those who rely on faith. The outcome of the war could mean a new beginning for humanity...or its ending.

The sale begins January 27th and ends March 1st.

Paul of Dune:

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Sisterhood of Dune:

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