Jan 24 2014 4:45pm

New Game of Thrones Season 4 Behind the Scenes Clip

Hee hee. How did those guys get onto the Astapor set? Daenerys is pissed!

Game of Thrones season 4 is COMING, ya’ll, and with it a succession of behind-the-scenes clips and sneak peeks. One of them is below! There’s lots of footage of season 4 in between Charles Dance’s hypnotic voice, if you’re into that. (We’re into that.)

1. Ducky
Woo!! Not soon enough, gah!! April must hurry!
2. Clay Scott Brown
I thought I saw Joffrey still alive! hmmm... I'm waiting for season 3 on Netflix coming next month! I thought for sure he's be gone by then... at this rate there is going to be a GOT season 25 someday!

Can't wait for the Trilogy!

Harrison Ford As Neddy!


For Sure!

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