Jan 17 2014 3:30pm

Moriarty Returns A Letter Sweepstakes!

In the newest volume of his Baker Street mystery series, out from Minotaur Books on January 28th, Michael Robertson returns to 221B, where brothers Reggie and Nigel Heath are charged with answering the letters to Holmes that arrive at their law office.

We want to give one lucky winner a copy of all four books in the Baker Street Letters series: The Baker Street Letters, The Brothers of Baker Street, The Baker Street Translation, and Moriarty Returns a Letter!

Comment in the post to enter!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of 50 United States and D.C., and Canada (excluding Quebec). To enter, comment on this post beginning at 2:30 PM Eastern Time (ET) on January 17. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 PM ET on January 21. Void outside the United States and Canada and where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor:, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

Erich Eberhardt
2. Erich Eberhardt
Count me in!
Erich Eberhardt
4. Levi Currit
Wow, looks interesting. Count me in as well.
Sean Holland
6. Akaihyo
Looks great. Please add me to the list.
Erich Eberhardt
7. ZhaneEndrick
I've never heard of this series but it sounds interesting. I'd love to give it a chance.
Daniel Hoagland
10. danielrixy
Like #7, I've never heard of the series, but it seems intriguing!
Erich Eberhardt
11. thekenn
sounds great
james Pope
12. jim162065
They should have a sherlock holmes update book list for all new material.
Erich Eberhardt
14. Carla C
This looks like a great series. Thanks for the chance to win.
Erich Eberhardt
15. Nettle
I'm with #7 and #10!
Erich Eberhardt
16. Sunnymay
Mysteries and books in a series as a child were what I devoured, emptying the shelves at the library. I'm still fond of this genre and think learning more about the two brother lawyers who answer letters to Holmes is a treat and a suspense. Thanks for bringing my attention to this author and his well-crafted books.
S Cooper
18. SPC
I've never heard of these before but they sound intriguing!
Jeff Tufano
26. profchaos
this is my official comment in this post to enter this sweepstakes.
Richard Schatz
28. schatzfam
I always love a good mystery - like why did I never hear of this series before?
Erich Eberhardt
31. jmd
Oh, yes, please! I keep picking these up and putting them down because my book budget is small lately.
Erich Eberhardt
32. Christy H
I'd love to win this next book in the series
Stephen Bristow
33. Vanesmantha
Interesting idea...seems odd I haven't heard of these before now.
Erich Eberhardt
35. Betty
Enter me I still read the old kind of books...
Erich Eberhardt
38. BellaTuk
Count me in, please :)
Erich Eberhardt
43. Laurraine
Always ready to read more about Sherlock Holmes.
Erich Eberhardt
45. matkeltri
I have not read these before, but they sound interesting.
Christine LaRue
46. LadyAnubis
I'm not familiar with this series but would like to check it out. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!
Erich Eberhardt
47. jc1960
wonderful, thanks TOR!
Erich Eberhardt
49. mich
interseting.thanks alot
Erich Eberhardt
51. Loganegood
This is awesome!
alyce poalillo
52. alycep
Perfect for me-I have been a huge Sherlock fan since I was a child so please let me win!
Erich Eberhardt
53. Rickie Hinrichs
I want to be Sherlock.
Erich Eberhardt
54. Arthur Harriman
Another game looks now to be afoot.
Erich Eberhardt
55. bill norris
sounds like a cool series....count me in
Erich Eberhardt
57. Rosanne
Thank you for the chace for these great books
Erich Eberhardt
59. Michelle Pennington
I'd love to win the books!!!
Erich Eberhardt
63. cheekysod7
the contest is afoot, watson
Erich Eberhardt
64. Kimberly B.
This series sounds great! Thanks for the terrific giveaway!
Erich Eberhardt
65. Regina M
Sounds like a great series.
Erich Eberhardt
66. D Rogers
I would love to read the series.
Erich Eberhardt
69. AletheaB
These look amazing - count me in!
Erich Eberhardt
73. Loren Palmer
all holmes in 4 this 1!
Erich Eberhardt
74. runner
Groovy Moriarty Returns A Letter!
Erich Eberhardt
77. bosey
Love anything Sherlock related
Erich Eberhardt
The "BAKER STREET MYSTERIES" are so great.
Hope I win so I can add it to my library.
Erich Eberhardt
Great Series.
Hope I win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Erich Eberhardt
81. Faith I
These books look wonderful.
Erich Eberhardt
82. Katy S
I always love a mystery!
LYNETTE thompson
Mystery! Love it. I so do enjoy a good mystery.
Erich Eberhardt
84. Jaime Cummings
Count me in!
Heather Burgess
86. skynkatesmom
I have really wanted to check out this series!
Erich Eberhardt
87. Desmond
Count me in, please!
Erich Eberhardt
88. yetidad
Just watched the new Sherlock and would love to read these as soon as possible!
Erich Eberhardt
89. Paula Willbanks
Thanks so much for the opportunity to win such amazing books!
Erich Eberhardt
90. Barry Kazimer
Great Contest
Erich Eberhardt
Very cool!
Erich Eberhardt
93. Jason Kinnin
Erich Eberhardt
94. meekyung
Count me in
Erich Eberhardt
95. C Miracle
I would love to read these books. Thanks for the chance.
Christy Bustard
96. christybuttons
Excellent addition to any collection. Thanks for a great giveaway as usual!
Erich Eberhardt
98. Jennifer Louise Juenke
Please enter me! I would love to win these great books!
Erich Eberhardt
99. lmck
would love to win these books
Erich Eberhardt
100. Karen Drake
Enter me to win.
Erich Eberhardt
101. kila
would love to win
Erich Eberhardt
102. Judy Kim
I would love to win
Erich Eberhardt
103. brittany doerfler
awesome thanks for the chance
Erich Eberhardt
104. Heather A
All things Sherlock are fascinating.
Erich Eberhardt
105. alb
I have a friend who truly loves all things Holmes.
Erich Eberhardt
106. Melissa Snyder
Pick me! I want to win.
Erich Eberhardt
107. Sarah M
I'd love a chance to win!
Erich Eberhardt
109. Kathryn Mackey
I love to read and it is fun to win books so I can share them with my friends
Erich Eberhardt
110. Dana123
They look interesting, thanks.
Erich Eberhardt
112. Sara Alvaro
Very nice prize; I read constantly.
Erich Eberhardt
113. Deb Philippon
I would dearly love to win this.
Erich Eberhardt
114. Pam Flynn
Sherlock you are my brain based habit.
Carl White
115. AskTheTicketGuy
In the newest volume of his Baker Street mystery series, out from Minotaur Books on January 28th, Michael Robertson returns to 221B....I used to work in 221A, nice guys Reggie and Nigel.
Erich Eberhardt
116. Laura Knoell
Looks like some good books
Erich Eberhardt
119. Mark Huddler
Erich Eberhardt
120. Anne Derkat
Read a lot. Would love to win these.
Erich Eberhardt
121. djkastle
I would love to read these books.
Erich Eberhardt
123. Jodi Boulier
coment #123 That would be me! My lucky number is 3. I would love to win the books! Thanks for hte opportunity!
Erich Eberhardt
124. Serena Powell
I'm a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes! I would absolutely love to win!
Erich Eberhardt
125. Beverly Payton
What a wonderful contest! Thank you so much for the opportunity!
Erich Eberhardt
126. rich bar
enter a baker street sweepstakes? elementary!
Erich Eberhardt
129. Karen T Gonyea
Count me in :)
Erich Eberhardt
130. agbeju
Looks really great!
Erich Eberhardt
131. Happydog
Great contest!
Erich Eberhardt
132. Justin Schroeder
Please enter me in contest.
Erich Eberhardt
133. Leslie Sil
nice contest hope I win
Erich Eberhardt
134. lindawwww
I'd love to win this series of book. Thanks for the opportunity.
Erich Eberhardt
135. Wanda Bergman
I'd love to be entered in your draw. Thanks!
Erich Eberhardt
136. Kim Scobie
Love an old fashioned mystery!
Erich Eberhardt
137. Dan Rugg
Would love to win this prize thanks for the chance
Erich Eberhardt
138. betty n
I would love to read these books.
Erich Eberhardt
140. Celia T
I would love to win this set! Count me in!
Erich Eberhardt
141. Mary Warner
Great! Looks witty and not boring!
Erich Eberhardt
142. Dominique Potvin
I'm always up for a new read - for sure entering this contest!
Erich Eberhardt
143. Brenda I Lacourciere
I would love this thank you.
Erich Eberhardt
144. VickiF
Never heard of these but they look pretty good! I would love to read them.
Erich Eberhardt
145. LindaC
I would love to read this series.
Erich Eberhardt
146. Jayne Lyall
would love to win
Erich Eberhardt
147. Frank L
Love Sherlock Holmes.
Erich Eberhardt
150. Rachael Bhardwaj
Thanks for the giveaway
kathy pease
151. klp1965
Thank you for the great giveaway please count me in :)
Erich Eberhardt
152. Laura Schrillo
Erich Eberhardt
153. Corie Eisner
I've never read these before but I'm an avid reader who loves checking out something I'm not familiar with.
Erich Eberhardt
154. Rose Holloway
What a great prize :)
Peter Tomaszewicz
155. ptomaszewicz
Elementary my dear Watson, I enter so I can WIN!!!!!
Erich Eberhardt
156. Nancy Schools
I'd love to win.
Erich Eberhardt
157. marie constantineau
hi thanks for the chance
Erich Eberhardt
158. Robyn Bellefleur
Yes, please enter my name in. I would love to win this!
Erich Eberhardt
159. madamerkf
nothing like the feel of a book in my hands
Erich Eberhardt
160. Trisha McKee
Sounds like some great reading!
Erich Eberhardt
161. Ariel Chiu
pick me please!
Erich Eberhardt
162. Alison K
would make a great gift. Thanks for the opportunity
Debra Kidle
163. lubelle
I love the Masterpiece Theater show Sherlock (and anything Sherlock Holmes related!), and would devour these books if chosen as a winner!
Erich Eberhardt
164. Debbie F
I would love to win.
Erich Eberhardt
166. Donna Doyle
These books look fun.
Erich Eberhardt
167. Alex Roach
Thanks for the giveaway!
Wayne Lecoy
168. hotrodguy
I am entering your Moriarty Returns A Letter Sweepstakes.
It would be great to win these books.
Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!
barbara stenby
169. wikichoco
I love Sherlock Holmes books hope to read these!
Erich Eberhardt
170. Dale Keel
Great Books
Erich Eberhardt
171. Joy Q
I would love to win
Erich Eberhardt
172. Carol M
Great giveaway!
Erich Eberhardt
173. Annie Cohen
Enter me please!
Erich Eberhardt
174. Darth Touma
daddy likes
Erich Eberhardt
175. SciFiChick
Please enter me. I could use a book or three
Erich Eberhardt
176. Iron Maiden James
Everybody knows that the boat is sinking; everybody knows that the captain lied
Erich Eberhardt
178. joe Spatafora
fingers crossed....
Erich Eberhardt
180. Mallory Bailey
I loved reading the Sherlock Holmes series so these books sound great!
Erich Eberhardt
181. Andrea Hickey
Would love to read these! :)
Heather Cowley
183. cowleyh
A whole set! Heaven in the mail, if I win...
Erich Eberhardt
185. Jennifer I
I would love to win this set and I am about due for some new books!
Erich Eberhardt
186. Meredith Jones
Enter me too please!
Erich Eberhardt
188. melikegarfield
I love mystery and Sherlock Holmes. Sounds like a great reading.
Erich Eberhardt
189. Tim Doyle
Sherlock Holmes is the best . . even better than Prof. Moriarty!
Erich Eberhardt
191. robin callow
Sounds great!

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