Jan 28 2014 4:30pm

Remember when Loki, the Mandarin, and Prince Septimus Got Together to Sell You a Jaguar?

Loki, Tom Hiddleston, Jaguar commercials

Of all the Superbowl commercials airing this Sunday, this is the one we are most looking forward to. (Yes, more than the movie trailers.) It stars Ben Kingsley, Mark Strong and Tom Hiddleston, explaining to you why British people are always the villains in movies.

Oh, and they want you to buy Jaguars. For all those villainous needs.

There are helcopters and chases and hidden bases with all sorts of fancy tech inside unknown mansions. But mostly awesome gentlemen. And Jaguars. We assume there will be more of them come Sunday, and we can’t wait for the set.

Darth Touma
1. Darth Touma
That's IT!!! Buying a Jag..
Darth Touma
2. Darth Touma
That's IT!!! Buying a Jag..
Darth Touma
3. ducky
Damn! proof positive that villains, while terrible, are really cool! Especially in Jags!
Darth Touma
4. nicoleaz
Tom Hiddleston could sell me a purple Yugo, every year, for the rest of my life
Darth Touma
5. TomT
Oh yes it's good to be bad.
Jenny Thrash
6. Sihaya
I kept waiting for James Bond to show up and spoil their nefarious Jaguar related plans with his latest, tricked-out Aston Martin. Fun ad.
Anthony Pero
7. anthonypero
Which would make for an awesome Aston-Martin rebuttle ad, lol
Darth Touma
8. Maac
James Bond would ruin the dynamic -- he's a part of British movie tropes, so either he'd cross over to an American paradigm and become evil, or Hiddles and company would cross over to his UK paradigm and, in order to remain sexy villains, would spontaneously turn French or Spanish or German or sommmat.
Darth Touma
9. Jamallah Bergman
Totally epic...hell if I had the money I'd buy a Jaguar,lol.

Plus I'm a big Tom fan :D

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