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Lady Sif is Coming to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Lady Sif Jamie Alexander Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Executive Director of Marvel TV Communications, Arune Singh just announced that Lady Sif (Jaimie Alexander) will be appearing on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. this spring in an “integral role”!

Singh and The Mary Sue also talked about what else is forthcoming in the latter half of the show’s first season. And I think I know why Sif might be showing up... Spoilers ahead!

The Mary Sue had a good round-up of the show's upcoming plots, including the announcement that Stan Lee will cameo in the very next episode, “T.R.A.C.K.S.”, which will air on February 4th. The episode centers around Coulson and the team on the hunt for the Clairvoyant during a tense train ride. Could Stan Lee be playing the Clairvoyant after all? Or just a jolly but beleaugered train condu...oh who are we kidding he’s totally a train conducter. Just think of how cute he’s going to look in a train cap!

(Oh, here he is, not being a train conductor. Fine, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., ruin my day like you always do.)

Sif will appear in episode 15 (out of 21 total for the season) and considering the revelations in this past week’s episode, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Skye has some familial connection to Sif. (Which also means I have to rewatch “The Well” to see if Skye touched the staff.) To quote my esteemed co-worker Bridget McGovern:

I hope if it turns out to be true, then Skye makes everybody call her Lady Skye from now on. And starts incorporating armor into her casual wear.

Paul Lee, president of ABC, also teased during the presentation at this week’s Television Critics Association that the forthcoming episodes build into an arc that will lead to the reveal of who or what the Clairvoyant is at the end of this season. So...who’s important enough to be revealed as the Clairvoyant? Ward’s brother? Skye’s parents? Coulson himself somehow?

Chris Nelly
1. Aeryl
There are rumbles about Agent Carter too!!!!!!!

More badass MCU women on my TV please!!!
Joe Vondracek
2. joev
Lady Sif? Not just "Sif"? I've never seen her called "Lady Sif" before. Is that a movie thing?

I'm hoping that Sif will "accidentally" take out Skye so that I can start watching AoS again. I was ready to really love this show, but this character is awful and ruins it for me. I don't know if it's the writing or the actress (I suspect the latter), but I don't find the character credible at all. I do not believe this person can do the things that the show wants me to believe that she can, and thus all of her clever/snarky comments just come off as idiotic. I could get past that if she was a minor character, but the show keeps shoving her in our faces. How about killing her off instead, giving the show some grit a la GRRM, and adding Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill? Or Jaimie Alexander. Or BOTH!

Yeah, yeah, I know: "If you don't like it, don't watch it."

@Aeryl: I'm hoping for an Agent Carter show, too. In fact, Hayley Atwell's depiction of Peggy Carter is the type of thing that I was referring to above; I totally believe that Agent Carter is capable of doing the things that she does. Is she a smart, competent woman that kicks ass? Yes, she absolutely is. Is Skye a clever hacker with the skills to become an Agent of SHIELD? Get serious. You SHIELD guys need to work on your vetting process.
Chris Nelly
3. Aeryl
@2, I hate to say more about Skye, but by not watching, you've missed crucial information about her.
Thomas Thatcher
4. StrongDreams
I wonder if there are any scenes in Asgard currently filming for any of the movies in the pipeline. AoS probably can't afford to film Asgard scenes on a TV budget unless they can sneak in half a day on an existing set.

Or maybe they can green screen it and use the existing computer code?

Colin R
5. Colin R
Sif did not get nearly enough attention in the Thor movies. While I suppose hanging around in the corner of the screen looking miffed while Thor makes out with earthlings is not entirely untrue to some of the source material, she is way more badass than that.
Liz J
6. Ellisande
@4 I would guess that they'll do (or maybe have done already?) a Thor-based short for bonus content on the Winter Soldier dvd. Those are tending to run a movie "behind" (an IM3-based short is appearing on the TDW disk, and Agent Carter was on the IM3 dvd). But other than that, I would bet Sif is visiting SHIELD and/or SHIELD joins her at whatever she's doing.

Anyway, whatever the reason ends up, I'm glad we heard today about this. It was about killing me after Jaimie Alexander tweeted that she was doing something extra, wondering what it was. I'm very glad to see her again, though I think I'd rather May be Skye's mother than Sif, if we have to have Skye related to somebody. *sigh* heh. maybe Hogun is actually Skye's father and Sif is checking on his spawn for him.
Alan Brown
7. AlanBrown
Sounds good to me! The Marvel Universe is so rich in characters and stories, I think it will do Agents of SHIELD a lot of good to capitalize on that!
Colin R
8. ZhaneEndrick
Not gonna lie, if she was a regular on the show I'd be more inclined to watch it.
Colin R
9. James Moar
I've never seen her called "Lady Sif" before.
I haven't seen it as a standalone title, but "milady" or "the lady Sif" crops up in captions and dialogue a fair bit in the older comics.
Colin R
10. a1ay
Wasn't Sif supposed to be blonde? As in, famously blonde? To the point where "golden as Sif's hair" is a cliché in the sagas, and the fact that her hair looks like gold is a major plot point?
Colin R
11. James Moar
Marvel's version of Sif has black hair, though, in one of the comic's many divergences from the myths.
Colin R
12. a1ay
11: ah. Mythology FAIL in that case.
Colin R
13. Colin R
Sif's natural hair is blonde; Loki destroyed it and her hair has been replaced with hair forged by dwarves. Which, IIRC, is slightly backwards from the myth, where the golden hair is the hair forged by dwarves.

I kind of imagine that they just aren't going to go into that kind of detail in the cinematic universe though.
Colin R
14. a1ay
Pity. I'd probably watch a THOR movie with some of the Edda material in it; Thor being this kind of amiable drunk who has few of the troubles that afflict beings of piercing intellect, being continually tricked into trying to drink the sea, wrestle Jormungand etc. I suppose what I want is Chris Hemsworth in "The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul".
Colin R
15. Colin R
What I can hope for is some more influence from Walter Simonson--but sadly I think we're unlikely to see Beta Ray Bill, the stand at Gjallerbru, or the Thunderfrog anytime... I was going to say 'soon', but 'anytime' is probably accurate.

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