Jan 15 2014 4:50pm

Gillian Anderson’s Debut Sci-Fi Novel Coming in October!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Others and Aliens, we’re quivering with anticipation for Gillian Anderson’s debut science fiction novel. Apparently Ms. Anderson decided it just wasn’t enough to be Dana Scully, she also had to contribute to the SFF world with her own series of novels. 

The Guardian reported that Anderson will be writing a series, “The EarthEnd Saga,” with co-writer Jeff Rovin. The first novel, A Vision of Fire, will be out in October, and will explore the relationship between a child psychiatrist and one of her patients, a troubled young girl whose trauma seems to be linked to a larger, and very ominous universal force. Anderson talked with Entertainment Weekly about the writing process, saying that knew she wanted “a very strong female character, around my age,” and that while she doesn’t usually allow herself the time to write, she thought that this novel had been a “fantastic experience.”

She’ll be published by Simon and Schuster’s new venture, Simon451 (named, as everything should be, in honor of Ray Bradbury) which will focus on “literary and commercial speculative fiction,” published in digital-first formats and ebook originals. Simon451’s senior editor, Sarah Knight told The Guardian that “within the science fiction and fantasy genre, ebooks and online communities are becoming the primary means of reading and discovery.”

So, to sum up: Gillian Anderson. Sci-fi novel. Strong female protagonist. Forward-looking publishing imprint. An excuse to think about Jose Chung again. Plus, this probably guarantees us a series of delightful loopy author interviews. This is such a good day.

1. DougL
Well, I will be picking it up, she gave me too much pleasure (not in a dirty way), for so many years how can I fail to check it out?
2. Graham Warnken
This is awesome! Thought I wonder how much writing will actually be hers and how much will be her co-author's.

Bit ironic that an e-book imprint is called Simon451. :P
3. Kadmiel
That's wonderful and interesting. I have a debut sci-fi novel with a strong protagonist as well. Can't wait to read it!
4. Slurpy
I'd be much more interested if she was sole author. I can't help but escape the suspicion that she said, "I'm gonna write a book! It's gonna have a strong female protagonist, and she's gonna be a psychiatrist, and yay I'm an author! Go ghostwriter, go!"

But maybe I'm wrong about that, and she actually is crafting the plot and doing some if not most of the prose, and Rovin is just there to do extra editing.

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