Jan 10 2014 3:06pm

New Game of Thrones Season 4 Teasers Feature the Red Viper in Action

Game of Thrones season 4 Oberyn Martell The Red Viper Pedro Pascal The Mountain fight

HBO has released five short Vine teasers in advance of the first Game of Thrones season 4 trailer, set to debut this Sunday evening. Catch up with Tyrion, Daenerys, and a very flippy spear-wielding Oberyn Martell! Take a look at them below.

(Apologies for the blurriness. It’s Vine, so the picture quality tends to be only just above Playstation 1 cut-scene quality. But they kind of look like oil paintings as a result, which is neat.)






Jon Snow:


More of the wildings/Night’s Watch:


Oberyn Martell (The Red Viper) and Gregor Clegane (The Mountain):

Game of Thrones returns on Sunday, April 6th, after winter has stopped coming.

1. ducky
Oh, I can't wait to see this!!
2. Jordan360
Was excited for the Red Viper, until I saw all the sword waving and ninja twirls to no purpose in the short clip. I think this whole show has been one disappointment after another.
3. samalematina
@Jordan360... you seem to be the minority out here. The show is amazing and has won many awards to prove it. I know so many people who love the show and were even inspired to read the books to get the background stories of Martin's world.

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