Jan 6 2014 6:05pm

Meet the Mountain! Here’s Game of Thrones Actor Thor Bjornsson in Costume

Now there’s a Mountain of a man who looks great with a sword! posted this image from the Instagram of Thor Bjornsson, recently cast as Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane in the fourth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

We have to say, the 2011 Winner of Iceland’s Strongest Man contest looks waaay too jolly to be the same guy who (season one back-story alert!) murdered a horse and tried to slow roast his own baby brother. But we’re sure he’ll be great wielding that mighty sword!

1. graftonio
Hardly looks like the kind of guy that would (Book spoilers highlight to read)

Rape a princess before murdering her and smashing her babies head to pieces on the wall.

Let's see HBO try and film that.
Brandon Daggerhart
2. TankSpill
@ 1. graftonio

If you think HBO wouldn't happily film that, then I'm afraid you haven't watched enough HBO.

So why'd they recast him anyway? I liked Conan a lot.
3. JoeNotCharles
@2 Conan quit to be the big orc in the Hobbit movies. Dunno why he didn't come back for Season 3 now that they're done filming - maybe he burned some bridges when he left.

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