Jan 28 2014 4:50pm

Frozen Becomes the Highest Grossing Animated Film!

Frozen—the Disney film that stars two female leads and openly challenges the fairytale tradition of marrying a dude you’ve known for a day—has just become the highest-grossing animated film of all time* by besting the previous record-holder Finding Nemo. As of this week it's earned over 800 million dollars globally, and it still hasn't opened in China or Japan.

We’ll hold still for a second while you think about that.

This movie, the one with the giant, soaring, gorgeous song about overcoming a bad childhood and tapping into your own unique talents, sung by a woman who doesn’t need a guy at all? That’s the highest grossing animated movie of all time. This means that not only are two female-directed films among the most successful of 2013, but also that apparently films with female leads can do OK at the box office.

Just wanted to make sure everyone knew.

*These numbers reflect non-sequel animated films, in their initial release. 

1. jasonvanhee
It's the highest grossing original run of an orignal animated film of all time, not overall. Several sequels still outgross it, and Lion King and Finding Nemo have higher grosses as original movies (but only because of rereleases). That being said, Frozen is still in theaters, and will make more money, and is doing great worldwide, and is amazing just in general. But it's not the highest grossing animated movie of all time, nope.
2. Carnival
Exactly what @jasonvanhee said. I mean, Frozen isn't even the highest grossing animated movie of 2013 yet! That title still belongs to Despicable Me 2 .
3. David Clary
Toy Story 3 doesn't count? It made $415,004,880. Frozen is at $348,556,513
Grant Newton
4. GrantNewton
Sorry guys, this is, critically, not accounting for inflation (not to mention ticket price hiking). The highest grossing animated feature length film (original content or otherwise) was, and has always been, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.
Peter Ahlstrom
5. PeterAhlstrom
I love this movie so much. I didn't see it until last week when I took my oldest daughter to it, and then the next day I took her younger sister.

I'm going to have to think about it some more, but this may possibly surpass the Little Mermaid as my favorite Disney movie (I saw that 7 times in the theater when it came out, and haven't seen any other movie in a theather more than 3 times). And I'll have to watch the Hunt for Red October again to see if Frozen surpasses it as my favorite movie of all time.

This is interesting to me because there are a couple of things I dislike about Frozen, whereas of recent movies I see Tangled as nearly flawless. But the emotional reaction I get to Frozen puts it so high up on my list.
6. Mashara
If you follow the link you can see that it explains that it doesn't count re-releases and that it has grossed $810.3M world whide before opening in China and Japan. However, I believe that is not the point of this articule.
I leave my TV on in Disney Channel, so I have been seeing a lot of girls being saved by finding a guy lately. As the older of three sister, I was blown away by Frozen in every aspect. I believe little girls need more stories like this one or Merida, rather than The Little Mermaid or Cinderella, and seeing how well recieved it is, makes me hope they will.
7. Ryamano
Finding Nemo earned $380,843,261 in North America, and $555,900,000 in other countries, for a worldwide total of $936,743,261

Frozen has earned $347,899,011 in the United States and Canada as of January 26, 2014 and $462,500,000 in other countries, as of January 26, 2014 for a worldwide total of $810,399,011.

Was Finding Nemo re-released? Because the information about the box office in BoxOfficeMojo and wikipedia doesn't match the one from the article. Still, Frozen is still on theaters in some places outside the US, so it can take over Finding Nemo's place.
Scott Silver
8. hihosilver28
Damn it. Did not enjoy this movie, but I know I'm one of the only ones. It didn't seem to want to stay true to it's premise of being a movie about sisters except for the first 5 min and the final 5 min. Those and "Let It Go" were the only parts that I enjoyed. I thought that Tangled was a better movie, and actually stuck to it's concept. Frozen just felt discombobulated.

Also, I don't know where IGN is getting there info. From BoxOfficeMojo: Domestic/Foreign/Worldwide
Frozen: $348,556,513/$462,500,000/$811,056,513
Despicable Me 2: $368,061,265/$596,700,000/$964,761,265
Finding Nemo: $380,843,261/$555,900,000/$936,743,261
Toy Story 3: $415,004,880/$648,167,031/$1,063,171,911
Ene Arse
9. Enersa
i dont see this movie yet... but i was listen that is a great movie, all that we can do is wait to this movie be out of the big-screen and we can take complete information
Rob Munnelly
10. RobMRobM
I haven't seen it. My 16 year old son (predictably) hated it. My 14 year old daughter is an addict and is personally contributing to the show's megabox appeal by seeing it four times already, and wanting to see it even more times in the upcoming weeks.
Scott Silver
11. hihosilver28
There are definitely things to like about the movie...but the most interesting character, Ilsa, is hardly in the movie. It does subvert the idea of the main character to fall in love with someone in a single day...only to have her fall in love with another man that she just met. Also, for a movie that purports to be about sisterhood, they're hardly together for the entire movie. The snowman was really funny, but he doesn't fit the movie. Anyways...I felt that the movie doesn't know what it wants, tries for everything and just plays it safe while telling everyone that it's making daring choices. It just makes me a little upset when everyone is saying it's a "return to form for Disney" when the previous two movies of theirs are Tangled and Wreck-it Ralph, both of which I feel cohere much better.
Gua Yal
12. Guayal
really i think that is a great movie! but i am not sure that could be the best of all the times.....
only is my opinion...
13. DougL
Well, yes, inflation adjusted, it will likely become the most profitable film of 2013, especially as the sing along version is coming. However, it is treading against history and likely will not catch up to quite a few of the real leaders in this category.
kage Gere
14. Ikagere
yeah, is very difficult, because this movie have a great competence
15. mrwar
Finding Nemo was re-released in 3D in 2012.
16. areopagan
Shrek 2 holds the domestic record for animated film in a single release (not adjusted for inflation) at $441,226,247.

Still, it's great that Frozen is doing so well, and I hope it continues to do so.
17. Mary V
I liked the fact it's a cautionary tale: that love at first sight isn't always real, that the spell is broken not by a prince kissing a princess, but by
but by the courageous actions of a brave damsel. It's an uneven movie, true. My middle school daughter liked it much better than I did. But it wasn't bad at all. The comic relief was laid on with a butter knife (possibly a trowel). Some songs were better than others. It has absolutely nothing to do with Hans Christian Andersen's THE SNOW QUEEN.

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