Jan 10 2014 11:05am

Doctor Who’s Seasons 8 and 9 Will Not Be Split

Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman

Something to get excited for, Whovians? It looks as though, after a few years of scheduling shuffles, Doctor Who is finally coming back to form! That is, we will no longer have split seasons. Praise the Cyberlord!

In an interview with Doctor Who Magazine, Steven Moffat revealed that they will not be splitting the upcoming seasons:

“We're not going to do splits, and the same format will repeat exactly the following year like that — so it will be the traditional form.”

Which means that Seasons 8 and 9 will air in the exact same manner that 1-5 did. So exciting! We can only assume that this is in effort to mke sure that fans will get to know Peter Capaldi's Doctor as quickly as possible—important when you're introducing someone new, and someone who will likely be quite different from his predecessor.

Which means we'll be getting quite a lot of new Who in the next two years. Season 8 has already started shooting, and we can't wait to see what Capaldi's costume looks like!

News via Zap2it.

1. FVF
Does this maybe also mean that Moffat will be showrunning season 9 as well? I love him but I also think it's time for a change.

But apart from that: hell yeah!
Tom Smith
2. phuzz
The seasons won't be split, you'll get all three episodes in one go, just like Sherlock!

Yes I'm bitter that we get less than 10* hours of the Doctor each year.

*I've not counted, it feels like less than ten.
Zayne Forehand
3. ShiningArmor
A typical Who season is 13 episodes at a run time of 45-50 minutes. That's a normal BBC series. I don't know why you're bitter about that.

I'm extremely pleased we won't have a split season. Matt Smith was my Doctor and I was very sad to see him go but I'm looking forward to seeing what spin Capaldi puts on the character. Should be interesting.
Drake Stephens
4. MynameisDrake
Doctor Who's 13-episode seasons are actually longer than a lot of BBC shows. Most dramas that are either new or aren't insanely popular get between seven and ten episodes, and the comedies get, on average, six episodes per season. Doctor Who, with it's 13 episodes and Christmas special, is one of it's biggest shows.
Alan Brown
5. AlanBrown
I hated those split seasons...

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