Jan 17 2014 2:15pm

Tales of Trenzalore Features Untold Stories of the Doctor!

Doctor Who Tales of Trenzalore

The Doctor was on Trenzalore defending a town called Christmas—and hell, possibly the concept of Christmas itself—for nine hundred years. That’s insane! We waited for Sherlock to come back for like two years, and it felt unendurably long, so nine hundred doesn’t even seem like a real amount of time.

In the “The Time of the Doctor,” we only witnessed the action from a few days out of those centuries, so naturally, there are far more stories to tell! The BBC is releasing a new book, Tales of Trenzalore, in which everyone in the universe comes to Christmas in an attempt to assassinate Jabba the Hut defeat the Doctor. He never knows what the next threat will be, but he refuses to back down and let Christmas fall. The anthology features stories written by veteran Who authors Justin Richards, George Mann, Mark Morris, and Paul Finch, and will include some excellent villains like the Ice Warriors, the Krynoid, the Mara, and the Autons! Plus, it will give us just a little more time with the Eleventh Doctor.

Erik Harrison
1. ErikHarrison

And as long as we're exploring long stretches of the Doctor's past, can we perhaps have some John Hurt (whom I have begun referring to as the Unnamed Doctor) Doctor tales as well?
2. Wildrider51
Oh, wonderful!!!

And how about the 200 years he bounced in and out of River's life? (Bob the Fish? Easter Island?)

I promise I won't pine for 11 once we have 12 on our screens, but for now... he's still my Doctor!
3. Laurraine
I try to get this book, but it is apparently only available in the UK.
4. scifimike
Laurraine - just checked and and the book is listed on both sites. It's only available as an eBook and isn't published until the end of February.
Happy Reading (if you own an eReader).

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