Jan 8 2014 2:31pm

Watch Anne Frank Experience All the Years Denied to Her

For Harry Turtledove’s alternate history story, “The Eighth-Grade History Class Visits the Hebrew Home for the Aging,” artist Robert Hunt was tasked with creating a portrait of Anne Frank as an old woman. The story itself speculates on what may have happened if Frank was never killed by the Nazis and went on to live a very ordinary life after World War II.

Usually art commissioned for stories is a still image, but after completing this assignment Hunt went a step further and created this deceptively simple, haunting, and surprisingly touching time-lapse of one little girl getting to live to an old age. Watch it above.

1. Ducky
Thank you. That was beautiful!
Antonio Dagnino
3. andaco
Saddly this article spoils the reveal of the story.

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