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This is How Big the Words of Radiance Manuscript Is!

Words of Radiance Brandon Sanderson Way of Kings Sequel Stormlight Archive

Rejoice, Stormlight Archive fans! Words of Radiance, the eagerly awaited sequel to Brandon Sanderson’s bestselling novel The Way of Kings, is on our desks right now! Brandon just turned in the final draft to his editors, and production for the second novel in the Stormlight Archive series is underway.

While you’re waiting, feast your eyes on the massive size of the printed manuscript! We printed out all 2000 pages and you can take our word for it: this book is heavy. You can see it nearly destroyed Way of Kings rereader Carl Engle-Laird’s ability to hold things, and he’s like 11 feet tall.

Here’s a dinosaur for additional scale:

Brandon Sanderson The Way of Kings Sequel Words of Radiance The Stormlight Archive

The last word in the manuscript is... actually, we don’t even know, we can’t lift the paper up to see.

We’re working on putting up a preview of the book so you can return to the world of Roshar with us. Check back with us or the Stormlight Archive index later today!

Update: It's here! Read “Lift” an interlude chapter from Words of Radiance. New readers or those afraid of spoilers need not fear; it introduces a new character and a new land entirely removed from the plot of The Way of Kings, and stands very well on its own.

Mark Alexander Lindberg
1. MarkLindberg
As Hermione would say... "I checked this out weeks ago for a bit of light reading."
Al C
3. Al C
Seeing that stack makes me think of a 1930's comedy. The poor delivery man who has to shuffle copy edits from author to publisher; the poor mailroom guy who has to carry this up to the 10th floor office of the Editor; and the poorly placed desk fan that is set to high, blowing across the aisle in front of the Editor's office.

Al C
4. Michelle M
C.S Lewis once said “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” And generally I agree with him wholeheartedly. This one might actually be big enough though. Wee.
Bob Milne
5. beautyinruins
Love the dinosaur for additional scale!

Seriously, so glad to know it's done. Can't wait to read it.
Al C
6. Ray ray
Almost mistook that for "Understanding Women. Vol. 1 The abridged pocket edition". But thankfully it's the long awaited book 2!!! So ready to dive back into this world!
Al C
7. arby64
Who knew Radiance had so many words
Al C
8. Fredrikson
It´s not even double sided ?
Erina Her
9. tuary
Awesome!!! Now March 4th, 2014 just needs to come sooner.
Daniel Robertson
10. danr62
Should have stuck with the old name for the book: "Book of Endless Pages".
Val Alston
11. Vexmeister
Exiting! Two side printing might save a forest next time. Lol
Love the fact that Sanderson's epic will be so emmersive.
Al C
12. Al G
Haha, not quite so bad as the entire handwritten manuscript for Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle.

Al C
13. Blueberry
Could you add a banana for scale please?
David Foster
15. ZenBossanova
How are you going to bind it?
I think spren and stormlight is the obvious answer.

I think we should dub volume 3 as Szeth and the Library of Eternity.
Ben McSweeney
16. Inkthinker
Al C, even better knowing that the Editor in Chief's office is at the point of the Flatiron. So that harried mail-room clerk humps this 2000-page beast up to the 15th floor and lays it on the desk, only for an errant gust of wind through an open window to send the manuscript drifting in snowy sheets down Madison Avenue. :)
A.J. Bobo
17. Daedylus
I am going to need to reinforce my bookshelves before Brandon is done here. The Wheel of Time almost destroyed one set of shelves. Having this series right next to it could be truly dangerous.
Kimani Rogers
18. KiManiak
This is great! Let Carl know that if he needs any help reading that stack, I'm more than willing to volunteer.
Free of charge.
Cause I'm just that nice of a guy! :-)
Lianne Burwell
20. LKBurwell
Wow. And that is an advertisement for ereaders if I ever saw one. (Although Mary Robinette Kowal, at WFC 2012, advocated using a hardcover of Way of Kings as a weapon in the case of the zombie apocalypse)
Matt Stoumbaugh
21. LazerWulf
This book truly ended up being "The Book of Endless Pages"...
Liz J
22. Ellisande
Dinosaur for scale! awwww (and omg that's a lot of pages)
Al C
23. TagCdog
Funny stuff :D

"Here’s a dinosaur for additional scale"

I can't wait!
Al C
24. Jasuni
A dinosaur (any similarity to the dinosaurs in Alactraz versus the Evil Librarians?)
Robert Dickinson
25. ChocolateRob
Hah! and I was worried when the listing on Amazon said it would be only 600 pages. Where are my other 401?
Never mind, I've found them.

I also preferred the old name - The Book of Endless Pages. I don't suppose we've got time to ask him to reconsider. So what if it's a bit on the nose? That just makes it more awesome.
Alice Arneson
26. Wetlandernw
Endless Pages FTW! :)

So, Carl, are you reading it now?
Al C
27. Jonathan P
I really hope that is single spaced 8 font.
Alice Arneson
28. Wetlandernw
According to some facebook posts I saw a couple days ago, this is actually slightly longer than The Way of Kings. No complaints here!
Jeremy Guebert
29. jeremyguebert
I'm feeling giddy over here. Longer than Way of Kings is a very good thing in my books. Can't wait to dive into fresh material in Roshar!
Al C
30. stu11926
Thank goodness for ebooks!

On another note, March 4th is my birthday! This will make the greatest present to myself!

Mr. Sanderson...please stay healthy and safe and see this epic through to its end!
Al C
31. Chameshi
Yey! Excited excited.
Mike I
32. MikeyRocks
Sanderson is a mad man, how did he write all of this in the middle of writing steelheart, finishing up Wheel of Time and all the other stuff he's put out since Way of Kings. This guy makes me feel like a lazy chump. between this book, the end to the King Killer chronicle and the fourth book of the Warded Man series, its going to be a great 2014!
Orayelle Johnson
33. Orayelle
Hmm, they really need to just not edit it. Seriously. Give us all 2,000 pages!! I can't wait!
Al C
34. philanor
34-years-old and I am screaming like a young boy again, "OMG OMG, I want to read it NAO!"
Al C
35. Timotheos
Am I the only one who doesn't read the previews that Tor releases? Just can't bring myself to do it, even if chapter releases are "spoiler free".

Feels like we've been waiting for this forever. Can't believe the final draft is finally done.

Looking forward to having an initial draft of my own manuscript one day. ;)
Al C
36. torpls
amg my body is so ready for this
march pls
Al C
37. southkoreanfan
I cant wait..hope to read this thing asap!!!
Al C
38. midwestepicjunkie
After looking at that stack I'm glad my Ipod is a 160meg. I have listened to The Way of Kings five or six times and never found a part that made me want to skip forwardl. I'm really looking forward to the second novel and Pray that
Michael Kramer and Kate Reading are selected for the Audiobook.
Al C
39. Mark jaeger
Wonder how that compares to way of kings. It was 1001 pages (hardback) and something like 1200 soft. How are they going to make a 2000 page book? (Without using the crappy paper they use for bibles)
Alice Arneson
40. Wetlandernw
Mark @39 - With the artwork incorporated, Words of Radiance comes in at 1088 pages.

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