Dec 23 2013 11:50am

This Hiddleston vs. Cumberbatch Dance-Off Holds the Key to Inner Peace

This season is about giving, and it is in that spirit that we present you with about four minutes of pure YouTube joy. Don’t question this too much, just accept that sometimes websites can direct you to miracles, like this celebration of the extraordinary dance moves of Messrs. Hiddleston and Cumberbatch.

Go forth, click through, and remember: always dance like Tumblr isn’t watching.

[Via Crushable]

Violet Blake
2. Violet Blake
Welp. Looks like Santa can just skip my house this year.
Violet Blake
3. Tonya B
As much as I love them both, I believe Tom wins. Of course we're all winners for having access to this video.
Violet Blake
4. vjj
Tom Hiddleston won. Clearly.
Violet Blake
7. Lynnette
Benedict's not even ACTUALLY dancing in most of it.

But I'm not complaining.
8. Maac
It is so not fair for people to keep having dance-offs against Hiddleston, he has obviously been practicing his hip-bumps. Give him a real challenge! Set him against Shakira!

Okay, maybe it is fair, since it seems to spread so much joy to both participants and viewers. (I was JUST shown the Zachary Levi/Hiddleston one -- it's like bookends of glee. I love to see grown men having silly unselfconscious fun.)
Violet Blake
9. Giselle
Violet Blake
10. Savannah L-Breakstone
Well, Hiddles clearly won this...

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