Dec 18 2013 12:30pm

Here’s The Fault In Our Stars Movie Poster and Oh God the Tears Won’t Stop Coming

The Fault In Our Stars movie posterWe just happened across the reveal of the movie poster for The Fault In Our Stars over on Buzzfeed and while we don’t usually post about something as fleeting as a movie poster this one is just...AUUUUGH. OUR EMOTIONS.

For those who aren’t familiar with YA author and Nerdfighter John Green’s book, it tells the very respectful, honest story of two kids diagnosed with cancer who end up falling in Serious Teenage Love during their treatment. And the movie poster just nails that. Nails it so hard. And the tagline is icing on the cake.

You guys, when are we going to fall in love again?

1. archer-24
Ya'll don't mention that you can get it for a limited time through donating to the project for awesome through their indiegogo for $25 for today and tomorrow only!
2. DiscipleN2k
Seconding Archer's comment. Not only can you get the poster for donating $25 to an awesome cause, but if you want to bump that up to $125, you can get one signed by John Green himself! Now go help the Nerdfighters decrease world-suck and score some pretty awesome swag while you're at it!

Also, CAN'T FREAKIN' WAIT for this movie!
Chuk Goodin
3. Chuk
My daughter is the biggest fangirl for this book. I actually kind of liked it myself and I am pretty excited about the movie.
(But it is totally not SF/fantasy -- why is it on I guess you could say it's got a teeny tiny bit of alternate history...)
Sky Thibedeau
4. SkylarkThibedeau
Sounds like 'My Sister's Keeper' I got to raining buckets at the romance in that movie between Sophia Vasilieva and Thomas Dekker. This one sounds like a rainstorm of tears in the making too. I'd better get a box of kleenex.
Chris Lough
5. TorChris
Thanks for the added info, you guys!

Chuk, nothing genre-related about this, we just thought it was awesome.
6. Claire1001
Aww, how sweet. Reminds me of the movie "Griffin & Phoenix" (2006)
That was a sad but wonderful movie. Hope to see this movie too.

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