Dec 16 2013 11:25am

The Dresden Files Sweepstakes!

Jim Butcher has just revealed the cover for the latest Dresden Files novel, Skin Game! We want to catch you up on the adventures of Harry Dresden by giving you a complete set of all fourteen books in the series, available now from Roc.

While you’re waiting for Skin Game, check out our Dresden Files reread, plus an excerpt from Butcher’s new Dresden Files story in the anthology Dangerous Women, edited by George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois.

Comment in the post to enter!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of 50 United States and D.C., and Canada (excluding Quebec). To enter, comment on this post beginning at 10:25 AM Eastern Time (ET) on December 16. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 PM ET on December 20. Void outside the United States and Canada and where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor:, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

1. Plato
Can't wait to see Harry take on Nicodemus
2. Marialba
"Bombshells" was all that and then some. Can't wait for "Skin Game"!
3. dracofaerie2
I have been rereading all of the Dresden Files books, just bought all the graphic novels, and been listening to the audio books in the car in anticipation. It can't get here fast enough!!
Eric Carlson
4. Tennerock
You know, I'm about due to do a re-read of the series...
5. annihilus813
My bookshelf NEEDS to win this contest!

These will look damn nice next to my Codex Alera set.
6. Andrew Montgomery-Hurrell
I've been itching for another Dresden File to read. Looking forward to Skin Game.
7. OgreMkV
I've got all the Dresden Novels, but I fell out of love with them after he "died". I just can't get into them anymore. I'd love a chance to read this one and see if the magic (heh) is back.
11. tshutch
I just got done rereading the series myself. Now i have to sit and wait on the next one.
10. Bob Freeman
Can't think of a better Xmas gift. Sign me up.
John Cater
12. katre
Awesome, can't wait to read Skin Game.
13. ethertect
Super excited for this one. I agree a full series re-read may be in order.
14. Rodney Lopez
I've loved this series since I first started reading it. I can't WAIT to read the next one!! I need to hunt down all the short stories, too!
15. GrammatonCleric
The denarians are my all time favorite villains in this series. So glad to see them back in focus.
16. GBC
Now to wait for a release date!
17. Dasgoot
Gah! I can't wait for this to come out (And I'm torn that we've got years and years to go before the big apocalyptic trilogy! I don't want it to end, but right now I want to know HOW it ends!)
17. Patrick Healy
Thre Dresden Files is great, and I can't wait for the return of the Nickelheads
18. Chris Conner
Re-read the series over and over. Can't wait til the release. Its taken over the top of my must have list.
19. Kasik
Tip of the hat to the man who doesn't wear a hat.
Donnie Springfield
21. dspringfield
I can't wait to get my hands on Skin Game. I'd love to win the set, too. I've loaned out most of my Dresden books, and very few of them have returned home.
20. Jennifer Nelson Kemp
I'm just panicked reading that blurb...Empty Night!

Yes, full re-read will have to happen.
22. JohnPatrickMCP
23. Ryan Cerbus
I've already completed one re-read; it's about time for another!
23. trm180
I still wonder what JB meant by "time to bring Michael off the bench".
24. Dustypinkcat
This is very exciting and I can not wait to start this new book, however I always worry that I read them too fast....(((hug)))
25. JesterInChaos
26. Mthorn
I can't wait for this, I think it'll be the best one yet!
27. Mgold
Definitely need me some Dresden for Winter Break!!
Nick Hlavacek
29. Nick31
I would LOVE to win this as I'm just beginning this series (only on book 3). Thanks!!
30. Derek Turner
I dont want this series to ever end.
Scott Abbott
31. Scott
A complete set would console me that I don't have a new Dresden book right now.
32. Oct
Love these books so much. Try and re read them at some point every year!
33. JDub
Just finished my reread and went through the audiobooks again. So excited!
35. Rich H
Can't wait to read the next book
37. Shaun Fenton
Very excited for the new Dresden!
39. RyanD
Ready for Dresden!
41. Mario Munoz
This new cover-art just made my day!!! Can't wait for Skin Game!!!
43. MattTor
I am looking forward to the new book. I have re-read the series in anticipation.
Charles Foster
42. FossMaNo1
My wife absolutely adores this series and I've been playing the RPG to great effect!
44. DanS
Fantastic series and I cannot wait until the next one.
46. Sharticus
I hope Harry finally finishes off Nicodemus and is ilk!
47. Fenric25
Count me in as another Dresden Files fan! Likewise can't wait for Skin Game (and neither can my mother. I got her hooked on the books to the point that's she's probably a bigger fan than I am). I'd love to own the whole series, only own a couple books, have had to read the rest from the library as I'm constantly short on book-buying funds (lousy low-paying retail job, grr...) Didn't know that Nicodemus would be in this book, glad to hear it, definitely my favorite antagonist of the series! Whoever does win this sweepstakes, enjoy the book bounty that you receive!
48. Johnyp321
Can't for for the upcoming Dresden.
50. Zannah
Oh my goodness, yes!
53. Zannah
Oh my goodness, yes!
52. Corvus corax
Ooo. Please?
54. Jason Panella
Almost caught up (for the first time)! Can't wait to read 'em again!
55. Lisafer
Can't wait for this new book, and I'm happy to see the Denarians again. :)
56. Dawson C
We've all been waiting a long time for this one to finally come out! Can't wait to finally be able to see what happens next after Cold Days!
58. wholck
Very excited for the new book.
59. BrianDTracy
I've always meant to check this series out!
Full Name
60. Taedirk
ALL the Dresden Files! Also, thanks for reminding me I need to pick up Dangerous Women.
61. jc1960
woohoo... awesome series. thanks!
62. NicoSavides
Great :)
I can't wait!
63. turtlesong
one of my favourite series.
65. Ed Hanlon
I just read all my Dresden books again in anticipation of this book. I can't wait to see what (bad) things happen to Harry.
67. Jim Kiley
I'm all caught up but I am missing several of the early books as they were loaned by a friend. I'd love to have 'em all. Also I like things. And stuff.
68. ByakAtak
Cant wait! It's been too dang long. Time to see who takes up the mantle of Knight of the Cross!
70. MattRichard
I've been doing my own reread as we got closer to Skin Game's eventual release date, and I couldn't be any more excited. Keep the news coming!
71. Ksprong
Can't wait especially after all that happened in the last book!!!!
69. fooflamfinn
So looking forward to the next book! Dresden in a heist with the Denaerians? Hells bells indeed.
72. JeremyB
I'd like to enter the giveaway too. Thanks
73. JWaller
So very excited for this! Please let James Marsters read this one as well! I love this series and Marsters makes it great on road trips!
74. james zieff
this would be an awesome surprise! nickel heads to be fewer in number, soon!
76. JohnKaess
Very anxiously waiting for Skin Game. I just listened to Bombshells in the audible release of Dangerous Women. Good story, didn't care much for the narrator.
75. AngieBatgirl
This is my favorite series and I try to read it once a year. I can't wait!!
Kevin Svendsen
77. Vine34
I've been waiting for Skin Game for months. So much goodness.
78. Gaia
Excellent! I'd recommend the Dresden Files to just about anybody.
79. Robert Earl
fway to the freaking go.
80. slapshot
This is awesome, I've read about half the series, this would help me get caught up and current.
81. TimWarp
Just finished listening to "Cold Days" in my car for probably the 4th time. If I start over with "Storm Front" I may get through to "Cold Days" again by the time "Skin Game" is released!
82. KevinL
Wow! Can't wait.
83. WayneNF
I have read all the Dresden novels published to date and cannot wait for the next entry in the series!
84. Walter G
I think it is time to re-read this series. Can't wait for the new book!
85. Great Tummy
Oh, great. I hadn't really given much thought to the next book ... too busy. Now, I'm practically drooling on my keyboard in anticipation.
Jacob Horn
86. Potemkin78
I was lucky enough, in a way, to not encounter these for years, so I had about thirteen to devour in a row. Now I've had to deal with Dresden withdrawal somewhat like the original fans, though certainly not as acute. Suffice to say, I'm excited!
87. IntoTheFlames
Ut mihi felices.
88. Scott Romanski
very cool giveaway
89. Monkat
Ack, I'm getting further and further behind! I stalled out in White Knight and now need to re-read to recover my momentum. Shiny new books would help with that, right? :)
90. SilverFangJei
Looking forward to this one, I'll need to keep an eye out for the release day so I know when to take a "mental health" day. Maybe I can make this one last more than a single day...
91. Patricia Asher
Can't wait for Skin Game. I've just finished listening to the series again.
93. Kristen R.
I love Harry Dresden! Cannot wait for the next one...
94. MichaelC
I can't wait for this.
95. BrockH
Feels like I've been waiting forever since Cold Days.
96. Celda
Can't wait for Skin Game!
99. Karen Dubois
Yay! Any new Jim Butcher book is a chance to celebrate! Thanks
100. pbaker27
Can't wait for the next book!
Chris Long
101. radynski
I've just caught up and can't wait for the next one!
102. Benjamin Rinaldo
I love this series.
104. JB2378
can't wait for Skin Game, huge Butcher fan!!
105. raptor
I really prefer the audiobooks, so I have not yet had a chance to read the entire series.
106. chaco_kid
What a nice Christmas prezzy! It keeps getting longer and longer between Dresden stories... some of us don't have wizard constitutions and will die off younger. :D
107. markllama
Oh that's so mean. A title and a cover and THAT'S ALL? <muttering>moremore... need more...</muttering>
109. fuzzbinn
I want to win this more then I have ever wanted to win a contest.
110. RichSz
My wife and I are looking forward to Skin Game! We can't wait for the release! Great cover!
111. TKCAnne
I have re-read the series twice waiting for Skin Game!
112. Zola
Really looking forward to this!
113. Ardua
We'll find out if Nicodemus has finally read the Evil Overlord list.

14 books says he hasn't.
114. Digisciple
Totally wicked.
115. musicman121
hurry up already waiting a whole year for a new dresden book is painful
116. JimmieBJr
A Dresden book with Nicodemus? I'm so very much in.
118. SCottle
Dresden rocks!
119. Seth Biagiotti
Skin Game!!!!! I totally need to buy these books again. I lost mine in a freaking hurricane.
Corbet Miner
120. CTMiner
Can't wait for this. Hands down my favorite series.
121. Aaron Burgess
Can't wait for this book!!!! The whole series has been amazing and bringing back Nicodemus is something I have been waiting for a long time. Easily one of my favorite villains.
122. Urban Werebear
In the ranks of cool wizards, Dresden is right up there with Gandalf and Zedd. I'm really glad we're getting more of his story.
123. Lord nedd
Nico will have read the evil overlord list by now. His Vileness Abides!
125. Sabrina Shields
I've held off on starting this series because of how many books I was behind, so this would totally rock!

Heard nothing but kick-ass things about this series.
126. Eric's alias
127. MelanieTMW
I cannot wait! So glad a friend introduced me to Jim . . . and Harry! I have never loved a series quite so much as this one.
128. CBrown
Haven't had the money to get all the books, so this would be awesome!
129. EngineerTrooper
I've been reading the graphic novels waiting for Skin Game to come out.
Laura McDonald
130. bonnieclyde
Once upon a time there was a mom
had a set of Butcher's books
borrowed by her daughter
"just to take a look".

Books now gone and mom is sad
But wait! Look at Tor!
Another set can be had
Though no money for the store!
132. MrsDelver
It was time for my Annual Christmas Dresden Re-read anyway, but now I'm REALLY excited!
131. Brandon Shepard
Just finished re-reading the entire series and I can't wait for skin game to come out!
134. Kestrel630
OMG, this series is so amazing! I listened to them all on audio, books that were lent to me by a friend, so I don't actually own any of them! This would be amazing to add to my collection. Count me IN!
135. Christine McCann
Looking forward to more Dresden and Company!
136. Brad5282
I started reading the Dresden Files about 6.5 years ago, and I instantly became obsessed. About the same time, I got a kitten. Naturally, due to my obsession, I named my kitten Dresden. Long story short, he became very sick and I recently had to put him down. Thanks to Jim, Harry, and the gang for the great stories and for the inspiration for the name of a very special kitty.
138. jkeller87
If I had to guess, I'd say that Harry has some really awkward conversations with Michael ahead of him.
139. Tuan Tran
I'd like to request more Dresden merchandise. Seriously. I lack Jim butcher apparel.
140. Germansloth
I would love to see this showdown in Hades, especially if Nicodemus is with Harry. This book needs to happen soon!
141. Zekk
This news is a fantastic way to start the week off. I just finished rereading the entire series and I am so stoked for this one!
Tyler Sprenger
142. Kappi
Woot! Go Harry! Smart Ass + Wizardy = Awesome!
142. mmmbye
Can't wait...I think i just have time to re-listen to the whole series again.
143. Phil Lyall
Can't wait for Skin Game. Harry and Nick working together =epic battle coming!
Kenneth Holladay
145. kholladay
Definitely a fan of the Dresden files. Amazon is currently showing “Publication Date: July 3, 2014” for Skin Game. Let's hope that is very pessimistic!
146. Seth Curran
Skin Games!!! I cannot wait. Jim dont you ever stop making this crack!!
147. Danielle W.
This would be so exciting to win! Love the series.. Read them digitally.
148. Kelly M
Harry and Nicodemus on the same side? This is just screaming for a distaster! Can't wait to read!
149. DMeeks
These books Rock!
150. LoafishHorde
Cant wait for this book.
151. Blend
Woo, so excited for Skin Games!!!
152. Matthew Needham
Very excited for the next book. I would say I wished the Dresden books were R.R. Martin sized, but I don't think my stomach could handle 3 days straight of Harry being tormented more, while trying to get through the book in one sitting.
154. Deanna Kariotakis
I would love to give the whole set to my brother!!
154. rehabber
I have all the Dresden books on Audio, read by James Marsters, will look forward to this one as well. Love the cover.
156. Althalus
Totally need these!
157. Pat_JG
This series always has fantastic covers.
155. James O'Neal
This would make a fantastic Christmas present! *crossing fingers*
158. B.H.M
What!? Free Dresden Files book I'm in.
159. Shari Ciancio
The Dresden series is still my top all-time favorite and I am looking forward to this latest addition with great anticipation!
160. Stephane D
Can't wait for the new book... Going through Dresden withdrawal...
161. Jeremy Bordt
Such an awesome giveaway. Keep it up Tor.
162. Jim Glass
Looking forward to Harry's next adventure! Working WITH Nicodemus? Heh. Harry just *cannot* catch a break...
163. Diogenes
Been looking forward to Skin Game for much too long.
Steven Deutsch
164. Jedielf
This is the best Series. Jim is my favorite Author and The Dresden files is my favorite Series. I've re-read the whole series once already and I have to say it was even better the second time through. I can't wait till this next new book. I like the cover art.
165. Gavin m
All 14 books? Holy crap
166. Victoria A.
Yea!!!! The cover is awesome! I am soooo excited for this book!!! The Dresden Files series is the best book series I have ever read, seriously! The only bad thing about the books is that they end! There is no book in the series that has been bad, each story is just as amazingly written as the last. Winning the contest would be great for me since I have read a good portion of the series through the library.
167. Andrea Timmers
I would love an entry in the sweepstakes! I would read them all, and then share them with friends...spread the love around!

Thank you!
168. NB
Looking forward to it.
169. RGrimz
Can't wait to see Nicky and the rest of the Nickelheads again!
169. KMG
This looks amazing, I can't wait!
170. J Rimmer
Why do the covers always show Harry wearing a hat?
171. robbadler
Oh man, could I get them in EPUB?
172. ewerner
Hate that I came late to the Dresden Files, and now have to wait for each new book.
Jacob Silvia
173. aethercowboy
Okay. 14 free books? How can I turn it down?
174. KEZ
zomg, I've been collecting the books as I've been able to, so excited for this next one to come out! As many have pointed out, been in Dresden withdrawal since I finished the last book the day I bought. Bring it on, Skin Game!
175. TNM
I'm looking forward to the next Dresden Files book. Jim Butcher rocks.
176. Tiffany Atkin
Hell's Bell's the waiting is excruciating but always is worth it in the end!
177. wandering-dreamer
Would love a chance to start reading this series!
178. Angel Poe
Incredibly excited about the new book, I'm a Dresden addict and pusher, got hubby and several friends hooked too. Can't wait!
179. Jer R
Can't wait for the new one. Time to start re-reading.
Jay Cohen
180. lordfool
I've been listening to the books, and I never knew the dimension a good reader adds!
181. Chris B
Let me win so I can spread the joy of Harry Dresden and Jim Butcher for Christmas.
Yagiz Erkan
182. yagiz
Wow! A complete set!
I hope I'll be the lucky one among the hundreds who are participating.
183. Abdulrahman al-mathkor
I marathoned the books, this is one of my top 5 book series.
184. Brian Creekmore
Looks like a fun read but I'm a little curious on why Jim is bringing the "Underworld" into the mythology. I think having Hadees run the place is a little generic and makes everything seem a little less dark and serious to me for some reason. I love this series though and can't wait to read it.
186. Sprintfish
Winning this would be the perfect way to get my wife to read the series. Please, please, please pick me! :)
Ferri Pantaleon
185. fjonp
Awesome! I've been wanting to get into the series forever, but I keep getting distracted by other books.
Ray Pratt
187. raypratt
I'd love owning the full set. Count me in.
188. Donna C.
This would be awesome to win!! Then I wouldn't have to keep stealing my husband's copy when I want to reread!! And we're both dying to get our hands on Skin Game! Epic battle over who gets it first will likely ensue....
189. Megan Lloyd
SO EXCITED for Skin Game! My best friend is on his way through the Dresden Files for the first time and my sister and I have started a re-read counting down to the newest book.
Corey Watson
190. Servek
I am SO EXCITED for this book, I can't wait. :) This contest looks pretty amazing too. So here is my comment for entery!
191. Imbicatus
I'm a huge fan of Dresden Files, and I can't wait for Skin Game.
192. KellyL
I am so freaking excited for this book.
193. Melissa Gard
Got to hear Jim speak last January, and I can't WAIT to see where he goes with everything! Yay for more Harry!
194. Polka_will_never_die
Aww man. Can't wait for another Dresden File. I've no doubt this one's going to be over-the-top action packed as well! Great stuff!
195. Clover Rabbit
Love it when Harry and Mab are sparring! Can't WAIT for the book.
196. jay wolf
Heh, everyone I know says I really ought to pick this series up at some point...
199. ferretkona
I can not wait to see Dresden as a parent.
198. Chuck Quaste
Can't wait till the new book comes out. I read every single one of the novels. I've even passed on my love of the series to my daughter.
200. Sidebernie
Yes please, I would like a large pile of free high-quality books.
201. Anon940
Can't wait to see what happens with the parasite in Harry's head.
202. Matthew Denton
Dresden and Nicodemus double crossing each other... can't wait for the myriad plot twists.
204. Damien McKenna
Cannot. Wait.
205. Rob D
Can't wait to get my hands on Skin Game!
206. Adam Brooker
Totally CANNOT wait!
207. Ms. Green
Excited for a release date on Skin Game!
208. Matt W.
Sounds amazing. Really want the release date.
210. Joe M.I.S.
Awesome - can't wait!
209. Alan Balthrop, DTM
I have truly enjoyed reading all of these books. Because I entered the series very late (Book 8), I would very much welcome the opportunity to "catch up" on the early books and then give them to friends and family who would love to read them also.
211. Thomas C. Pace III
I can't wait!! Love this series, definitely a top recommendation!
212. Hobart Newton
Just about everything else I read until Skin Game comes out will just be filler. No release date and I'm already obsessing. This isn't healthy
213. TD Nelson
I've loved the whole series! Nobody piles doom and destruction on his main character like Jim Butcher. Just when you think Dresden's completely overmatched he finds a way to pull himself and his city out of the fire. Really looking forward to Jim upping the stakes (again) for Harry in Skin Game!
214. Maredudd
Dresden ROCks!!
216. Soccersac
Awesome can't wait!
215. Palt
I could definitly use a new set of the books as I'm about as hard on my books as Harry

Props to Tor for doing this
Kimise Arpin
217. Kimise
Dresdin is the Wiz! Bring on the books.
218. Corrin M. King
The Dresden Files are (for me) the best of the fantasy genre. I re-read the entire series everytime a new book comes out...and am currently doing so feveredly in anticipation of the release of Skin Game. Mr. Butcher, you rule!
219. Maegmariel
Yay! New Dresden Files!
220. bryan mayo
Cannot wait until I can read this
222. byn
I can't wait for Skin Game.
223. Derek Peck
Hopefully this got in in time.
224. Pam Smith
I am new to Desden and on the sixth book. I'm borrowing them from a friend because I can't find them fast enough to keep up with my reading speed. They are awesome and addictive.
225. Lisa Tsiao
Yeah! Can't wait! I have introduced Harry to several students, they can't wait either!
Andrew LaNeve
227. Andrew L.
Wow, great giveaway! Thanks for the chance!
Michael Clark
226. mwclark4453
Excellent series. Waiting very impatiently.
228. Rjames128
I am so looking forward to this book.
229. Jacqueline
I love reading the books and listening to the audio. The Dresden Files are amazing!
230. Owe Morell
I've been wanting to re-read the series, so this is the answer. Just send the books asap.
231. sbonner
Got to get the Grail for Nick? I wonder what kind of power the Grail has in the Dresdenverse. Should be fun watching Dresden get the Grail for Nick while keeping the grail from Nick.
232. Cactuscat23
Another year, another Dresden novel to look fwd to!
233. desca
entering! It would make a wonderful gift for my father.
234. kebron113
This book cannot come soon enough been dying to read the next Dresden book!
235. Judith Winner
Oh I can just bet that Harry is thrilled to no end to have to work WITH Nicodemus! Wath out for those sparks flying!!

Count me in!!!
236. Jsmes
I'm so looking forward to Skin Game.
237. a guy
Can't wait for the release!
238. Millen
Half way through my reread. James Marsters better be the narrator for the audio file. His voice is Harry's to me now.
239. William2000
I could put that book set to good use. After I have reread the series, I can donate it to the local library. They are usually very well-stocked, but they do have a decided lack of Bucher-style goodness for people to enjoy.
240. mjpeterson
I love this series, and can't wait Skin Game!
241. Rarrg
Who doesn't want the entire collection of our favorite wizard gumshoe? As half of my books are constantly on loan to others as I get them into the series, this would be awesome to win.
242. Ossiss
I'd love to win this. I have all the books as E-books, but a solid physical book is so much better.
243. slcboston
Guess this means it's time to make more space on the bookshelf and add another volume to my TBR pile.
244. tothePAIN
Winning this would be the best!
245. Dale Broda
Oh yes. Finally. Nicodemus and the nickelheads back and Mad plotting something. She always is. It will be a great coming home to these characters for me. Every re-read just makes them more fun, can't wait to get my hands on Skin Games. yes yes.
Andrew Means
246. Wayneman
I've loved the Dresden Files for years! I can't wait to see where Harry goes next. And of course what happens to Molly...
247. Tina Dilts
Can't wait for Skin Game to be released! Love Harry and all his trials and tribulations!

Would love to have a full, matching set of the series!
Stefany _
248. stefany
Lots of reading to catch up on over the winter break!
249. Cody Gaudet
Can't wait for it!
250. Chance Gerk
Looks like they are breaking into a safe
252. Doug7809
Keep up the great stories! I read them, then loaned them out to my friends and family now they are all fans, and they pass on their books to others. Great series, whenever some asks me to recommend a good book I point them in Jim's direction.
Denise Garofalo
253. denise99
Love this series. Can never get enough of Harry.
Mark Martinez
254. grgbmtz
Looking forward to reading Skin Game!
255. John H Clemson
I am hoping there are some of the wonderful resting moments in this book that make the series of action scenes that much more enjoyable. I loved that about the Warrior short story!
256. Liam Gallagher
Late coming to the series but now I can't put it down.
257. Alex G
Yes Please, I shall win this.
Shaz Taslimi
258. shaztaz

OK, OK, I'll calm down.... Maybe... Eventually...
259. JMarsh642
Empty night!
260. Beth Lewis
I can't wait for the next book!
261. Gus Bush
Can't wait!
262. Avalon Youk
I'm doing a massive book haul on a pile of books in anticipation for this book, CANT WAIT ^^
263. *Matthew*
I just picked up Dangerous Women; I'm looking forward to Skin Game.
264. Jennifer Mann
I can't wait to read "Skin Game." I just re-read the entire series, and each read through gives me more and more reasons to love the Dresden Files! Plus, I've been waiting for Nicodemus to get what he deserves for years now. Hopefully, in this book, I'll get some satisfaction on that score.
266. Katlaw
Can't wait for Skin Game! More Dresden, please!
267. BlazingFalcon
Waiting fior the next book is the worst part of this series. And then that's about it
269. Jedo
That cover looks awesome!
Anann Pickard
268. PhantomQueen
This looks exciting. It has been too long since Cold Days. I need my Desden Files.
271. Eric Hull
Amazing writer, amazing stories!
272. Rybo
Big fan of all of Jim's work. Cant wait to read the latest installment!
270. War Wizard
Stupendous giveaway, hoping Lady Luck is kinder to me. :-)
273. Valarie Franklin
I really hope I win! I listen to the audiobooks so I don't own the actual books and I'd love to!!
274. myrddyn
Going crazy waiting for Skin Games. I need my Dresden fix.
275. darius379
Can't wait!
Tim Novak
276. Spiderbox
Wow. I have a few of these, but the entire set would be insane.
Austin Craven
277. aryzseyr
Rollin, also dear lord I can't wait for this seriese to be continued!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
278. dave Neuman
Whoot !!! can't wait till it comes out then pine till the next one.
279. Mike Gonzales
Pick me, Pick me, Pick ME
280. Shiznatikus the Great
14?!? I've wanted to come back to this series for so long, but I haven't paid attention to how many there are now. *sigh* This would be a great opportunity to catch up though. :)
281. Holly Walsh
I adore the Dresden Files. Just re-reading book 9 in the series - can't wait for Skin Game!
282. Meryl Krieger
Totally exciting news!
283. Dirtycelt
I could use a second set of the Dresden Files....
284. Photo Spread
I need this set for my public library - copies keep disappearing from the collection.
285. Jesse Oman
I can't wait - this one has been a long wait after the ending of cold days.
286. Wade Wilson
You just know the Parasite isn't going to sit around while all these shenanigans are going on.
288. Mister Ben
This is going to be great!
287. Steve H
Awesome, I can't wait!!!!!
289. goalie
On my second read-tyrough of the series since Cold Days. Definitely ready for Skin Game.
290. Darren A. Jones
I'm really looking forward to this next one! Hope I win :)
Philip Thomann
291. normalphil
Pretty much a fourteen-book-long explanation of Urban Fantasy.
292. Brewer
Cant wait for the new book!
294. Wordwizard
I just read "Bombshells" in DANGEROUS WOMEN. It's great, but not enough!
296. Andre Thegiant
Wow, helluva prize.

295. MTKnife
Harry doing an Ocean's 11 heist with Nicodemus? What could possily go right? Kudos, Jim...can't wait to see how Harry gets out of this one!
297. Aaron S
Skin Games is gonna be amazing. Can't wait to see Dresden in action again!
298. ArcaneArts
I like free stuff, yes I do! I like free stuff, how about you?

Been needing to get this entire series for myself anyways.
299. Herb8923
Giving me every volume is a pretty good way to convince me to dive into a series.
300. KenG
Can't wait for the next book. I'd be nice to get the complete series. I have all the books but some of my older paperbacks are falling apart.
301. Luke T.
I love rereading this series so much. Turn Coat is my favorite, but I can't wait for Skin Game!
302. Chalon
Harry vs. Nicodemus?!? So many cool things could happen! Can't wait!
303. Bourgeois Nerd
Nice cover! GIMME, GIMME, GIMME!
305. WardenKit
Oh man I can't wait! Skin Game you are my prize at the end of a long school semester! (Or maybe year depending on when it hit stores XD )
306. Tess Wooten
I Hate to see the series coming to an end because I LOVE Harry D.!!! Thanks for the contest TOR!
307. Cory M. Hill
I'm so excited! I've read throught the whole serise 3 times now
309. Elane
Best book series ever. What Harry Potter should have become when he grew up. Rowling missed the boat on that one. Just glad Butcher is not tired of Dresden yet (we hope!).
308. Khizan
I love the burning money in the background.
310. Jihadjoe
The audiobook performance by Mr. Marsters are what makes these books come to life. Best series I've read yet.... You can listen to these over and over and pickup new stuff each time. Also you can get a sense of how much work Jim Butcher did to make these worlds come to life...Awesome
312. Andrew wiley
A win would be awesome after I lost the series to the floods earlier this year. Gotta catch back up for my reread!
313. Oleg Fortun
I love this series, James Marsters does a great job reading the novels in the audiobooks. I'd love to win this sweepstakes. :-)
314. Elwynn
So excited! This series has continued to amp it up even when it seemed impossible for Mr. Butcher. Recommend this to all.
317. Sixxone8
This should be a really fun one to read. I feel an all nighter coming on to read this!
318. Nathanael Broomall
Yes give us some more Dressing!
318. ProfMel
This would be awesome because then I would have lending copies!
Can't WAIT!!!
319. Anthony Moorehead
Can't wait for the release of Skin Game! Dresden with his Winter Knight powers, going head to head with Nicodemus? Thats gonna be awesome, I'm itching to read it already! It also would be pretty freakin cool to win a set of all the books!!
320. SGBarnett
I can't wait for this. I always enjoy going to the book signings and hearing Butcher speak.
321. Linda R
Please, please, please choose me!

I've read the entire series numurous times along with Coldex Alera. I compare all the books I read to Jim Butcher's and very few have come close. The publishing of Skin Game cannot come soon enough.

Jim Butcher will always be "My Favorite Author". Thank you, very much Jim, for such wonderful stories!

Keeping my Finger's Crossed...
Duncan McNiff
322. Eskerian
Can't wait! I have always thought the Denariians were some of the scariest and best villains....

Now if only we had another Alera novel too.
324. Antoine A. Gagnon
Mmmmmm... Heist story. Nicodemus hasn't a chance.
Scott Aoki
323. KerenskyFurey
Looking forward to it. More the audiobook, but, hey...
325. Nicoletort
Just got started on this series and would love the complete set! Great sweepstakes!
326. tezien
So very awesome!
327. EHeeder
I've been checking for updates on this book weekly for the last 6 months - can't wait for this one to come out!! Love the Dresden series!
329. John S.
Holy crap this book is going to be awesome. The Denarians are great villians, and I can't wait to read this book!
330. Debase
cool cover art, interesting plot I thought because of the title the book was going to be about the skinwalker
331. JenniferJ323
Oooo, I'd love to have a whole shelf dedicated to Dresden. They can sit next to my copies of James Marsters' audio books of the series. Oh - if you haven't listen to those, SO WORTH IT.
Joshua Sheena
332. jsheena
This would really complete my library and make up for missing copies of the earlier copies of the series. I love these books so much.
333. Cubby T Bear
Firing his gun lefthanded now?
Greg Lincoln
334. glshade
Totally behind on Jim butchers stuff.... I'm way back pre white knight....
336. Kathleen Wade
Excellent giveaway!
337. Sarge pepper
Commenting for the win!!
338. BartonGJones64
Can't wait! I've been listening to the audio books of late, so I've missed the books themselves since about #6. I'd love to have the full set!
340. chris livermont
Harry and Nic working together?!?
341. Rick Bman
The plot description for this sounds amazing. Cannot wait.
342. Whitney D
Dresden is awesome! I could use a new set of books. Mine are getting pretty worn out.
343. Holly C. Ireland
Awesome - I would love a chance to win! Can't wait for Skin Games to come out!
344. sasami1979
Woo hoo! Awesome cover and giveaway!
345. davisherm
Long have we been waiting. This is going to be fantastic!
346. Scott Perry
3 books in and I NEED the rest!!
Jordan Frandsen
347. jorgecuervos
This series can go on forever, please let it be so. I have enjoyed every installment and ate up the short stories.
And seriously jonesing for another tale of Harry Dresden.
But a reread of the whole series...I'm in!
349. Joseph Bulmer
Just finished reading "Ghoul Goblin", can't wait for this to come out.
349. Richard Shealy
Of course I want in on this. It will give me two sets: one for keeping, one for loaning! :)
352. Laz Llanes
Without a doubt, the best series out there. How can you resist?
353. Tommy Conant
Can't wait for the new book!
David Foster
354. ZenBossanova
Sounds great. I have really been meaning to dig into those Dresden File novels.
Michael Buckley
356. mjbuck
Joined the series late and was spoiled with an endless series of books until I caught up. Now anxiously waiting for the next in the series and very much looking forward to it.
357. Eric Shivak
Can't wait!
Daniel Smith
358. Smittyphi
Love the cover. I'm excited.

I'm going to start serenading you with my singing until I get the books. Trust me, you want to give me the books to make me stop singing...:-D
360. alsanchez
It seems that I've been waiting forever for a new Dresden book.
What a wonderful Christmas it would be if I can have the whole set.
361. Toddk
I just bought Dangerous Women, I can't wait to read it. As for this book, I have to agree that the Denarians are the best, I can't wait till SHE comes back. I hope, I hope!
362. PennyLee
Its about time. I need a Dresden fix!
363. SaraNia
What a fantastic cover--the wait has been oh so long, and this might just tide me over until the book actually comes out! In the meantime, I've been making sure the Dresden books stay in our library by checking them all out to re-read!
364. jeff3000
Each book gets better and better
365. Marysa
I really love the series. It's really amazing.
Andy Holman
366. AndyHolman
I've heard great things about this series but haven't gotten around to reading it yet. Hope to start soon!
367. K. Braden
This sounds great!
368. Teri in Phoenix
Love the series, but I'm always having to borrow the books from my friend. To have my own copies would be sublime! What a great end-of-the-year present it would be - to me!! :P
369. Carissa Merz
I am so excited for Skin Games! I'm super excited for this contest too! Fingers crossed that I win for Christmas!
370. DavidEsmale
I NEED this book!
371. Ferg
Now this is a fantastic Christmas gift! Really looking forward to 'Skin Game'.
Julia S
372. TwistedDream
Yes, please!!

"Bombshells" made my fingers itch for a new Dresden book..can't wait!
373. Jesse Melnyck
An interesting contest I could always use new copies of a favorite serries. Although they might end up a gift as I already own the whole set, in dead tree, electronic and audio. Thats ok because I know just the person to give them to.

374. fourinfury
I can't wait for Skin Game to hit the shelves.
Tee Willy
375. TWilly
I was just commenting to the wife that it has been a long time since a new Harry Dresden book. We can't wait.
376. Maviellas
I just started reading this series, very entertaining!
377. Peadar
Great to see the Fallen back. How will Nicodemus fare now that Harry is the Winter Knight.
378. Alvaro Sela
I so need to reread the whole series.....
379. Steven Huber
I always look forward to Harry's adventures
380. AJD
There is only one part of Skin Game that I am NOT looking forward to:

Finishing it, and beginning the wait for the next book!
382. MikeH
Can't wait for the next Dresden novel, just finished my reread a month ago! Great artwork as usual!
383. Mags
Would love to have a whole matching set! Mine's kind of a hodgepodge.
383. Coreyjess
Stars and stones, winning this set would really top off my, and my daughters, Christmas season! Then I will only have to buy Skin Game when it is finally available!
384. ColinM
This cover is looking pretty sweet! I can't wait for Skin Game to release. It feels like it's been way too long since Cold Days.
386. Joosh
Polka will never die!

Can't wait for Skin Game.
Neal Leffler
387. not_Nolan
I love the Dresden Files! Jim Butcher has created a badass wizard that's relatable
388. Nothingman
I will win this
389. Riyadh Sabih
The series has grown more and more sophisticated in plot twists and character growth. I can't wait to see how Butcher is going to up his game on Skin Game. I bet he is going to have trouble keeping up the trend of making the books better. Even if its not better than the last ones, I am sure it will be good enough to be the best escape in a new book I am likely to find in some time.
390. shelly mccullough
cannot wait!!!!
391. Jeff Marker
Can't wait for Skin Game!
392. Lykouden
cant wait for the next book
393. debbie richardson
My all time favorite author - love the new cover!
394. Pam Blome
I am really looking forward! (As are my son and some friends!)
395. Sean Blackstone
Stars n Stones, all the books? I'm in.
396. merrrd
Love this series! Constantly recommend it to friends.
397. Tami Skye
Can't get enough of Harry. Looking forward to Skin Game.
398. highlander.ii
this be a comment..... 'tis all i haz time for after trying to do this twice on my phone....
399. Kita
Holy crap is Harry carrying a gun?
400. Betty M
Absolutely can't wait to see what happens next!
401. Dresden Files
Been waiting for this book for too long!
402. Mike Hajek
Jim butcher is one of my 2 favorite authors. I've loved all of his books. Would love to win this to give to my daughter who is finally old enough to read them. I know she is a future Dresden fan
403. Greenhooverdam
So excited! I love this series so much!
404. scandal665
I adore this series. I have re-read it countless times. My husband was forced by me to read the entire series. He is now a fan. We are dying to see what happens next! I can't wait!
405. Marlo Schalesky
Can't wait for Skin Game! I'm so looking forward to spending some time with Harry.
406. Savageii
Can not wait for this new book to come out. It would also be nice to have all the books again.
407. televised
I really want to read this.
408. Courtney B
Why does it seem like it takes forever between books? ;)
410. MManzella
Love the new cover! I am so excited to read the newest book.
411. hcykana
I can't wait for this to come out. I've had Skin Game on my Books to Read list under a release date of TBA for entirely too long now.
412. Chibbs
I love this series! and Jim Butcher is definitely in my top ten favorite authors. I know exactly where I would make room on a bookshelf for these. =P
413. Gwensly
Can't wait for the new book. I really really want to read Harry's new adventure :)
414. David Overstreet
I have enjoyed this series, and I look forward to the next installment.
415. DanielKerns
Already have my own set so if I win this will be a present for a friend who needs to read more.
416. Eric A.
Great Cover. Can't wait!
417. antiable
Can wait for Nicodemus and Dresden to try and kill each other.
418. Jac8304
Best Series Ever!!!!! And it just gets better and better!
418. Graham Kanarek
WOOO i'm so excited
420. Blake Harrison
These are some if my favorite books. Despite what Potter while tell you, Dresden is the greatest wizard named Harry.
421. Tufty
This is the best way to enter a contest I've ever done.
423. Jeremy Fray
I thought from the title that Dresden was going after the naagloshii. I do hope we get to find out more about his relationship with Demonreach.
422. Nas T.
Oh my lord, this sounds amazing and I can't wait to read it! Although I didn't think there'd be this many entries already :P

Either way: DIBS!
424. SerenaK
Would love these books!
Amey Chinchorkar
425. ameyc
It's always going to be fun watching Harry balance his "Dresden-ness" with his being theWinter Knight, a minion of Mab.
426. Nathan Buschau
Perhaps we finally get to see the return of Lash. I always thought that she got quite the raw deal.
428. Joe919
This is my post.
427. Joe Choquette
I have read a couple books in the series already. I can't wait to finish the rest.
428. StriderLS7
One of my favorite series - always waiting for the next book with bated breath. Would love to pick up all the books for a solid re-read before the next book is released.
Scott Silver
429. hihosilver28
Holy Crap, Yes! Even though my chances of winning this are quite low, it's definitely worth the shot. :-)
430. Daniel Huff
I just completed relistening to all the audiobooks so far, would really like to have a complete Dresden Files set.
431. Bill Pomeroy
Looking forward to the next book!
432. SarahP
Great giveaway! Hope I win!
433. mantrasong
I'm looking forward to this book! I'd be nice to have a physical copy, though I'll buy the kindle book either way :)
434. TenderTummy
Got most of these books in e-book form, would love to have them 'for real'! Can not WAIT for "Skin Game"!
435. Minivipr
Of course there would be this many comments already! Everyone is getting excited for the new book! Can't wait!
437. AvengingUnicorn
Love this series! Can't wait for the new one.
438. Derek Fitzpatrick-Jolley
Super excited for this as always!
John Rapp
440. jmrfromcal
Too long between books. Too many other projects.
441. jonekir
My favorite series ever! Have gotten about 6 people addicted to it by loaning out the books. Now I either need to win the contest or go get them back to reread before Skin Game, LOL.
442. billc
Between skin game and the third book in the king killer trilogy, 2014 is going to be a good year for me.
David Powers
443. hellfudge
"Comment in the post to enter!"

Consider me entered.
444. Coraon
Can't wait to read another dresden finles romp!
445. Loralee
Looking forward to this book. I need to get my Dresden on!
446. gridleyj
sign me up!
447. Jwbjerk
Another cover with a hat!
448. Shizzy
This book is going to be AMAZING. I am so pumped that I can't even breathe!
449. Joseph Carney
Can't wait for this book to be released. It's going to be good.
Mike Piacenza
450. mp1952
Must one's post be somewhat intelligent to enter? Ah, of course not...
452. Matticus
Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!! :D
453. crossmage
As a professional investigator who used to be a professional magician, I have always had a special place in my heart for the Dresden Files. May the best person win!
454. Magus
A sweepstakes you say? Suuure :)

also: Yay for upcoming book :)
455. Michael Brost
It should be a blast! Poor Harry!
456. Kirshy
Woot! Love these stories. I just read the last one a few weeks ago. Can't wait.
457. Leah Powell
I just recently got married, but if Harry were real, I would so stalk him!
458. egg_green
Looking forward to this one! The Nickelheads are my favorite villains :-)
Peter Mathieson
459. Trib16
Every contest that is open to Canadians makes me SO happy.
460. sepre
CANNOT WAIT to get my Dresden Files fix!
462. Dave Knowles
There are no words that could contain my excitement
463. OverEasy
The worst part of the waiting, is knowing we will read the book in a sitting and find ourselves waiting for the next book.
464. Kurt von Bosse
Nic wants to steal the Freakin Holy Grail and maybe something else. Totally Cool
465. Drocks27
I have all the books through audible, but it would be nice to have them all on myself. Awesome sweepstake!
466. Talia Myres
I cannot wait to read "Skin Game!" This series is one of the few that actually gets better with each new book!
467. Dave H.
I have 11 of 14... I have series with gaps because the library is free and house payments are not. However, this would be an excellent opportunity to pass yet another addiction to my younger brother (I'm still not forgiven for the anime or "those damn Magic cards") but I could be a lot worse influence. Let's hope the parents don't shoot me...
468. katnight
Can't wait for the next Dresden Files book. Will just have to continue to listen to them on audio book in the meantime.
469. Shelley murav
I can't wait-im having Dresden withdrawals!
470. Kresenda
This is awesome. Might put me back into the Christmas spirit.
471. Turcot2211
Just can't wait to get my hands on the next one in this series! My favorite character of any series.
472. Nicholas McIntyre
I'm so excited about the new book.
474. Pheonix7284
Can't wait!
473. Tim W
Cant wait!! Must have now
Mary Alice Wuerz
475. ContraryN
Time for yet another re-read! I really love this series.
476. seth weissman
very excited, looking forward to SG and the rest of the series
477. Maestro Buddha
Drove 30 minutes for the Cold Days paperback just to get the first two chapters of Skin Game.
478. Chris Patino
This is by far my favorite book series! Been rading it since high school and loving every moment of it.
479. Meghan J.
Yes please!
480. Pickle
I discovered the series around this time last year and devoured them all over a few weeks.

481. Patrick Nottingham
Pick me! Methinks my local library would get a lovely Dresden donation if I won. Can't wait for a release date on this.
482. Perrydh
I have been a huge fan of the Dresden files sense grave peril. I just finished registering to the audio books for the fourth time. I can't wait for the next one. If I win I'm going to let my friends barrow the books so they can enjoy them just as much as me.
483. JosephR

484. Jeremy Park
Winning would be great! They would make an awesome gift!
485. Aj Larson
That would be epic!
486. Zack Warren
Oh wow! I've missed the last few books - this would be a great chance to catch up! I hope I win!
487. T. Archer
The holy grail??? I can't wait to read this book!
488. Charles Pint
Can't wait for Skin Game! to come out. Please give us a release date!!!
489. zenaida
New to the Dresden files. But loving them all. Almost caught up. Can't wait for Skin Game.
491. Andrew Jay
Looking forward to the next Dresden Case File
492. Cole Craton
This is a really cool idea for a sweepstakes. Good luck everyone!
493. KestrelHill
This series just keeps getting stronger. Please, pick me!
raymond richardson
494. r_richardson
Doing re-read now, can't wait for Skin Game..........need RELEASE DATE!
Roger Perry
496. mohawk
I'm a huge fan of the Dresden series.
please count me in
Allana Schneidmuller
497. blutnocheinmal
Wow, I don't think I've ever seen so many comments on a Tor post. Go Dresden fans!
I'd love a set of the books. Been considering buying the SFF book club omnibus editions.
498. Trec
Yessss, I've been wanting physical copies for a whille.
Cant wait for the next book!

498. CPT Tyr
These are the only books I buy the INSTANT they come out.
499. jbForte
Looking forward to this one!
500. Rick drake
New books so I can share!
501. arogers907
Can't WAIT for this next one! =)
502. Shuggoth
Can't wait for skin game.
503. The Chad
I own all of the books, and I don't want this set. (figured a little reverse phych may help my chances...)
Colin Osborne
504. thrawn82
Bombshells was fantastic, really whet my appatite for more dresden goodness, and I adored a peek behind the Molly curtain.
506. Kishi
Oh, man, I can't wait for Skin Game. Awesome cover, but Harry would be annoyed they still insist on giving him a hat. =)
507. Cebu
I will be honest and admit that it took me about 7 books to really be hooked on Dresden, but now I am there the day the book comes out! Thanks for the opportunity to win.
508. JBK
Can't wait to see what's in store for Dresden in Skin Game!!
The novella, Bombshells, in the Dangerous Women anthology was great!
I would really like to win the sweepstakes!!
509. spcherber
Awesome can't wait
510. Kylara
Yay! I cna't wait to see what happens after the events of Cold Days!!
511. Bleyddyn
I'm off to find Dangerous Women to tide me over until Skin Game is out!
512. Rage
Ooo, a set of books! That would be awesome!
514. Michael R Cohen
I've listened to them all on audio by borrowing from the library, I'd love to own them all!
515. J Town
Sign me up! This would be awesome. Love the Dresden Files!!
517. Benjamin Barnhart
Ahhh!! Can't wait!!
518. Jen Morman
I love Christian's covers (Dresden and beyond). His art is perfect for Harry, makes me keep buying hardback when everything else has gone to ebook for me.
519. Z. Vazquez
I have been waiting for this book for what seems like forever! Here's hoping the release date is sooner rather than later.
520. Cameron Riggs
Love the new cover. Dresden is definitely a hero for the ages.
521. Jammie
I would be so hype for the return of lasciel!
522. Michael N
It's great to see Harry back in a duster with staff and revolver again!
523. Hannah Sutton
Can't wait for the next book!
524. lightkeeper
Time to reread the series again!
525. bengalbhai
Can't wait for some more Dresden!!!
526. Cameron C
I really like the plot excerpt for this one. Just how far down the rabbit hole can Harry go.
527. Jonathan Felber
I lost a good chunk of the series somewhere during a move and would love to have them all again.
528. Steven Cz
Rolling the dice..
530. Steve Price
Beyond excited -- hope Dresden's next adventure drops soon!
531. Kaebora
The only problem I see with Skin Game is that its not on my Kindle right now. I can't wait for the release!
532. Cath Lauria
Excited for the next one!
534. Brian Gibbons
Can't wait for the next one to come out.
535. DeborahS
I love these books so much! Can't wait for the release date.
536. Jei
I love Harry! Would love to own all those books.
537. Cpt_Cliff
I cant wait for the next installment and a chance to win a full set of the Dresden Files.
Christian Herr
538. ChrisHerr
I look forward to release date information; I can't imagine a more difficult person to work with than Nicodemus.....
539. Katezilla
Yay! Skin Game! I can't wait for this to come out!
540. spudcld
Looking forward to the next chapter in Harry's saga.
541. artpsgt
Yeah! It's been too long,
541. Heather Clark
I'm about to come out of my skin waiting for Skin Game!!!

I've already re-read the D Files and I'm on my re-read of Codex Alera.

Love, love, love Jim Butcher's mind! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent Jim!
542. DustinH
Can't wait to read! Dresden Files is one of my all-time favorite series.
543. Knight of Winter
This wait is killing me. A set of books would help...
545. Bigtimennotime
Having a proper caper book is just what I needed. I can't wait.
546. Squeegee
Can't wait for more info!
547. TimPow
This is going to be awesome!!
549. Love2Travel1
Jim's books are truly entertaining! I voted for Cold Days on Goodreads. Glad he won!
550. rbreak
I've enjoyed all the books.
551. T.L.Ayers
Yes! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of Skin Game!
552. VarnerV
I love this series!!
554. Lorenz Marcus
My favorite series. I recommend it to everyone!!!
555. ccats
Entry for me~~
556. Darth Touma
that would be EPIC
Brandon Patton
557. Diagoras87
I watched the TV show back when it was on. Really should have read the books by now.
558. dezines
can i have this now? ... please?
560. Shingetsu
Always nice to have more dresden files books.
561. Steve Stair
Checking in
562. Oneeye
The TV show nailed Harry and Bob, really made reading the books fun with their voices already in your head.
563. IHG
looking forward to this!
564. AnnieW
I would love to win this. Love, love, love.
565. Cralic
OMG Yes I need this!
567. Dan Granot
So looking forward to this. Hopefully Jim makes it out to Seattle for another signing!
568. Paks
Can't wait to see what happens.
570. Andrew Yeilding
Wow, has it already been a year since Cold Days?! I am so ready for the next book!
572. VampireNovelFan
A chance to win 14 books? Sign me up! I've never read the series before but I'm looking to start soon.
572. Jason Holloman
Can't wait for this to come out!
573. Rabbinicus
Fantastic news, looking forward to Skin Game!
Sean O'Donnell
575. Seanlikescheese3
This should turn out to be one of the best in the series. Cannot wait to get my hands on it.
576. pyrostinger
Hey, I'm totally game. Haven't read much of the series but what I have read I've loved!
577. Elito
Can't wait! :)
579. missjen
I would love to finally have a complete set of the books! It's about time for a reread. :)
580. Quatoes
This is one of my FAVORITE series!

Although most of those 14 books would have to be given to someone else ;-)
582. James H.
That's a mighty big gun. Good thing he's a big guy.
584. Zira
I don't think release can come soon enough. A Reread of the series is going to have to happen so I don't go crazy with waiting.
585. PolkaWillNeverDie
I'm gearing up for my third reread of this series. Love it.
586. digitalin
We have been awaiting the release of this next book with eagerness and impatience.
587. CR
The books take too long to get published and I read them way to fast. The mark of a truly great storyteller.
588. Wycca
I hope Harry can ditch his mantle before Maggie gets too old. He wouldn't be a great dad, but it would be nice if he could be in her life a little.
590. Mike Sweet
I feel like it's been too long since Harry's burned down a building. Looking forward to this.
591. Travis Chase
I have all the audio books and would love all the actual print books. I can not wait to indugle my Harry sweet tooth once again!
592. Tom S
Dresden is a fantastic series that everyone should read. I can't wait for the next one!
593. Lord Rae
Can't wait for the new book. Should be amazing as usual and I can't wait to see how things have changed since the last book.
Rebecca Brothers
594. RileyC
Just started reading the series and am loving it.
595. Brian Gause
Two please!
596. KBabb
My wife's still a book behind, maybe this will get her to read it so I can talk with her about it...
Jaime Nolasco
597. thefist
Sweet! I can't wait for this book to come to come out!!
598. Tehol Lives
Oh, I would love to win this one, I love the Dresden Files! So far I've read them all from the library and would love to own these wonderful books.
David Goldfarb
599. David_Goldfarb
My odds of winning aren't great, but I guess I can't win if I don't enter.
600. Tuttman1234
I've been waiting for this book since Nov. 27 of last year. Can't wait for it to come out!!
601. Megan Kovach
My boyfriend and I love the Dresden Series! We get as excited for each new book as our four year old does for Christmas!! Jim Butcher is an amazing author; I love the way he draws us in to eery story!! So EXCITED!!!!
602. dwndrgn
Scarce chance of winning this one with so many entries but you definitely can't win if you don't play so put my name in the hat if you please! An excellent prize to hope for.
John C. Bunnell
603. JohnCBunnell
Cannot...resist...opportunity. Color me entered.
604. M. Beam
LOVE these books :)
605. edward H.
Can't wait!
607. Steven W
I picked up "Proven Guilty" at a library book sale and it sat on my bookshelf for a year before I got around to reading it and instantly addicting myself to The Dresden Files. I've finished four others since October. Feed my hunger for more, please.
608. A Dray
Hooray for Dresden!
609. Void Sorcerer
I about shouted for joy when I saw the post. Sign me up, please!
610. Cliff DaSilva
May as well give it a shot! Very much looking forward to Skin Game
Steven Wilber
611. DragonReader
I'd really like to win this one as its a series I have long been wanted to start...
612. ChrisJ
Definitely been waiting impatiently for this for a while.
613. Brandy Gruner
This is awesome!!!!
614. messylaughter
So impatient for this, almost finished my reread!!
615. Katy Holder
I want to win so badly. Can't wait to read this!!
616. Hawkes
Seriously pumped for Skin Game, the last book left me on the edge of my seat waiting for this book!
617. JamesRegister
Great to hear your done with Skin Gamme, Well almost done. Now about that Steampunk series?
618. SunshineDuk
Goodness gracious, what a lovely idea. I've got a few of the books, but borrowed most of them from friends over the years. Having all of them would be both a perfect excuse to reread them and give me the ability to get my friends hooked!
619. George Stratton
I would love to own PHYSICAL copies of all of Harry's casefiles!
621. JeanneB
Can't wait for a new Dresden book!
620. Jessy Strohmeyer
I would LOVE to win this!!!
Dustin Freshly
622. Fresh0130
This is one of the series I've always meant to get deeper into, I've read the first three but never made it any further for one reason or another.

But hey, a whole set? I'd be pretty much out of excuses.
623. John F McLaughlin
Oh man I love this series. I would live to have the set.
624. Darqu
Been waiting for this book the moment I finished Cold days the week it was released and im glad to be seeing the cover art at last after so long. The moment it shows up on amazon im ordering the hardcover of Skin Game.
625. MelTorefas
14 books and counting. Take THAT, Wheel of Time!

Okay, maybe they're a little shorter, individually. >.>

*can't wait to read Skin Game*
627. petunya
I can't wait to see what is in store next for Harry!!
629. rmatako
I'm looking so forward to Skin Game!!! Lots of trips to the library and book mobile. It would be wonderful to actually own the most excellent books I've read since Tolkien.
630. Joey Honeycutt
I absolutely love The Dresden Files. This is a contest I'm really hoping I win.
632. felisconcolori
Quick quick! Release date it so I can pre-order!
631. Mona Leigh
After hearing about Harry Dresden from all my friends, I finally bit the bullet and listened to the first two on audiobook. If I were to win, I could finish reading the series. :)
633. tim rackler
i am loving the twist. let me have this complete series please
634. CJGibson
Oh man, free stuff? And it's Dresden stuff? Count me in.
635. Laura E. Jefferson
I am patient about waiting because I want it to be good, but thrilled it's coming!
BTW, Mac's beer shows up in Ben Aaronovitch's 'Broken Homes'.
636. ashuiping
I need this book! Like now!! where is it? I wants it! Tell the fat hobbitess to give it to us!
Shane Sherman
637. Darqu
Soon the wait will be over and i will have my hands on Skin game. Also still need to find the first 4 books in hardcover for a reasonable price, so not droppin a few houndred on that.
638. Max S.
"Fuck Subtle"

I really would like to win this.
639. robocouch
Really been anticipating this one for quite a while!
640. Errol Tisdale
Sweepstakes Entry!
641. Karen Schiller
Can't wait!
642. IMTheresa
I can't wait to see what Harry gets himself into with Skin Game. The Dresden stories never get old and I would love to own the entire series to read over and over again!
643. Daniel Gooch
Dresden is so awesome. Can't wait to read the newest book in the series.
Heim Kirin Grewal
644. kei_rin
Wait! Wait! Did I read that right? All 14 of the books as a give away! Woot! Sign me up!
645. SainAsylum
This is, hands down, my favorite series. After working in a book store for nearly 10 years, I've turned hundreds of people onto it and loved when they came back in to see me to tell me their favorite parts or where they were at when they suddenly burst into laughter while reading.

Not to mention, Jim is a pretty cool guy. I've seen him at several signings and he is just such a wonderful nerd. It was so much fun getting to talk to him.
647. mtraynham
Can't wait for Skin Game.
648. Seti Walker
Would love to win these! I want to read them all, as I've heard such great things about them and enjoy the short stories I've read with Harry featured.
649. Hilbert A.
Big fan of the series! Very excited to see the new book.
650. KAA
And to think I'm 667 and not 666...
651. Mike S.
Cool. Cool cool cool.
Edward Greaves
652. temporus
Oh yes, this is going to be an awesome book.
654. Escherichia
Maybe kill Nicodemos for real this time? Also, Huzzah!
Matthew Gessen
655. Gessen
Can't wait to see how Harry handles Nicodemus!!!! So excited to hear about how Molly is doing as well. :) Can't stop grinning.
656. Becca A.
Met Jim Butcher in person at a Con this year and it was awesome! Cannot wait for the next book!!!!!
657. BenB
Would love to win these! I have so many friends that read them and I'm the one out of the loop all the time.
658. KK Venkataraman
Must. Have. Books.
659. Pat Connelly

Even tidbits, oh so good
660. Justin D C
Very excited for the next book.
661. nerdycanuck
I've heard a lot about this series but haven't had a chance to check it out for myself yet. This might be the perfect opportunity. :)
662. gustovcarl
Count me in!
664. RCross126
I'm so ready for the next book!
665. Tyler.3
I can't wait for the new book, not to mention the new series. Would love to win the set.
666. YoKramer
Ate through all 14 books in about a month cant wait for the next book!
668. Matt Laz
I've been waiting for Nic and the Nickleheads to make a return since the end of Small Favor. Can't wait to see what they've been up to.
669. Laura J.
The Dresden Files is my favorite series. Jim Butcher is an amazing author, and I am on my third reread of the series now. Can't wait for Skin Game. When I went to post there were 666 comments already. That ties in nicely with the next book. I hope that's a sign that I'm going to win!
670. Steven T
Sking games? Is the skin walker back! Can't wait for the next book, would love to win!
671. Brandon S.
The Dresden Files rekindled my love for reading that had been dormant long prior to my discovery of this series. I'm very excited for the new book!
672. Philangelus
Looks like *takes off sunglasses* the game is on.


On a serious note, I'm very excited.
673. Micelle D
As an avid reader - very excited
674. Stephen Jack Cullen
Looking forward to reading more, need my fix.
676. Vicissitude
"The money was on fire and it wasn't my fault."
Christopher Buser
677. Halaku
This would make an epic re-addition to my library, since I had to give many of them away to friends when I was deployed across country. If I don't win, it's still awesome of y'all to do this.
678. Carl J
As of this one, Tor now prints both of my favorite 15-book series. Glad this one isn't over yet!
679. Shironix
I totally can't wait for this book! Read to marathon read it!
681. hk_ben_ji
Hooray for more Dresden files!
680. cfc
Looking forward to skin game!
682. Tommy Sanders
Stars and Stones!!!! Harry, (and Jim), just keep getting better!!!!
683. MIKEL
I've been meaning to check this series out.
684. Carl A
This is a fantastic series, and finally getting a release date on Skin Game would make my year.
686. Dresden Fan
687. zoidwyrd
Sheesh, took forever to scroll down to the bottom.
688. Margie S-R
Yay! More Dresden!
691. kalithen
i love these books! cannot wait for skin game!!
689. Thunder
Finally bought the short story collection while I was waiting. Loved it.
692. Kevin F
I would love this!
693. Jamarious Cook
I actually started rereading them all over from ebook a I found . I lost my actual copies in a move some years ago
694. Jerry C
Eagerly awaiting the next book. I have completed the series and wait from year to year for the next installment with great anticipation!
695. Jerry Falcone
Harry is the most human character in all of literature.
Jeff Wight
696. jdubb
Whoa, count me in! These have been on my reading list for a while.
698. Adam F
Bring back Lash!
701. Cody Mulrenin
Dresden is Awesome i can't wait for Skin Games. But i really want more of Mouse.
James Prather
699. Getter404
First stab at the new status quo after the Changes trilogy, oh hell yes I am IN!
700. AXZ
So looking forward to Skin Game!!!
702. Kyle P
Well, looks like another poster I'll have to add to my wishlist from Chris McGrath, and watch for the release date of the next Dresden Files.

Wonder how much extra it would be to have him sign it...
703. buglovin
Reread entire series 4 months ago. Had release dates wrong. Can't wait...
704. Skittles
Just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean there isn't an invisible demon about to eat your face.
705. Joseph A
Can't wait for Skin Game. Maybe I should check out Bombshells while I wait.
706. Ian D
please please please give me this series as a reason to buy another bookshelf.....
707. Annieday
I could use a reason to reread.
William Fee
708. WTBFee
I keep meaning to get around to reading this series
709. Eric Guyer
Already have all the books in the series but figured it wouldn't hurt to enter the sweepstakes. If i manage to win i will have a set i can give as a gift.

Other then that i'm also in the looking forward to Skin Game group.
710. Nick Fontana
711. harmonyfb
Ooooooo, wouldn't that be a lovely holiday gift?
711. KatNeu
So excited. I've been having withrawls for so long, the twitching is barely noticable now.
711. Kyjo
Awesome! New reads are my poison!
712. Kyjo
Awesome! New reads are my poison!
713. Ricky Brent
Also already have the full set -- but another copy can't hurt as a gift.

That said, I'm kind of hoping someone who entered but hasn't yet read the series will win. :)
steve cook
714. scook
Somehow, I've missed the re-read here. That's something I'll have to fix while waiting for the new release.
715. JackReacher
Hoo boy, I fanboy way too much over these books...or perhaps not enough?
716. Nova S.
I love this series! Butcher is one of very few who writes books I want in actual book form. RL bookshelf space is reserved for only the best authors.
717. Draculdraconis
I hope we also see some Molly C. and Sarissa
718. MichaelO
A long-time friend just started reading the series. This would make a great gift.
719. Tegan
Eeeekkkk I can't wait!
720. Karl Poff
Where all the other series I read get old and stale Jim Butcher and the Dresden files keep on rocking....couldn't stand it if he ever stopped writing them, time to gear up and readem' again.
721. startana
Really looking forward to this book, I just hope it continues expanding the overarching story that spans across books.
722. WinterKnight
I can't wait for a release date so I can plan a reread of the series!
722. SteveK.
Super excited!
723. Greywind24
Hells yes! Who doesn't want more Dresden XD
724. justlila
The Dresden Files is all that and a pony. I've been busily getting people hooked on it so I'll have someone to talk to!
727. Meagan Howard
Can't wait for Skin Game! So impatient for the release date to come out.
726. justinofdoom
Doot door
728. RobinM
I've read them all and can't wait for the new one. I only own a few but getting them all would be great.
729. Chudrock
I've always wanted to read this full series!
730. Zac Roetemeyer
Nickleheads, we has them and we wants to get rid of them.
732. Rath
Oh I do hope I win this. My sister is always borrowing my dresden files novels so they're getting pretty dog eared by now.
731. NightAngel645
Winning this would make my year complete. Can't wait for Skin Game!
733. Dennis Appell
Just picked up Martin's "Dangerous Women" anthology - and of course am starting with Molly's POV "Bombshells". Great right from the starting gate. Can't wait for the forthcoming Dresden novel.
734. NateH
That is a fantastic looking cover
735. Bryan Kopaska
So excited for the next book!
Jeffrey Wong
736. mistersocks
If there isn't at least one Monty Python reference I'll be very disappointed.
737. TD260
I'd love a set of my own!
738. AcornArmy
"The greatest treasure hoard in the supernatural world..."

I wonder if Harry will snag anything else while he's there? And I wonder if the high-security vault in Chicago that's mentioned has anything to do with Marcone?
740. Taj buskey
Bombshells was great but i can't wait for Skin Game.
741. Caloud
Can't wait for the new book!
Jesse Smith
742. fmcaptain
I believe it's possible to go in to withdrawl from the Dresden Series, I saw one of my friends looking hagard when Cold Days came out. I think the same is starting to happen to me waiting on Skin Game.
743. Deb T
Shivering with antici.....pation.
Jon Fris
745. mehndeke
I'm only post number 745! I KANZ WINZ!
746. Mr. Diggs
Let's go Harry, let's go!

Chomping at the bit for this book. Can't wait!
747. Dipakify
Oh man!! I can't wait to listen to it on Audible! I hope James Marsters is still reading them.
Zach LaGreca
748. zlagreca
I just got into Dresden files about two weeks ago. I blew through the first book, ordered the second on Amazon, and I've been ordering the books every few days. Two weeks later I'm on book 6, and I can't wait to see where the story goes. It's been a blast.
749. Erlend
Dresden Files is honestly my favorite series of novels, I've probably read the whole series at least 4 or 5 times. Been looking forward to the new book since about 5 minutes after finishing Cold Days.
750. David Blieske
looking forward to the new book
751. tblacker
I'm eagerly anticipating the next novel! Having a new set would be fantastic, as I keep giving away books to my friends. :)
752. exodusmachine
I'm looking forward to the next book quite a bit. The Denarians are some of my favorite book villians.
753. Eugene Bragg
Many of my friends keep telling me to read them. This would be an awesome chance for me to start.
754. Sven the Mighty
I can't wait for Skin Games! This contest would be awesome to win; the current set of books can be used to get more friends hooked, whilst the private contest set will only be touched by me!
755. BeatniksBrat
Damn happy to hear the news. Can't wait to get my hands on this!
756. BBJinTO
Can't wait for this book to come out! Harry working WITH the Nickleheads should certainly create some interesting situations...
757. treedad
We Missourians are glad to share Jim and Harry with the world, but let's keep the set here!
758. Jordan Glaser
Yay, new book and sweepstakes.
760. Perry The Platypus
Going through the audio books with my wife (her first time through), cannot wait for Skin Game.
762. SwiftxJustice
Im just commenting to enter the contest!
763. Nick DeFelice
I've only got the first two books so far. I would love to win the entire set!
764. Jesse Curry
I love everthing Butcher! I love the progression of Harry through the books and the types of enemies that Butcher throws at Harry are always fantastic! Can't wait to add Skin Game to my collection!!
765. Coalprin
*cigarette falls to the ground* "We're gonna need a bigger gun." Awesome, can't wait!
766. Lonewalker
Been jonesing to get back into the Dresden universe. Cannot wait.
767. Maggie F.
Ever since I heard that the plot for Skin Game consisted of heist shenanigans, I've been practically slavering at the mouth for it. Getting a whole set of TDF to celebrate would be beyond amazing.
768. Rob Durdle
Dear Sweet Zombie Jesus, I can't wait!
770. J Urbanek
Pick me, pick me! (hand waving in air)
771. Bob P.
Long time fan first time commenter. Love Dresden
772. P Nelson
Wish we didn't have to wait so long. It's been a year; needs my Dresden fix!
774. AndyDeck
Oh my... can't wait!
775. LaTora Prince
Looking forward to Skin Game! Been going through withdrawals for months now O_O
776. Eschwartz
I need these books!!

Can't wait to read skin game.
Robert Chalford
777. Aeolus
A complete set would make a great gift for someone who isn't familiar with the series.
778. Willow
Trying very hard not to squee -- this just made my day!
779. BriannH
The cover looks awesome can't wait for it.
780. americanfreedom
looking forward to the next book not looking forward to the next year without a new butcher book
781. Thomas Shepler III
I want to win this! :)
Spencer Powell
782. nelalhurcran
I really enjoyed the Dresden Files, though I lost track of it after Turn Coat. I'd love a chance to catch back up before the next book comes out.
783. jbohn
Can't wait for the new book and winning the complete series would be awesome as I only own digital copies.
784. BrandonM
The new cover looks awesome!!
785. Telen Wishbane
I'm in love with this giveaway!
786. Eric Dehn
I propagate Tibetan Mastifs!! First litter here this Christmas, Thanks to Jim Butcher, I found my companion in fur.
Nicholas Bonnema
787. Nvb
This giveaway is unreal! Count me in!
789. EricJ
Really looking forward to this one. Seems like a great idea, and I'm eager to see how it all turns out.
788. B Lew!
This is absolutely my favorite fantasy series. It makes me so happy that the next one is coming so soon. I've been waiting so long!!!
791. roamin ronin
Wonder what the NickleHeads will do next?
792. Mykell Brown
Can't wait for this one to come out!
793. Memoryjones
Enter me in. I had to give away my books when I moved. I would love new copies.
794. Romanmir
Harry and the Nickleheads was the name of my new age goth metal band.
795. chernavog
biggest fan.
796. we3bus
I would love to read these!
797. OMGSOExcite
Ohhhh I'm so excitteeeeddddddd to read this boooookkkkk I can't contain my overusage of excessive letters!!!
799. Alan Burstein
Hello All. I am looking forward to Skin Game and maybe replacing my lost books from my last move. Anyway, the best reward will be getting Skin Game. The clock is ticking. Keep having fun.
801. mearn410
802. RobertK
fantastic, sign me up!
804. Caine
Agh, so excited! Everytime a new book comes out I hace to find a way to reread every single one so I don't miss anything... It's a sickness, I admit.
803. Salimonyous
Looks great, can't wait to get into it. A quick series reread would be a great way to build the excitement even more.
805. Nevawda
can't wait for the new one!
806. Travis Washburn
Can't wait for this book! Need to grab that anthology, too!
Cory Peach
807. sraen
Can not wait! Bombshells was good stuff
808. Zach Huselid
I have a chronic addiction to this book series. I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED.
810. AmeliaLyn
Can't wait till this one comes out!
811. Spencer K.
This would be awesome. I only have read the first book.
812. iceph03nix
Just started this series earlier this year reading through a friends collection. This is the first in the series I've had to wait on and it's driving me nuts.
larry shirk
813. lorenzo
That would just be completely...nice. Really, really...nice.
814. Jeanne Thelwell
I am a *hardcore* Harry Dresden fan!
815. R. Hann
I've been wanting to read Skin Game since the moment I finished Cold Days. I am so looking forward to it!
816. Darryl Mott Jr.
I've been looking forward to this one since I got the chance to interview him this past summer. Well, technically, I've been looking forward to Skin Game since about three seconds after finishing Cold Days...
817. TheJeff
Best series ever! Jim is my favorite living author. So excited for Skin Game.
818. CoGJerm
finally a cover!!! can't wait until this book is out to get my hands on it!!!!!!
819. B K Harmon
Can't wait for the new book to come out !
820. Seth Berry
Love this series and can't wait for the next one!
821. Christian Wilson
Since the danerians are back, maybe we'll get to see lash again. Yeeeaaahhhh!!!!
822. Franky Figggs
I have always wanted to read this series, but have never got around to it. Maybe this is my destiny.
823. JAime M
The Dresden fils by far is my favorite book series I have ever read. I thought the last book was excellent and I can't wait for skin games.
david sarley
824. Bairn
Relatively new to Butchers' stuff and I'm loving Dresden. Looking forward to Skin Game.
Jeremy Washington
826. UmbraPanthera
See this is why evil will always triumph over good. Good never checks to make certain the human/fallen angel you strangled and then dropped into a freezing lake is dead before running from other very angry human/fallen angels.
827. Jasmine Elliott
This my boyfriend and my favorite series. I cannot wait for Skin Game to come out so that we can read it together. We are looking forward to it, what with him overseas for work, and many months of us still separated because of it.

Also Jim Butcher is a pleasure to talk with, and some friends and I had the fortune to meet him a few years back.
828. Alex Kagan
My one and only bone to pick with the cover art is that Harry doesn't wear a hat or carry a revolver. You would think Mcgrath would stop putting those things in.
829. Traecer
This would be amazing to win. Having a complete set would be a god send mine are all worn out from re-reading over and over.
832. Patrick O'Dell
I love the books in this series that I have had the opportunity to read. I hope I win.
833. Conn
This would be a great way to re-read some of the earlier books and get a refresher on the Nico storyline.
834. Joshua T Kittleson
i can hardly contain my excitement!
-Everything I know, I learned from Bob
835. Bethany Jolliffe
I am overdue to re-read the series, and really looking forward to Harry's next adventure!
836. David Forcey
Ah! I would love to win this...
837. WE
This is a comment. You can tell because it has the word `comment' in it twice.
838. Evader
All hail Dresden!
William Espenschied
839. edcba54321
I think Harry should be wearing no fewer than five hats on the cover.
840. J.W.R.
Please release the new book soon!
841. Crystal Hill
Ooh, lovely.
842. Roy Sugioka
Count me in!
Kevin Williams
843. Audio
Been wanting to read these books ever since I saw the show on SciFi years ago.
844. stitchingdragon
I can't wait till this comes out. The cover looks great. When's the release date?
Richard Caywood
845. rcaywood
Just what I need to fill the empty space on my shelf.
846. bill norris
wow this is a popular contest....i loved the tv show and the comics, but havent read the books yet, this would be AWESOME to win
847. JohnS
I'd love me a complete set. Hopefully they are hard covers.
Dan Lindeman
849. Dankichi
I am looking forward to reading Skin Game and reading it again and agian and again.
848. Hallie Murray
I hope Lasciel or Lash makes an appearance!
851. G. Clifford Williams
It would be nice if they were signed hard covers but I shant be picky.
852. Wesley Dodge
It'll be fun to read our modern Noir-Wizard take on the ol' Nickleheads and their boss again. Even if he has to do it in a different way.
Steven Cole
854. scole66
wow. 850 comments already. This one is quite popular!
853. Frank E. Wright
Couldn't be more excited for the new book.
855. Karen Glass
Time to start rereading the series so I am ready for Skin Game!
856. nimrodd
Looking forward to the new book. If I win these, I am sure I can find a great home for them.
Audrey Morrison
857. audreyam
Toss my name in the hat. I want to win.
858. N.
Great cover! I love the Chris McGrath covers (even the non-existent hat). Now we just need the release date...
859. Cari
Can not wait. Too excited!!!
860. Kai Charled
Amazing giveaway! Would love this!
861. jessthehumangirl
I'm channeling my inner-Molly today. Can't wait to find out what shenanigans Harry gets up to next!
862. Strangething
I can't wait!
863. Karlis
I'd love this!
865. Gringo
I love that this close up of Harry kinda looks like Marsters more so than any of the others to me. I see what you may or may not have done there! ;) Can't wait for it to come out!
864. Elizabeth Bevins
I'd love to read the series. It's a new one for me. Thank you so much for the give away.
867. Tedero
I can't wait to see how Harry is going to take it on the chin again this time!
Dirk Walls
868. dirk
woo, 867 868, my lucky number!
869. Steven Tooze
Would be an awesome addition to the bookshelf. Crossing my fingers!
William Gardner
870. myangelsman09
Another one of those iconic series i've told myself a thousand times i delve into, but where to begin, where to find the time? Give me the excuse and i'll dive in gladly.
871. Fatlazyunicorn
Can't wait for this! Look at that sweet sweet cover art
872. Denise lawson
I love the Harry. I read at least one book a day. I could read one of these every day and not get tired if them. I really enjoyed the codex books, but The Dresden Files really makes you fall in love with the cast. There are normal in an abnormal world
873. Mick F
I have listened and re listened to all the audio books going to and from my work. I drive over a hour each way. Dangerous Women is #1 on my X-mas wishlist. I have also been taking notes on possable future plots, and am waiting on baited breath for answers and more Dresden. Go Jim Butcher!! I haven't been this excited since I descovered Heinlein 30+ years ago.
874. Bel Samples
Jim Butcher and the Dresden Files are awesome!! I got my son to start reading the series & he isn't really a reader. Can't wait for Skin Game!!! BTW cover is awesome!
876. Anita Klaboe
I really enjoy the Dresden Files books and I am looking forward to the next one.
877. Paul Baumeister
Look forward to these releases... They just don't come fast enough for me...
878. cdurso
Can't wait for this
879. Joleen
I have sorely missed his attitude. Molly showed some in his short story in Dangerous Women. Gotta get more!
880. Nancy W
Harry Dresden is my HERO! I don't know how much longer I can wait.
881. AdamD
Can't wait for this book!
882. Hops
Seriously cannot wait. I devored the series in less than 2 months in the fall.
883. Christopher M. Olson
I really enjor the Dresden files, to the point that I actually cosplay as Harry Dresden (from the covers, I have a hat!)...

884. Jdubbs
I could definetly use a uniform set of books, I didn't catch on to Dresden until book 8, i have a managerie of now beat up paperback books and hardbacks missing their covers. Can't wait for skin game, hopefully it will be showing up early next year.
885. DMacD
Nicodemus after the holy grail? I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!
886. Amy B
Oh, wow. Yes. I have too many of these on kindle, and need to be able to lend them out to friends.
887. archaicwonder
Looking forward to this one. Can't wait to see Nicodemus "win" one ;)
888. Eric Lance
I can't wait to read the newest book! The Dresden Files series has been my favorite ever since I picked up Storm Front on a whim some years back, and I'm sure that this newest novel will not disappoint!
889. MaryBeth Catanzaro
Can't wait for Skin Games.
891. Kat Mattola
I love this series.
I'm really excited for Skin Game, it looks great.
I'm asking my hubby for the graphic novels for the holidays to get my Dresden fix.
893. Abx0r
One of my favorite book series. It is agonizing waiting for the next one, hurry up already!
895. Nathan Goble
I can't wait for Skin Game to be released!!!
896. Soysaucebeast
I seriously can not wait for Skin Game. Once Jim announces a release date, I may have to take the day off.
David Weidendorf
897. Oberndorf
I thought the Nickelheads had been awfully quiet lately. Now the questions is what happens when the Winter Knight gets his paws on a Silver Denarius?
898. Charliedresden
awesome I can hardly wait!
899. Moonlup
So excited for Skin Games! That story blurb; poor Harry!
901. SonjaL
It's been such a long wait!
902. Mitch Williams
Ready for a new Dresden book..... NOW!
903. Veren
So very excited for this book! I remember the first time I read a book from the Dresden files, twas at college, in that slow Dr. Who period that comes each year and my nerdery meter was at an all time low. Then a friend introduced me to this (Thank you Josh!) and I was immediately hooked. It has been a happy three years since then :D
905. Noe More
My email address for 14 books, less damning than taking up a nickle.
Michael Fortman
906. Tweedledee
This sounds great, I love the Dresden books with the Denarians!
907. Nate761
Can't wait. Listening to Dresden audio books on the christmas drive home and getting pumped up!
908. Sherry H.
I'd love to win, but more than that I love Dresden! So excited for the new book!
909. Derek Sharer
Oh man, always an event when the next Dresden is released. Yes please!!
910. Mian
I have loved all of Jim Butchers books and can't wait for this one to come out! The only bad thing is once it comes out the series will be one book closer to being done :(
911. Bronzedragon
I've been excited for Skin Game ever since I first heard the idea of a Denarian heist novel described - I mean, who wouldn't want to read Ocean's Eleven, featuring Harry Dresden and the Legions of Hell? (...hey, I think as bad cover band names go, Harry Dresden and the Legions of Hell beats Billy and the Werewolves.)
912. Sommerjam
I can't wait to read this.
913. CharlesK.
So excited about this book!!! Got to meet Jim this year and while awesome I couldn't help thinking how every minute he talks and signs books is one he's not writing Skin Games, but still worth it to get my books signed.
914. Tandrea B.
This book is going to be great. Can't wait to get it and start to read..^_^
915. James Gaines
We're pushing 100 comments per hour. I'm interested to see where this is at when they close the contest at Midnight on the 20th.
917. KrisT
Awesome! The waiting just makes the reading all that more sweet!
919. Linda S
Can't wait for the new book! The cover art looks amazing.
920. Bert Van Vliet
Very cool! :D Can't wait!!
921. Eric Lecours
For the 'zah lord!!!
922. Monica Mileti
I am working my way through the series for the first time right now. I can't wait to get all caught up!
Ryan McGinn
923. irish98rm
After reading the story in the Dangerous Women Anthology, I thought I should check out this series. This would be a good way to do it.
924. JoeyL
My Friend got into Harry Dresden and after a year of reading all the books, can't wait for Skin Games...
925. L.P. Paquet
Always wanted to read this serie!
927. MisterNever
This is gonna be good!
928. Bonnie P.
Can't wait for Skin Game!
929. Natasha Lee
This would be an amazing Christmas gift... Jim Butcher can do no wrong! I've been eagerly awaiting Skin Game. :)
931. nerf
I can not wait until the new book comes out!
930. tialessa
I adore Harry Dresden! I try to convert as many people as possible to read the Dresden File books. Jim Butcher is one of the few authors I purchase in hardcover.
932. The Wounded King
I recently moved and my Dresden files books were damaged in the move. I am now in possession of Files missing pages. I hope I can replace them with these!
933. Riley of the Dragons
I have all of them, but I know plenty of people I'd love to gift them to!
934. Tellina
What better way to get family and friends hooked on Dresden than giving them the entire series? I would be loved and hated simultaneously. I can take it.
935. justin theriault
please let me win my ex girlfriend stole all 14 of my beautiful hardcover books and I can't afford to rebut them. I've read them all at least 5 times and would love to again before skin game is released. By the way the cover looks amazing and Jim Thank you for all the amazing stories I'd love a signed copy of skin game pre release for Christmas ; -)
937. RyanG
Can't wait for Skin Game. Excellent series!
938. ncarter
Polka will never die!
Shawn King
939. stk_kreations
Yes! This is awesome! Would love to win a whole set!
940. JonB
SOOO excited! Can't wait to see all the trouble Harry gets himself into (and out of)!
941. Angela L.
Things I want to find out from "Skin Game": 1. What is Harry going to do to fulfill his promise of a new vessell for Bob? 2. When is Harry going to tell Thomas who their grandfather is?
942. Michael Shawen
On my 3rd read through of the books now in anticipation for this one! Thank you Mr. Butcher on creating such an amazing setting and an incredibly flawed but realistic character. Your books have always been the first thing I recommend to any friend trying to find a good read.
943. Dogzard
Always a good read.
944. Julian Hale
I'm a big fan. I only discovered the series about a year ago, and read the first 12 books in one sitting. I have them all on my Kindle, so I definitely wouldn't mind having the complete set as real books :)
945. Linton23
I cant wait for the new book and I love the audio books as well.
946. DravenDresden
:D :D :D :D
/snoopy happy dance
Christine Francis
947. Christy414
Rereading the series now, not for the first time. I can't wait for the new book. Having them out of the kindle and on the shelf would be awesome :)
Becky Panovich
948. GlassSpiider
Ohhh, what a great gift this set would make! I am shamelessly fangirling over here...
949. Sue BG
Love the series. Can't wait for the new book.
951. FionasFancies
Can't wait to see Harry take on Nicodemus again. Should be great! Jim's panels at DragonCon this year were great, but he was pretty tight-lipped about what's coming in this one. Now if we can only find out the actual release date!!!
950. Scotty Butler
I am currently re-reading all of the books, and am having trouble finding them in order...I obviously need the whole set. I will pre-order the e-version of the newest whenever the pub date is set.
952. sewwhatsports
This is gonna be another blockbuster.
953. Maynard S Johnson
Dresden is by far my most favorite read...I cannot wait for SKIN GAME!
954. Analiese
I neeeeeeed this. Super excited!
955. Ben E
The book set would look fantastic on my shelf. I'm so excited for the new book; I only started reading just before the last one came out.
Lonnie Rivenbark
956. fuddster
I've heard about this Dresden dude. Would like to read more about him...
957. Peter S
Only halfway through series -- need to catch up!
958. BigCK
You are the standard I aim for when I write!
959. Dalongshot
I can't wait for the new book to drop! The books just keep getting better as the series goes on.
960. corridorgeist
Looks like it's time for a series reread...
Julio Garcia
961. dstorm2000
Already own all the books on my would be wonderful to have them in my bookcase too!!
962. Harry_is_Awesome
Oh, I love this series it is my favorite. Though, I wish Jim would write faster. I actually started a re-read of the series. Missing a few books, so if I don't win I will buy more. It is great to see so many psyched fans.
963. Story Cottage
I have been meaning to read these.
Freddie Chen
964. feezec
Just got done reading Bombshellls and re-reading Cold Days. So stoked!
Chris Black
965. ThatChris
I'm currently on book six of the series and enjoying it so far. The going has been a bit slow since I seem to be one book behind someone else at the library and I always have to wait for them to finish the book. :-)
966. ToasterStrudel15
I can't wait for Skin Game to come out! The Dresden Files is easily my favorite book series!
968. Nuthatch
I have been waiting VERY impatiently for Skin Game to have a release date! It cannot come soon enough!
967. Gregormcmac
Can't wait for it to be released!
969. Ryan Gallegos
Can't wait for this book!
Corey Klinzing
970. dante_alicheery
Oh, I love the cover, and I can't wait to see what tortures Butcher has in store for Harry this time...
971. Bryan Eastman
Can't wait for the next book to come out! Huge Harry Dresden fan!!!
972. Josh LaRocque
Awesome series! Can't wait for the new book!
973. madclown07
This is one of my favorite series it's so fun lively and entertaining without being badly written!
974. William Boivin
It has been a pleasure watching Mr. Butcher's writing style mature during the Dresden series. I am looking forward to continuing to read his books.
Jane Mitchell
975. tarod45
I just recently read the books up through Summer Knight, then skipped everything else grabbed Cold Days. I'd love the chance to go back and actually read the other nine books...
976. J-man
Its Harry Dresden meets Swordfish and Ocean's Eleven. Fantastic
977. Derek von Evil
No love potions, endless purses, parties, or other entertainment.
979. Elliott Foster
I need this book like Harry needs some booty.
980. Aruvam
Count me in...
981. contraducktory
I can't wait to see the abuse Jim puts Harry through!
982. Liz S
Absolutely love this series! Thanks for the giveaway.
983. C Brookshear
Definitely time for a re-read! This looks to bring back another thread and tie several together should be interesting to see how Jim does it.
985. JohnDiPIetro
Oh, that is a sweet cover. Can't wait!
989. Zion
This is awesome!
991. Nenmacil
awesomsauce!!! :D
992. John Sebastian
I can't wait for Skin Game.
993. Meep Meep
Sweet! Hope it's as action packed as the last few!
994. Wandering Wonderer
It takes too long between books! Doing my 2nd reread for this year. Need more books, please.
996. Timusjo
Cover kinda reminds me of Roland from another series...only much more awesome!!
997. Technobuilder
Finally! The next chapter in 'The Dresden Files' Saga draws near!

This cover art for Skin Game once again looks amazing...(despite the hat Harry DOESN'T actually wear in the actual narrative).

Post the release date soon!
998. Bigdog79
Awesome. May just be a preview, but love when the covers are released.
999. al c
best author ever. the files what a grand epic tale.
1000. Nick Gibson
If only it included an ARC of Skin Game!
1001. Tekomandor
Dat hat tho
1002. Brandon Nichols
STOOOOOOKED! Can't wait for release and for a hopefull book tour!
1003. Jo Stomel
I'm down. Pick me!
1004. Amanda Gibson
I'm very excited for the next book!
1005. Mathius
I love these books and my wife and I cannot wait for this one to come out.
1006. Michael McIntyre
Can't wait, this is gonna be AWESOME!!!
1007. RobertMcKinney
1008. Jtribek
Oh this one is going to be amazing.
Joy Cohn
1009. jcohn
Could anything be better than Harry Dresden?

Of COURSE not!
1010. Melayl
I ammore excited about this book than is probably healthy...
1011. DrewLyn
This is going to be the best Dresden Files yet.
1012. DrahcirAloer
Can't wait. Also I hope I win the contest. I already own the books, but I'm sure a friend of mine would love them.
1013. Ron Bausum
Going to read the whole series, again, in anticipation of Skin Game, while camped out on the Amazon site.
1014. K8Cooke
Wow, "Dirty" Harry never looked so good. How intriguing!
1015. j80
Awesome! The Dresden Files is an amazing series.
1016. Scott Wallrich
I need to win this because I can't remember who Nicodemus is.
1019. Dustin perry
Posting to enter and sqee! Definitely need to replace the series in my classroom. Too many students reading them!
1019. JacquesB
My wife and I both want to read the serise, but were just waiting for the right time. Can't think of a better one!
1017. Kendall Buller
Can't wait for the new book!
1020. tinytennessy
Can't wait for this to come out, let's hope it's 2013... or at least January 2014.
1021. phoenixjustice
This would be AMAZING to win. I've been a fan since 2007 and I cannot wait for Skin Game!
1022. overyonderthere
I'm rereading all of the books over Christmas break. I'm really looking forward to finding out what happens to the Winter Knight and the new Winter Lady!
1023. Shawna
Looking forward to this release!
Ed Ades
1024. Infer
I basically buy anything Butcher writes. Popcorn books for the win!
Reynier Otero
1025. reynierotero
Been waiting for this for a while!! The story in Dangerous Women has me tided over for now, but I need book 15!!
1026. drey72
OMG! Pick me, pick me!! :)

1027. Odeem
I would love to win this. I've yet to replace my books - several were severely damaged when I loaned them to a friend.
1028. KJ Amerson
I could really use this because I lost access to the electronic copies I bought.
1029. Luke Benson
As my copies are dog eared, tattered, and otherwise beat up from many, many re-reads, I will take this gladly!
1031. Baylan
I am really excited (and slightly horrified) by this book! Can't wait to read it!!!
1032. Karen J
I cannot wait to get back with Harry, even if trouble is one of his middle names. I just got my sister interested i the series and this would be great for her, so I can keep mine intact. :)
1033. Gail H.
I would love to win this, mostly cuz my first 6 books went to my friend, and she is to far away to retrieve them! But the next 7 are hardback and signed so couldn't give those up!
1034. Rob D
I have all the books as audiobooks, but the set would be really great for lending to people. :)
1036. Reidar P
Absolutley love these books, I read tons of books, but have never reread any until now. Storm Front was the first book I ever re-read, and it was just as good the second time around, just amazing.
1037. IMusaji
The cover looks great, and I can't wait to get my hands on the new book! Or all fourteen of the old books...
1038. Mefran
It feels like I've been waiting years for the next book. I cant wait to sit down and read it. On second thought, I'llprobably start reading before I sit down, cut out the middle man.
Jeff Gardner
1039. jgardner5232
Any Dresden book with Nicodemus is going to be amazing. Throwing in the lord of the underworld and expanding the mythology of the gods in this universe cranks this up to 11.
1040. Jeff Wetherington
My daughter turned me on to Butcher's Dresden books a couple of years ago and I've read them all since. Looking forward to Skin Game.
1041. Ryan William Kelly
Can't wait for Skin Game, but a full set of the series would be nice.
Eric Craddock
1042. ebonecircus
Wow that's a lot of comments...don't think I've ever seen this many.

O, Contest, why dost thou hate me?
1043. Payphone Jones
The only thing better than a new Dresden Files book would be two?
1044. K Pollard
Please pick me!
1045. Pyrdwein
Pumped for the new book!
1046. Robert Sterner
I'd love a copy of then all so I could share then with more people.
1047. RunePaladin
A book with the Denarians is always amazing!
1048. J Montgomery
Sign me up!
Christopher Peterson
1049. Pontifex
I've loved the Dresden Files for years. So excited about this.
1050. TDK
Harry, Mab, Nicodemus…Everything I need to enjoy 2014. :-)
1051. Ryan Musick
Just finished Changes and cant wait to burn through the other two and be ready for Skin Game when it comes out! Not looking forward to the wait for #16 however!
Michel Allain
1053. kotiare
Very Excited about this book. I would love to have all of the series in one format (Hardcover/paperback. Preferrebly hardcover) as it would look wonderful on my bookshelf.
1054. Bstoic
I cant wait for this book to come out!
1055. Scubafan
Great tease about Molly!
I just reserved Dangerous Women from the library! Now I just have to SOMEHOW wait for Skin Game...

That will NOT be fun, but getting my hands on Skin Game will be!
Warren Berry
1056. M13th
Here is to Nick and the Nickleheads, somehow the only thing in the Universe worse than Nickelback.
1057. MMJ
I read all of them back to back, can't wait for the new book!
Christine LaRue
1058. LadyAnubis
Sorry, I cannot top M13th's comment, so all I'll say is "yes, please" ... thanks for the opportunity!
1059. Jeremiah McCarthy
1061. April Marie
My bookshelf has a mighty need for this series
1062. XC
This is my favorite series of books by far
1063. PDonovan
Probably the coolest cover thus far, and damn....they need to hurry up and release it.
Chelsea Rash
1064. Crashwriter
Lot of Dresden Files fans! I'd wish everyone luck, but of course I'd like to win. ;)
1065. Roel Cisneros
I am so psyched for this book, I WANT TO READ IT NOW!!!!
1066. Kathy Blank
I so can't wait!! I have been relistening to the books over and over waiting until the next book comes out!!
1067. Klowd19
Fantastic new cover!
1068. Luke Dupps
I've been waiting for this book since about five minutes after I finished "Cold Days."
1069. HotRod2180
I am stoked for a new Dresden book. One of the few non-comic authors I enjoy reading.
1070. Nick Mozak
Awesome! I have been looking to read this series!
1071. Joe Spiwak
Just went through the books again and am super psycehed for the new one. I cannot wait.
Tom O'Shea
1072. toshea
Counting the days... but since we have no end date I'm counting in the wrong direction. Sigh.
1073. JJBBSS
I've only read the e-books. Would really like to have hard copies.
1074. Laurraine
If I win, this will be an easy way for me to become acquainted with this series.
1075. Shiniba
Can't wait to see if the next Knight of the Cross shows up, and who he/she is!
1076. Richard Scott Jones
My copies of the series are falling apart! I need these to replace them. Lets go Team dresden!
1077. Bdr1968
Looking forward to it!
Joe Rodriguez
1079. Jenari
So very excited! I've been waiting on edge since the last one!
1078. Stephanie Warner
I have to know what happened after the end of Cold Days. A release date for Christmas!
1080. Music_Tchr
Extremely excited for this book!
1081. BillyBob
Woohoo! 2014, and I was worried it might be 2015.
1082. Bre
There are no words for how excited I am for this book. I need it in my life.
1083. Rodrigo Contreras
I am so looking forward to this book!
Steve McIntire
1084. maqito
Can't wait for Skin Game! The Nickelheads always bring out the beast in Harry! Don't keep us waiting any more!
1085. MazNJ
And now the waiting game begins... in earnest.
1086. Jackson Ochs
I haven't wanted a book this bad since I finished Changes! I need to do a straight readthrough to be set for Skin Game. Heisting the Holy Grail!
1087. grumble
I need my next Dresden fix!!! lol, I'll survive, but the teasers are getting worse...
Beth Mitcham
1088. bethmitcham
This would be the perfect gimme-gift for my son (the gift you give that benefits yourself).
1089. Renaissance Gamer
I'll be picking up the new book for sure, but winning this would be a great gift.
Ryan Henrie
1090. Coldmist
What a perfect Christmas gift! I'll take it!
Daniel Wolf Roemele
1091. Daniel.Wolf.Roemele
I have most of them only on my kindle. Would love to have hardcopies!!
1092. William J. Hawke
I've only read the first of this series, so the chance at being able to read the entierty of it would be excellent.
1093. Mike Dwyer
I have got to have this collection. I'm graduating soon and these would go great on my bookshelf in my new house.
James Holt
1094. torch63
This is my favorite series ever. I can hardly wait!
1096. Grumpy Smurf
I would love to win, BUT Really a better gift I want Skin Games before the New Year Please. Lmao
1097. AuttieB
I want this new book so bad I may pee a little.
1099. MDLatqp
I'm just here for the contest....oh who am I kidding: I LOVE HARRY BLACKSTONE COPPERFIELD DRESDEN!!

There, I said it.
Penny Rothkopf
1100. delenntoo
Love, love, LUV me my Harry Dresden! Please, please let me win these books!
1101. NickM
1102. Asymptote
I've loved these books since I found them when I was 14. That was 10 years ago, and I feel like I've grown up with Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, heres hoping that I'll finally round out my collection.
M Linden
1103. mlinden
I heard somewhere that in this next book, Harry makes snarky comments, and gets the crap kicked out of him. I must have the new book to see if these predictions are true!
1104. DeskOwl
I can’t wait. The Nickelheads are my favorite Dresden verse villains (one of my fave groups of villains of all time actually) and it is always fun when Harry is forced into a truce with the badguys.
1105. Jared Johnson
One of the few authors who can write from the point of view that feels like you have settled your spirit inside Dresden (or whoever he's riding along wi h), and are along for the ride experiencing it as if there is no border between you and the pages.
Jordan Dennis
1106. jddennis
Awwright, Harry's gotta help Nicodemus. This is going to be a fun one.
1107. L.R. Odell
Wonderful idea for a contest--and a very nice hat on that cover! I was just about to reread the first couple books again before New Year's Day!^^
1108. A Slade
Can't wait for Skin Game. Harry's going to take on the Nickelheads? Should be epic!
1109. Taellosse
Very much looking forward to Skin Game! It's been too long already since my last foray into Dresden's head! Also gotta remember to pick up Dangerous Women!
1110. Robert.K
I am super stocked!
Richard Schatz
1111. schatzfam
I am unemployed. I can read all 14 books.
1112. Taellosse
Very much looking forward to Skin Game! It's been too long already since my last foray into Dresden's head! Also gotta remember to pick up Dangerous Women!
1113. Justin Swanger
So glad the release is nearing! Would love a full set. Ill admit some would be duplicates, but more to share the love.

Thanks much Jim Butcher
1114. PoofyPoe
You have no idea how many people I have converted to this series simply from the description of, "Imagine a wizard riding a reanimated T-rex into battle with the undead." :D
Sherrye Nichols
1116. san301
Love the cover for Skin Game! Each one is better than the last. I fell in love with Harry a long time ago... would love to have this new book.
1118. Six
Okay, I WANT this.
Sign me up.
1119. Mythirn
I can't wait for the next book to come out.
1121. JHalcyon
I've been wanting to get caught up on Dresden, and this would certainly help quite a lot!
1122. Glenn Gledhill
Love it! Lose the hat! He never wears a hat but I guess that's kinda the joke now, eh?... Oh well. Love Dresden. Can't wait for Skin Game.
1123. pitch007
I probably reread all of these at least once every two years. Great stuff.
1124. Ruth Pritchett
Happy dance!
Chris Meadows
1125. Robotech_Master
I enjoyed the Dresden books I've read so far. The only thing is I'm not so sure I want to go back and read them all over again to read the latest ones. :P
1126. inn0cent_bystander
And that weird sound everyone heard earlier would be my impersonation of a giddy little schoolgirl....
Jose Marquez
1127. jose
After hearing Jim Butcher talk about the book (sans spoilers) at DragonCon, I can't wait to check out Skin Game!
1128. Swhite
Love the books
1129. Chris Y.
I knew it'd be about the parasite and not the Skinwalker.
1130. Jacob San Antonio
The wait for Skin Game will be agonizing, but that collection sounds amazing. Color me interested.
Ben McSweeney
1131. Inkthinker
Commented and entered! All my copies are dog-eared and beat up anyhow. :)
1132. Abigail Martinez
Awesome, now it's time to play the waiting game.
1133. WolfDaughter
Oh boy, I NEED to win this! I read most of these by borrowing a friend's copies, or on audiobook. Having my own print copies would be fantastic!
1134. Blaze
So looking forward to Skin Game, and of course Cinder Spires. Enter me in the contest, please?
1135. Otakugirl
I've been on pins and needles for months in anticipation!!! I'm dieing to read Jim's new book Skin Games.

The cover art is fantastic again!
1136. Aidan Blackstone
That cover art just screams "Hellfire is back", and given the fact that Nicodemus is in this one, it should be very interesting. After what happened in Small Favor, ol' Nicky is probably going to be a little more respectful of the Mad Wizard of Chicago.

Also, I'd love that set. I own a hardcover copy of Cold Days, but I've had to rely on friends and my local library for the rest of the series. Having copies of the books that I can actually keep would be great!
1137. Adam Farber
This book is going to be a crazy ride, I can wait.
1138. IndigoHaze
I think the only way this could be better is if they gave away the Hardcover set of books...

Now to get the release date nailed down and plan a 'sick day' to cover it.... *cough, cough*
1139. Terri Flood
i would love this
Barbara Lima
1140. barblima
Merry Christmas!
This would be so cool!
Thomas Marshall
1141. marshat5
Finally, my inner hardcover snob would be appeased!
1143. GeorgiaJoa
Jonekir, six is a low estimate. We also own the audiobooks.
1144. Pam Tremblay
Love this cover! Can't wait!
Deanne Fountaine
1145. deakat
All 14? "What did you do on your summer vacation?"
1146. Carl Eyler
Can't wait, I want to know how Molly is making out in her new role too.
1147. Lesley D
I'm so excited for Skin Game!!
1148. Jess S.
kevin syers
1149. kevsyers
*I'll just scroll down to the bottom and enter this contest.....HOLY MONKEYS 1148 PEOPLE ABOVE ME! *

Fingers crossed!
1150. Bev C
Great cover...but wish they would stop putting a hat on Harry.
1151. karmic9
Yes! Nicodemus was one of my favorite villains from this series!
1152. Nick Grover
Poor Harry, i can't wait to see what ridiculous danger he gets dropped into in this book!
1153. Joshua S.
Skin Game should be awesome. Maybe Dresden will finally get those other swords their proper wielders.
Matt Hendrickson
1154. Hendy853
I love the Dresden Files SO MUCH. I can't freaking wait for Skin Game!
1155. Dawn N
I haven't had a good Yule present in years...Please give me the date for Skin Games and I'll be happy with not getting the list of naughty boys...
1156. Wendy L.
I've read most of the series (after first seeing the show) through an online library. I would love to have the collection at my fingertips so I'd be able to visit with some of my favorite charecters anytime I wished. Waiting for copies of "Changes" and "Ghost Story" to become available just about killed me. I am anxiously waiting for "Skin Game".
1157. SCOTT289
Love all the books can not wait to read Skin Game. Tell us the release date soon! Please.
1158. Khan
Love this series, always had to wait to borrow the book from the library and friends. Having my own set would be great. I just hope is a Hard Cover set, and not a bunch of ebooks
1159. Dave Heffington
Again with the hat ;) I cant wait for the next book!
1160. Phaedrus
I have spent many happy hours in the company of Mr. Dresden, and look forward to several more with the new release.
1162. Kindlly Old Doctor Bill
Geez. Were I to win the entire set, I'd have to install a new bookcase. No choice. Find a place to put it, shift a bunch of furniture around.

I can live with that.
James Briggs
1163. traveler
I just finished reading Dangerous Women and wanted to let you know that I can't wait to see what you do next. I've been through all of Jim Butchers books a number of times. WOW the next book can't come out soon enough for me.
1164. Billie Watson
OMG I can't wait. Sounds like a fascinating premise.
1165. ChrisQ2000
Oh, Harry! I have missed you so much!
1167. Deborah Blake
Great cover! Of course, the hat...but still, more Harry! Yay!
1166. Susan Erickson
I would definitely love to win this sweepstakes. I have kept checking back to see when the next volume would be done and issued. I am in the same boat as others, bought the hard covers and then paperbacks and then lent them out and not gotten them back and I am due for a reread.
1168. Bryan0979
Love the series and am waitng none to patiently for skin game!
1169. Susan Shaw
I have been planning on rereading them from the beginning - this is a good incentive to start.
1170. Marci
Would be thrilled to have the whole series!
1171. Jerry S.
Can't wait for the new book! It's gonna b egreat.
1173. Charles Chopping
Can't wait!
1174. Justin Coluzzi
1175. Metroid1
This Book cannot come out quick enough.
1176. MatD
The thing I'm most looking forward to in Skin Game? I cannot wait to see how the Carpenters react to Molly's new station.
1177. Stephanie M
Well, obv. Butcher has a few fans. We are ALL excited!!! I miss ready about Harry!!
1178. Cierdwyn2
Very cool! I was getting worried it would never come out.;)
1179. BillF
This series keeps getting better. Can't wait for Skin Game!!!
1180. Henry W
Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!
1181. Jedd
Very stoked for this book. I can't wait 'til it comes to Audible!
1182. Dan Abrams
AHHHHH! This is so exciting!
1183. Barbara Shook
Awesome cover!!! Been wanting this series for a while!
1185. JosephF
Looking forward to the next one.
1187. Kristene
I ahve just recently learned of the series and love them , I have the last book and have read 2 that are at our local library. I also bought the only season of the tv show. Love it all. My son is hooked too.
1186. Michelle L.
Can't wait for it!!
1188. jtcain
this should be a blast, cant wait.
Aaron Tranes
1189. Itchy
1186 posts?! This is the most popular sweepstakes I've seen yet. My chances on this one are pretty low, but worth trying!
Aaron Tranes
1190. Itchy
1186 posts?! This is the most popular sweepstakes I've seen yet. My chances on this one are pretty low, but worth trying!
1191. SciFiChick
Mommy likes
1192. Sayar
I'd love to have a full set of Dresden Files books. Looking forward to Skin Game.
1193. Masquerader888
Looking sharp.
1194. GrimJack
Count me in. Harry Dresden is my favorite series!
1195. Rob42
Looking forward to the new Harry story! The series keeps getting better!
1196. angeline831
I'm in. Can't wait to find out when we're getting Skin Game!
1197. JasonCorner
Love the Harry Dresden. My friend has a Worgen Mage in Warcraft that he named Hairydresden!
1198. Iron Maiden James
Wow.. Have never seen such a huge amount of entries.. oh well.. here's my hat thrown in as well..
1198. Susan Gardner
I like the cover - makes me want to read it to see exactly what is causing him to be off balance (if it's not just the recoil). I would love to win the set - would actually be able to read them all one behind the other instead of spaced out.
1199. Stephicat
*squee* *fan-girl joyful noises* I love Harry! and Bob! and Molly! and Thomas! and Karen!
1201. Ladie_lada
Sweet! Can't wait
1202. JKamm
I've been listening to the Dresden Files audiobooks, narrated by James Marsters. He does a fabulous job! Would love to get the latest book to read!
1203. Pappagiorgio
Would love to win this. Would be nice to have a few actual books instead of just digital.
1204. LRaksin
This will move to the top of my to-read list as soon as it comes out.
1205. Pappagiorgio
Would love to win this. Would be nice to have a few actual books instead of just digital.
1206. jccohen
Looking forward to it! I already own all the books, so if I win this, I'll donate it to the library.

That I work for.

As the director.
1207. Sue Voris
I really like Chris McGrath covers. They tie the series together so well. I also like how Harry's face is rarely shown close to full on, giving the reader hints to help their visualization. I think the the cover of "Skin Game" is the most revealing so far.
Nathan Saunders
1209. agntsmyth
Can't wait to read Skin Game! I need these books, if only to justify buying another Book Shelf.
1210. Todd Fawver
I can't wait!
1211. Trauma_Queen
I have LOVED this series since the last sentence of the first chapter of the first book. Whenever a new one comes out, I demolish it in less than a day!
1212. Adam Tracy
Read and ReRead whole series twice cause its that awesome and I'm now collecting the Graphic Novels which the first one was awesome Dresden style.
Can't wait to talk about all the awesome parts (the whole book) to my girlfriend and other friends who read the series as well.
1213. Jason9
This can't come out fast enough!
1214. Teawench
I'm borrowing them from my brother. Need my own!
1216. Steve R
Time for the next re-read !! BEST SERIES EVER !!
1218. abrightidea
This will be the best book yet. The Nickleheads are the best villian and have the best dismissive nickname.
1219. Josh McAleer
Would love to have every book in this series!
1221. RDB
Awesome contest. Fingers crossed...
1222. SaraDW
Me, me! Pick me!
1223. Wade Fuson
I fell behind while co-authoring on my own novel, now I have a breather to catch up on reading and this would be a great way to put Dresden on the top of the pile
Cecil Vahle
1224. rgewolf
This is one of my favorite series. Though I do not have a hard copy of all the series and this contest would go toward doing that. Cannot wait to read the next book.
1225. Jerry Gilreath
Impatiently awaiting this next book. Can't wait to see who all Harry takes on and what difficulties he gets himself into. Thanks Jim Butcher! love the cover also.
1226. DSP1220
Been waiting for this book since October of last year, can't wait!
1227. Samantha Lindsay
I cannot wait for Skin Game!! I love the Dresden Files series so much and constantly talk about it so much that my husband, mother, father and cousins all started reading the books just too see what I was yammering on about! Thank you Jim Butcher and thank you Tor Publishing for giving us such an amazing addition to our lives!
1228. JerryH1
I am in the process of re-reading the series eagerly awaiting Skin Games!
1229. deadstar114
Can't wait!
1230. DMac
Very excited and eager to read Skin Game. I really love the whole idea behind the Denarians. With luck, maybe Harry will find someone new to wield at least one of the swords.
1231. Tammy Sparks
What an awesome giveaway! The cover of Skin Game is so bad ass and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy.
1232. Jessica Newcom
Love Love Love the series! I got hooked when I borrowed 1st book from the library. thanks for writing an awesome series!
1233. katam
I've been rereading the local libraries copies of the Dresden series every time a new one comes out. I would love to have my own set.
1234. EnricoB
For the first time, we have Jim Butcher arriving a little 'long' for a Henry Dresden book release ... Great Series ... Good writer! Take Care, Jim! Long Life and Prosper! Have a Great Holyday time.
1235. Michele S.
Anticipation is keeping me waiting...
1236. Kevin DeLaet
I look forward to reading this new book. Thank you Jim.
Bill Swift
1237. azswift
Can't wait to get in the this game!

It's been too long, really excited for the story in R.R. Martin's book and for The Cinder Spires to begin.

Thanks Jim! have a great Christmas everybody.
1238. Rickie Hinrichs
Lets get going I'm ready.
1239. Richard Wolf
Can't wait!
1240. brc
I need this. This, this, and more this.
1241. Jake Strunin
I can't wait for the new book and I could definitely use the set, I've moved 5 times since the end of 2009 and it seems like every time I move I lose some books! I also try to make everyone read the Dresden Files so that may have something to do with it!
1242. Joseph Boat
I dont always enter drawings, but when i do, its for Wizard Cowboys. Woot new book.
1243. Lisa Hering
I WANT to win!
1244. M. Eden
This series has been on my To Read list for a while! I'd LOVE to have this series to read over the Christmas break.
1245. Sara72
I've been meaning to read more Dresden files for awhile!
1246. indianajewel
The unveiling of the new book cover - Merry Christmas to us!!! Can't wait for the new book to be released now!!!
1247. edmund mount
waiting on the edge of my seat
Kat Bristol
1248. darantei
I'm both hoping to, and not to see Sanya show up in this one. It could be fun, or it could be very bad.
1249. Debbie Karimullah
I'd love to win this set and am looking forward to the new book.
1250. mmar
Looks to be another slam dunk from Jim Butcher! That release date announcement can't come soon enough!
1251. Shawn S
I can't get enough Dresden. Eagerly anticipating Skin Game. It sounds awesome.
1252. Lucinda Lason
I would love to win this set and the cover looks great!
1253. Meg Malins
Ooooo! I cannot WAIT!
1254. DanK573
WOOO!! I can't wait this book looks amazing!
1255. Lind
Here's hoping that the series surpasses my expectations yet again!
1256. Dawn Moore
I have wanted to read the entire series for a while now... Still trying to locate a fee without resorting to buying online
1257. Harrison Betsill
I love these books! I can't wait for skin game!
1258. P Lahar
Can't wait for Skin game
1259. tanguera
What an exciting giveaway. I've heard great things about the series, but still haven't read any.
1260. DragonEddie
I keep telling myself to "wait!" for Jim to finish the entire series... That way I can read through them all without having to wait. But every time Jim finishes the next book in the series, I can't restrain myself and snatch up the newest edition!!

It's like being hooked on the best TV series in the world, but each episode is spaced a year apart!

Whatever. I'll deal with the anticipation. Just keep them coming, Butcher! We love 'em!
Anthony Coombes
1261. DragonEddie
I keep telling myself to "wait!" for Jim to finish the entire series... That way I can read through them all without having to wait. But every time Jim finishes the next book in the series, I can't restrain myself and snatch up the newest edition!!

It's like being hooked on the best TV series in the world, but each episode is spaced a year apart!

Whatever. I'll deal with the anticipation. Just keep them coming, Butcher! We love 'em!
1262. Denise S.
I'm finally up to book 5. Dresden is my go to book when the kids give me half a chance at reading.
Michael Wilson
1263. DocTheWeasel
Been re-reading the series. This would make a wonderful gift to someone who isn't (yet) a fan!
1264. JoQsh
I'm a couple of books behind at the moment, but I can't wait to get to the new one! Butcher really does define the genre - he's one of those authors the rest of us only aspire to be!
Linda Deming
1265. lindem
After reading the Coments, I feel like I've missed out on these books! What a GREAT this could be!!!!
Steven Lyle Jordan
1266. Steven_Lyle_Jordan
Looking more like a cowboy than ever. It's funny how Dresden is the only urban fantasy I can get into.
1267. rinib
ooh, very nice, thanks for the giveaway! I've been meaning to finish reading this series, just need to make time :)
Jeremy Baisden
1268. Oherian
Wow. I'd love to have this set. Putting my hat in the ring, but I must say this is one of the most commented posts I've seen in a while.
1270. ian Bricknell
Me please!!!
Carolyn Dileo
1271. cbdileo
This would be a Dream to win!
Zachary Crump
1272. Zpaacn
Nice one.

and wow. That's a lot of comments.
Chris Flanagan
1273. finshadow
This would help with the reread in prep for skin game. So excited :)
1274. Mike Landefeld
I am so freaking excited for this book to come out!
1275. kamaitachi113
This is my favorite series; I'd love to have it all. I've read them on ebook and I'm slowly building up a physical collection. Can't wait for the new one!
1276. otherConrad
I hope Harry does not get beat up too much this time.
1277. softdata
I am rereading all of the books just to get ready for Skin Game. Can't wait, so exicted!
1278. Mirinthia
When, when, when? Waiting, waiting, waiting. Ready, ready, ready!
LOL...BTW, I love the Dresden files.
1279. Teamlowery
This is going to be great! Can't wait!!
1280. ncbeachteacher
Wow! My daughter would be thrilled to have all of these! She loves Jim Butcher and Dresden Files!
1281. SkyFlake
Listening from the beginning (again) in anticipation of Skin Game. Would be happy to read them as well!
1282. ncbeachteacher
Wow! My daughter would be thrilled to have all of these! She loves Jim Butcher and Dresden Files!
1283. Msshush
Pick me. Pick me. I love this series and I got all the books from the library.
1284. Janet5000
Can't wait for the new book! Would love to have the whole series!
1285. LeeC
Bombshells was a lovely read! Looking forward to Skin Game ~
1286. mephistopheles
These books belong in Ottawa. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.
1287. Skyhawk0
Sounds like an excuse for a re-re-reread and a reason to cancel the planned commando raid of his publisher's office. (that was a joke of course. The team is only on standby)
1288. BrRoss
I am so ready for this!
Nathan Gundlach
1289. blitzschmeiss
"Bombshells", cover art, book blurb. I had forgotten how impatient I am for Skin Game. Now I get to wait some more. Perhaps a complete set of the books would soothe my pains.
1290. ChrisP
My copies of the series are falling apart from being passed around and around to everyone I know. I could really use some replacements so I can keep them moving! (SO EXCITED ABOUT SKIN GAME.)
Daniel Morrell
1291. godan
great cover sounds like a fun one
1292. Vico
I just started reading this series and have been on a waitlist at the library for book 3.
1293. Loyalty
Hope I win :)
1294. Carlamm
Yes, count me in....
1295. srizzo00
Enjoyed Winter Knight and the re-read!
1296. JaxFan
I've listened to all th audiobooks, would love to get a copy of the books as well.
1297. JStepp
Love the series, just finished rereading it for the umpteenth time... Cant wait for Skin Game.
1298. Sandra Salinas
This is an awesome giveaway!
1299. Wilmagickrule
One of the best urban fantasy series around. I really love the fact that Jim has an over reaching arc to the series. Can't wait for the new books and more to come:) hope I win!
1301. TimAButcherFan
Great series and I really want to know what the release date will be.
Ben Elsbernd
1302. Fimus86
I haven't read the Dresden Files but winning all fourteen books would be a great way to start.
1303. Emily M
Always wanted to read it as I've heard lots of good things about it.
1304. Forzare1985
It would be so cool to win these books. Then I would have to hunt down Jim Butcher and ask him to sign ALL of them. I cannot wait for Skin Game.
1305. LastChance
Hurry guys, I can't wait for this. Get the book out!
1306. Aneta Reinbold
this will be great set of books for christmas, or present for after christmas,
I would love to read them all .
1307. Razorjackpgotsr
I can't wait for this to be released! I hope it's closer to February than April!
1308. JWillcox87
I LOVE the Dresden Files. I got introduced to it a while back and have been hooked ever since. I am constantly referring people to the series or buying them the books for presents!
1310. David Kirsch
I love these booksand have reread them over and over, I use to have them all in hard back. But now I only have the last one and only the last one since loosing my house in the Oklahoma tornado on May 20th. I really hope I win.

1311. JEFF W.
Looking forward to the next book, and the audio book. Currently relistening to Cold Days.
1313. Tom S
Just in time for my annual read through of the Dresden Files. Can't wait for Skin Game!
Jennifer Baughman
1314. JenniferBaughman
I've spent the past year purging my bookshelves. Clearly, this was the reason why...
Kyle Forsyth
1315. Eternis
Awesome can't wait till the book comes out, Butcher is my favorite author re-read the series so far over 20 times if you haven't read any of his Dresden files books you seriously owe yourself to do it.
Stephen Wilcox
1316. sgwilcox
I would love a new set. I loaned out my copies and never got them back.
1317. gren99
can't wait to read this!
1318. Brad Fritz
Woot, can't wait!
1319. Dalmatia
A tantalizing hint. All things devolve to the dead, even a chalice from a whole other pantheon. Lets hear it for entropy.
1320. Sam77
can't wait for Skin Game!
1321. Robert P
i've read the whole series... can't wait to own the whole series.
1323. C Carman
Can not wait for "Skin Game"!
1324. Brian Espero
Can't wait. I'm in!
1325. Desmond
Count me in, please!
1326. violetdea
Still looking good.
1327. marie constantineau
thanks for the chance
1328. Dawn Roberto
I just discovered this sereis and am loving every minute. Would love the collection of Harry Dresden books for my collection.
1329. Jeff Y.
Great series. You have my sword.
1330. Tony L.
Time to see the winter knight in action.
Joanne Mielczarski
1331. jtmswim
Love the cover - would love to win the book.
1332. TaylorB
I love Butcher's ability to keep us readers on our toes! I am so stoked for "Skin Game"!
1333. Gryvon
I love this series. On book 4 so I'm still new to it all.
1334. Lostrogoth
I'm re-reading the whole series. I'll be reading Changes over the Christmas holidays. I'm looking forward to the Skin Game.
1335. Alicia C
Read the first book and really enjoyed it. Would love to read the others.

Awsome cover art by the way!
1336. Carol Lynn
Sounds Awesome!!
Jessica Walden
1337. jessicaw
Great cover! Would love a complete set of these.
Jessica Walden
1338. jessicaw
Great cover! Would love a complete set of these.
Jessica Walden
1339. jessicaw
Great cover! Would love a complete set of these.
1340. fordtruckin79
Started reading the series a couple months ago on the suggestion of a friend. What a great story! Love it!
Jessica Walden
1341. jessicaw
Great cover! Would love a complete set of these.
Jessica Walden
1342. jessicaw
Great cover! Would love a complete set of these.
1343. Mechoid
This is my most anticipated book since Cold Days. I can only hope that Mr. Butcher gets a hell of a movie deal to bring these to the big screen.
1345. Melissa Firpo
I have been wanting to read this series! can't wait to start
1346. BrandonMc
Stars And Stones, I cannot wait for Skin Game! A re-read of the series is just what I need over winter break/ to start to new year. The Molly POV was great, but I need some more Dresden in my life. Also, I'm looking forward to the signing tour that will (with any luck) coinside with the new novel.
1347. shumna
Would love to gift these to a friend. One of my favorite things is getting more people I meet to pick up the Dresden Files.
1348. cygnus21
Can't wait for SKin Game. LEt us know when its coming out already
1350. BrantP
Can hardly wait to find out when the release date is so that I can officially preorder this book!!!
1351. Carolyn V
Can't wait! Hope James Marsters is reading the audiobook again. He does such a fabulous job.
Nate Ostman
1352. n.ostman0225
I am always looking for a new author to read.
1353. Chris Crissey
I was just thinking that either the nickleheads or the Nagloshi would have to come back in Skin Game. I love these and have listened to them 3 or 4 times.
1354. Comrade Alex
Hmm, comment # 1354. Very exciting!
1355. Johnny Canuck
Oh man, this is gonna be awesome!

I can't wait to find out more about , , and especially !

And it looks like it *IS* Harry's fault the building is on fire. This time.
1356. Jonathan11221111111111
YES! I need to start this series ASAP.
1357. patryk
love love love this series....eagerly await each new story
1358. Legion
I would love to win this series!
I've read each one and preordered them beofre they came out.
Fingers crossed!
1359. Pippen
I really can't wait for skin game to come out. I love the books, look forward to all the places that the series will go to. The White Council's gonna be pissed.
1360. ChrisK
I started reading the Harry Dresden books last year. Needless to say, I'm now all caught up and excited for the new one! I can't wait!!
1361. ChrisScena
Love this series. Ready for Skin Game NOW.
1362. Grandwigg
"IN THE NAME OF THE PIZZA LORD, CHARGE!!!!" I figure that's the best way to show my devotion. I hope I win.
1363. RoyR
Again, ready for a new book in the series.
1364. Danielle B.
I adore all of Jim Butcher's books, but I have a special soft spot in my heart for Harry. One of my favorite series ever. Can't wait for the new book!
1365. mg21
very nice! I've been starving for any updates on Skin Game :D
1366. Chris Padgett
Today I dressed up as a wizzard and played an RPG. I'm serious about this!
1367. frodo4f
I've read quite a few of The Dresden Files books, and have recommended them to friends. It's a shame that the TV series was cancelled after one season. I was looking forward to many years of living with Harry Dresden.
1368. K-Girl
Oh, man, that art looks fantastic. I can't wait to read it!
1369. Aaron Renfroe
Hey, count me in!
1370. Mathilde Sanz
I'm on book 5, can't read them fast enough!!!
1371. Kevin Carter
I'm getting ready to start my re-read. I SO can't wait for the next one!
1372. Abraham Oh
So I did a Preliminary Reread a few weeks ago. Maybe it's time for an Tor Books Official Reread!
1373. Rhio
Oh God, yes. If only.
Jeff Tufano
1374. profchaos
I will gladly not pay for today for 14 free books whenever you decide to mail them to me.

PS: Rules!
1375. Tonyt
Can't wait for the new one
1376. Donny Stills
1377. Sam M.
Oh my goodness! I screamed when I saw the cover. As it is I've only read the first three books in the series but I was sold the minute I heard these books existed. Wouldn't it be so cool to win? Plan on buying the whole series if I don't (I would have done it anyway) and... OMG have you seen this cover? It's so distracting and pretty!
1378. SteveO
Cool! A complete box set! This will put my library out of business...
1379. daryl.a
can't wait!
1380. industrious
Let's get some Skin in this Game.

...No shame about this pun. WWHBCDD?
Aaron Matthews
1381. Ravenslair
Cant wait to see what harry will do now that his apprentice Molly is the summer princess oh Molly what have you gotten yourself into now sigh ....
1382. Carol Peters
Just wishing for a new book to read and REALLY wishing that SKIN GAME was being released RIGHT NOW! It would be just what I need to kick off the holidays!
1383. Big Moosey
Art looks fantastic. Can't wait to read the book.
1384. EGDM
Well I sure can't wait for this one to come out!
1385. Phaedra
Oh...I have a lot to read before Skin Game!
1386. Aleesha
Your covers are ALWAYS fabulous! I've wondered who does them. Keep up the great stories!!!
1387. Kat Nelson
Can't wait! So excited for the next book. Sitting on pins and needles waiting for a release date. Is James doing the audiobook again?
1388. sarac
Can't wait for the new Dresden File book!!
1389. Becka K
Heard the first four chapters on Youtube and psyched for the rest of the book
1390. Janice A
It would be great to win and reread all the books.
1391. JK4
Can not wait for Skin Game to be released!
1392. Kjbuck
Pick me, pick me! :)
1393. Sworne
I started reading this series about 2 months ago, really great so far. Can't wait to catch up.
1394. Jenn D
Looking forward to the new book! It would be nice to win, since my younger son appropriated all my Dresden books and they are sitting in his college apartment. :-)
1395. Captain192
I've never read through an entire series as fast as I did the Dresden Files. Blazed through it start to finish, and I still re-read them to catch missed references. Can't wait to see what's next!
1396. Sam W
Jim Butcher is hands down my favorite author. He's able to offer my mind the sort of substance it seems to crave even without my knowledge. I started off reading the "The Furies of Calderon" from the Codex Alera and graduated to Storm Front in MIDDLE SCHOOL (2001), this was the first time I read the Dresden Files. And I was absorbed instantly.
Jim created a very intricate and delicate world Harry Dresden tries desperately to "do the right thing" every day of his life. He's the epitome of what every super-natural creation should strive for, and after throwing every twist and turn imaginable, the end result is still the one character the I know I will support the rest of my life. Harry Dresden is more than a role model, he's a template that mankind desperately needs to adopt.
1397. Blenny
I love these books!!!
Lynne Phelps
1398. lynnephelps
I can't wait for Harry vs. the Nickelheads, round 3! I have all the novels and short stories in audio, so winning print copies of all the books would be a real dream come true!
1399. Lester Sentesi
So very excited for Skin Game. Butcher keeps getting better and better at bringing out Harry's humanity as he fights the power of the Winter Mantle.
1400. Grimmels
This is gonna be awesome.
1401. Daniel KK
To this day i've always wondered why does dresden always have a hat on the cover when he hates them. Plus i wonder if that guy who is trapped in the prison is merlin himself.
1402. Dains
Must...not...reread...entire anticipation of ... new book! Must wait...until entire done..then reread twice!

All kidding aside, awesome job at keeping Harry going Jim! One of my favorite fantasy characters ever. And good on you for this promo TOR! More people need to know the awesome that is the book form of the Dresden Files.
1403. Dana Seilhan
I don't have all the books yet and I'm not even sure I read all of them. An old friend from high school first told me about them and I started checking them out of the library. Not to be outdone, my housemate started checking them out as well *and* reading them entirely out of order. Irritating. So I took a hiatus, intending to go back and try and read them again later. Whether I win this or not, I'll make it happen. :)
1404. Howard Hohnsen
I am really looking forward to this book! Appreciate that Jim has kept the quality high, instead of just phoning it in.
1405. Danielle Lima
This is an amazing prize
1406. Taylor Cobb
Finished 'Grave Peril' today--and my local library doesn't have the next book!

I've absolutely inhaled the series so far. I need to know what happens next.
1407. Jacob LaFountaine
I'm no fan of these books but my girlfriend is really into them
1408. PositivelyB
Love this series! And that cover art looks fantastic.
1409. Paul King
Can't wait for this book to come out.
1410. Jose A. Martinez
It'd be interesting to see where this is heading. Kinda looking for the allies vs. Dresden conflict, and see how "who's side are you on?" situations develop. Really wondering what's going to happen to Fix, since that hill incident.
1411. Wolf2K
Looking foward to the next chapter of The Dresden Files especial after how the last book ended.
1412. Lord of Sounzz
Been waiting for this!!!!
1413. Duval Guerino
Can't wait to see this Ocean's Eleven take on the Dresden Files! Huge fan of the series!
1414. KBloom
Super excited for the return of Nicky and the Nickelheads!
1415. Archleone
This isn't fair. The next book isn't even out yet, and I'm already looking forward to the one after it. And seeing how Dresden and others react to his changing circumstances just keeps me coming back for more. In fact, as soon as we get a release date, it will be time to plan the reread and refresh for a new year.
1416. Scott Coyle
I can't wait any longer for Skin Game. The pressure of the Holidays is getting to me. Bring it on! I love this series. It is the best.
1418. D.S.G.
Can't wait to pick up this next continuing chapter of the Dresden Files!
1417. Debra Doggett
Hmm, the whole set just might get me through the winter.
1419. Jennifer L.
Can't wait to read this.
1420. Habitually R.
The knife in my back reminds me of you.
Rus Witte-Dycuss
1421. duncan1574
I was getting worried that Harry was done! Can't wait for Skin Game.
1424. Skyman8880
Need more dresden!
1425. Fire Hazzard
Part of me was about to "Let someone else win." since I have a complete set for me... but I know people I would like to give the gift of Dresden to, so, I'm in!

Been a Dresden fan since the begining. Take a vacation day to read each book when they come out. Lucky enough to live near Mr. Butcher. Looking forward to "Skin Game" and his new Steampunk books.
1426. euby
My son would love this!
Joe Sinise
1427. BigDaddySin
Awsome book series, had my set stolen when I moved to my new apartment so had to enter this contest.
1428. Scuid
This looks rad!
1429. Nicole Platania
Yes! Yes please! Fab giveaway!!
1430. Dannette
Can't wait!!
Maryquick Phelps
1431. MaryP
We are so looking forward to Skin Game. I call "Dibs" in our house as 3 of us will fight over who gets to read it first. Such a great series!
1432. David Mallonee
Cannot wait for Skin Game. If I win I'm donating the books to my library.
1433. Nichole Anne
1434. Crystal P.
I've read all the Harry Dresden books, but don't own them all. I need them so I can re-read them over and over again! Can't wait for Skin Game!!!
1435. Wizard Jim
1436. Ian Mac.
Now all we need is a release date!
Maurine Starkey
1437. MaurineS
To be honest, the television series turned me on to the books. A friend bought me the first volumn. Love getting lost in Butcher's world and Dresden isn't the only favorite character. I do get wrapped up in their stories threads. But then getting more of the the Dresden Files became an adventure in itself. The Library is great. I got to read some. I few audio editions, often repeating a read volumn. The audio books reenforce my reads and allow me to be hands free in the studio. Jim's characters do capture my imagination and I will end up doodling them. I have fun reading the Dresden files, actually. My only regret is I haven't read them all or heard them all and never got them in any order. I would love a set.
1438. Mortimer Hechavarria
Like working under pressure fully aware that death is ever closer I relate to Harry in so many levels that I await the next book with excitement and sorrow as the books get closer to a grand finally. What is not to love it is an epic collection congratulations Jim, and thank you.
1439. Tracy Melhinch
This would be awesome!! Thank you for the chance!
1440. AlexL
I have turned on so many people to Dresden! Now I could give this to my sister who has 7 kids with 4 teenage boys!
1441. Ben Lewa Johnson
I hope Hades is depicted closer to how he was viewed by the Greeks than the modern Satan-ified version.
1442. Bob Hinton
Count me in!!
1443. Cosmogyral
Hell's Bells, I am so excited! I can't wait until this is out, I hope they mention the release date soon... maybe this will make for a birthday present.
1444. magpie
Whoo damn, I need this. You know how hard it is to find these books in texas?
1445. dean elliott
love dresden books wish i had all of them...
1446. Harso
The Dresden Files is the best series I've read in the past few years.
Denise Z
1447. DeniseZ
I love this series and all my copies are seriously loved and well used, hoping to convert to ebook - nothing better than being able to read my favorites over and over again. This cover are is great and I cannot wait to get my grubby fingers on Harry's new adventure.
1448. projectPANZER
So excited for this book! I hope I will the set, most of my copies have been given away :P
1449. Edward S
Would love to win the complete series and can't wait for skin game.
1450. Spudwrench68
Loved every book. Seriously looking forward to the next one. :)
1451. Kathy Long
If you win will you have a choice between the actually physical copies of the books or to have them as ebooks. I'd rather have ebooks. Don't get me wrong I love physical books but I read so much more on my kindle, especailly at work, that I would rather have ebooks.
1452. kahn87
I love Jim Butcher's books.
1453. Llama
Cant wait for the next book. It was awesome seeing Jim at Dragon con last year
1454. Liza D.
Nice! Love the cover art. And crossed fingers on the sweepstakes. *grin*
1455. Manshima
Tor, you guys are the best, keep up the good work and hurry up with Skin Game and Words of Radiance, I need my allotment of new books!
1456. ookamikingu
Man on man, I love a good bank job! I'm not sure if the new winter knight has a snowball's chance in hell, ah thank you, of pulling this one off!
1457. Kelly W.
Harry with a gun! (I hope it doesn't blow up or anything.)

Can't wait to read this one. :)
1458. saerin
New books are always great! Nice cover art.
1459. Carolyne Bonner
my dad luvs Dresden & got my hubby started reading them awile back. This would make a GREAT gift for either one of them. Thanks for the giveaway
1460. Crowning Moment O Awesome
“Likest thou jelly within thy doughnut?”
1461. Eastered
Looking forward to this helps me make it through finals!
1462. Matthew Oscar
I was diagnosed with dyslexia at a young age as you can imagine books have always been intriguing to me but out of my reach, until I met my wife; a lover of books, she introduced me to Dresden, first by audiobook than I started reading them on my I pod touch. I changed the back ground to black and the letters white and my eyes didn't have far to travel.i eventually moved to library books. I can actually say I've read all of the books myself. That's something I'm very proud of.a dyslexic who has read 15 books. I can't thank Jim Butcher enough for Dresden and the gift of reading. These books mean more to me than I can express. So to own them all would be amazing specially for a dyslexic! !
1463. MaryC
Love The Dresden Files - can't wait to read Skin Game!
1465. Rickie Pody
The synopsis for this book has me on the edge of my seat. Favorite series hands down, can't wait!!!
1466. Loweeel
Woohoo! Can't wait.
1467. ToddR
I would love to read this series!!
susan beamon
1468. susanbeamon
I like all things Dresden, even the brief series that was on Scifi. Would love to have the entire book run and know I have them all.
1469. Dustin Coffman
Love Jim Butcher can't wait for Skin Games to finally come out, just finshed Bombshells and it was the best short stroy(next to Bigfoot on campus)

Fans of the Dresden Files should check out my book Damien The Newborn Devil
Also On Sale at Kindle for 2.99
1470. RHerron
Just marathoned the whole series over the last few months. The wait for Skin Game is the longest I've had so far. Really looking forward to it!

If I won this I would share it with friends.
1471. tkaye61
What a great prize! These would sure look nice on my bookshelf. :)
1472. Wilf
I can't wait for Skin Game, I've wanted it desperately since finishing Cold Days last year.
1473. Lock
"Bombshells" was a fun read.
1474. Mobyhead
Will the prize set all be hardcovers?
1475. Stacy C.
Can't wait for the next release and jumping in on the reread!
Wyatt Packard
1476. Wyatt95
I can't wait to read the newest addition to the series! Pick me! Pick me!
1477. Spider-Matt
I would stare down Shagnasty to get these books!
1478. peter van ettinger
I love to listen to the dresdenfiles in audio format an would love to recieve the compleat set of books hard bound.
1479. Scott R. Scheller
A chance at winning the entire Dresden series? You bet. Count me in even if my chance at winning is a longshot.
(please ignore the boos, hisses and catcalls from the peanut gallery over my shameless use of Jim's nickname)
Gaurasundara Bernal
1480. StaticReturn
Awesome! That means I can gift the entire series to a very lucky someone!
1481. Smonter
It's going to be excellent to see what happens as Harry learns the ropes in his new job with Mab.
1482. Yetiken
Dear Tor,

ive been a really good buy this year and all i want for christmas is a copy of this book .. please..

seriously i cant wait .. fair play jim for such a riviting character and story line.
Katelyn Ronan
1483. Nanorbot
Harry has had to forsake people he loves for the greater good... I forsake my friends and family to stay home and re-read the Dresden Files. I am so addicted to this series! No regrets haha ;)
1484. Brent Day
Its coming! I can't wait to get my hands on it! This perhaps the best series I have ever read!
1485. Patrick Guggino
Can't wait for the newest Dresden adventure!!!!
1486. John Savage
I am really looking forward to this next book this series has been fantastic.
1487. osborne
Can't wait for the next book.
1488. Loganimol
Love the cover! I can hardly wait to read it!
1489. Jeraud Sewell
Yes I have finally heard some good news about the Dresend Files can't wait for Skin Game. The re read of the first fourteen books will be awesome would give me something to do for seven months, seeing how that's how long it to me read them the first time when my brother told me about the series in March of this year.
1490. jaklee
Finally some info - can't wait to read this one next!
1492. Britlion
Very much looking forward to this one. Been a while! :)
1493. Page Amber
Oooo, oooo, pick me, pick me!!! This would be a fantastic to have. As a proud owner of the fantastic book series, actually holding the majesty that is The Dresden Files in my hands would be flippin' fantastic!
1494. FourNineFoxtrot
1496. Cathy Moore
My daughter introduced me to the Dresden Files about 4 years ago. This year she gave me a E reader with all the books on it which I am currently rereading so I can refresh and read the newest ones I missed. I would love to win this and give it to her to thank her for giving me a wonderful series to read.
1497. wrightblood
does anyone know the release date? google says that it is july 3, 2014, PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS NOT TRUE!!!!!!
1498. Toby Rodgers
sounds good, heres my entry :)
1499. M.J. Plott
Can't wait!
1501. GPBurdell93
Ah, this release will mean another first-to-last re-read, nice!
1502. R.Yorke
Very excited for Skin Game.
1503. M. Wells
I think Skin Game is going to EPIC. I can't wait. Someone speed up the clock.
1504. WardenGiggles
Who doesn't need more Dresden?
1505. montrealdrew
cant wait for the book. I have reread the series at least 10 times...cant get enuff of it.
1507. Nymeiria
I love this series. Can't wait until Skin Games comes out!
1508. arno
would be an awesome christmas gift.
1510. Nickybull
I had to borrow a bunch of the books to keep up with the stories, so it would be amazing to finally have my own complete set.
1511. John R
I'm addicted. I've read all the books repeatedly! Even listening to the audio books while working & traveling! Gimme more!!!
1512. Joshua Esq.
Argh! The wait is killing me. I miss the high brow intellectual repartee.

"Holy shit," I breathed. "Hellhounds."
"Harry," Michael said sternly. "You l know I hate it when you swear."
"You're right. Sorry. Holy shit," I breathed "heckhounds."
1513. Ellen R
My husband and son are constantly sending me to the library to get your books! " Oh, honey - I need Book 2 in the Codex Alera series," "Hey, Mom, I need Turn Coat," etc.... Your books are worth the ride.

Best of luck on writing your newest!
1514. Ahira
I'm in the middle of the audiobooks right now. Hopefully Jim doesn't get sick this year and makes it to Chicagoland!
Benedict Atchley
1515. origenofchaos
Jim Butcher has created one of the most likeable characters of all time. He's also my biggest writing influence. Can't wait for Skin Game!
Jack Flynn
1516. JackofMidworld
You know, I really wish the tv series had gone on longer. At least I can watch Harry on Arrow now.
1517. Ragecakes
Ive been waiting for the rematch with Nicodemus for a while!
1518. Cynthia C
I can't believe there are 15 books in the series now. It seems like yesterday that I was checking the 1st book out of the library.
Vernon Luckert
1520. vl4095
Looks like a good read! Would love to win!