Dec 23 2013 2:19am

Stubby wins a Stabby! The Reddit Awards

The super-popular fantasy community on Reddit announced their readers’ choice awards, “The Stabbies,”  and, lo and behold, won for best speculative fiction site. We are ecstatic! Really, to be held in such high regard by a community of blog readers is truly an honor. You have given us fuel to start the New Year with! 

You may be wondering about their other categories, you can check out the winners for best novel, art, debut novel, and many others on the Reddit fantasy forums.  Congrats to all our fellow Stabbys! 

Noneo Yourbusiness
1. Longtimefan
a thumbs up and many likes. :)

I always stop by once a day. always something good to read.
Violet Blake
3. Violet Blake
Awesome! Congrats! :D
Church Tucker
5. Church
Congrats. Subreddit awards are highly coveted.

(Seriously, congrats.)
Violet Blake
6. elquesogrande
That was nicely earned. No other site has provided as much unbiased value to SFF fans than
Violet Blake
7. Vatman

It's a group with 45,000 members so I wouldn't dismiss it too lightly. I'm guessing that's a lot more than
Irene Gallo
8. Irene
We are certainly not dismissing it, we’re thrilled! (Although, for the record Vatman, your guess is really not correct.)

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