Dec 13 2013 1:10pm
Sherlock Meets the Doctor! Stunning Fanmade Video Warms Our Wintry Hearts

Sherlock and the Doctor

We have no idea how this piece of magic was made, but with a little CGI foolery and some expert layering, Sherlock and the Doctor are finally capable of meeting. And with an extra-important Christmas special coming up for Who, and Sherlock back in the New Year, it's exactly the sort of present we never knew we wanted until now.

But he can't really leave John behind, can he? He already did it for two years, he can't do it again!

Peter Ahlstrom
1. PeterAhlstrom
Hahaha, spectacular!
Tom Smith
2. phuzz
I can't come up with a more cromulent comment right now other than
Erik Harrison
3. ErikHarrison
*AHEM* Why is this person not hard at work on a Marco Polo restoration?
Toby Firth
5. scio
Stunning doesn't do justice to the video.
There is a making of video on the same youtube channel which shows where some of the shots were taken from and how they were put together in a scene.
6. mehere
I was having kind of a crap day but this turned it all around!

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