Dec 7 2013 11:00am

Saturday Morning Cartoons: “Imago” and “Leo’s Song”

Imago: An orphaned boy dreams of his father. If this doesn’t make you both smile and get teary-eyed, then you have no heart. Equally beautiful for its storytelling and drawing, sentimental in the best possible way. (11:38 minutes)

Leo’s Song: “When a geometric visitor from another planet becomes your new roommate and shares with you the tragic state of its home world, you drop your guitar and see what you can do.” This will make you feel happy all day long. (2;46 minutes)


Cédric Babouche


“Leo’s Song

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1. Angiportus
I so liked the pyramid one. Leo's song. I really appreciate how the author didn't slap a humanoid gender on an alien being.

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