Dec 30 2013 11:00am

Rewatching Robin Hood: The Drinking Game

There are certain things you expect from any Robin Hood movie, and what’s great about this game is that it works for any version of Robin Hood.

Trust me, I’ve checked.

Take One Drink:

  • Anyone says “Robin Hood” or “Robin of Loxley”
  • Anyone starts singing
  • Anyone laughs heartily
  • Peasants are abused
  • Anyone wears a sillier hat than their first hat
  • Anyone handles a bag of coins
  • A buckle is swashed
  • Anyone swings on something
  • Anyone pops out of the foliage winningly
  • Something is blatantly racist
  • Marian’s purity is fetishized
  • Robin scoffs at authority
  • The Sheriff of Nottingham is comically evil
  • Ingenious forest technology
  • Anyone wears an excessively short doublet
  • Exposition is conveyed through text
  • Unnecessary spangles
  • Overly dramatic horse
  • Blatant Historical Inaccuracy
  • Anyone makes a “Little John” joke
  • Anyone makes a “Fat Friar” joke

Take Two Drinks:

  • A named character dies
  • Anyone is nobly self-sacrificing unto absurdity
  • Robin dons a ridiculous disguise
  • Robin hits an impossibly small target with an arrow
  • Robin successfully shoots from an improbable position
  • Robin escapes against thoroughly impressive odds

Finish Your Drink:

  • An arrow splits another arrow

Experts Only:

  • Drink every time someone wears a silly hat
  • Drink every time anyone shoots an arrow


Steven Padnick is a freelance writer and editor. By day. You can find more of his writing and funny pictures at

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Peter Czyzewski
2. sebastianelgar
Well, you beat your buckler against your scabard walking down the street looking for a fight....
Alan Brown
3. AlanBrown
I am pretty sure that most of these ideas for drinking triggers would kill me well before the third reel of just about any Robin Hood movie ever made. Even if I was just sipping my whiskey...
Robert Dickinson
4. ChocolateRob
Is it really a drinking game when the outline is essentially Take a drink whenever anyone says or does anything?
You'd last longer if you watched the toy story trilogy and took a hit whenever you see a different toy.

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