Dec 13 2013 9:00am

Morning Roundup: The Jurassic Park Prequel is Going to be Adorable!

Whether you love or hate dinosaurs, it is imperative that parents instill in their children a proper respect for these terrible thunder lizards at an early age. Because then you get adorable pictures like this!

Your Morning Roundup is facing the truth about Luke Skywalker’s non-existent teaching credentials, canceling Charles Stross’ next book, and pretending it saw The Hobbit.

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Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
1. Lisamarie
Bahahahaha, the Jedi praxeum dropout rate made me laugh a lot. Although I take issue with Cilghal being 'just there', she was a badass healer!

I do love Luke, but...yes...hahahahahaha. At least in some of the later EU they do try and address tensions between him and his students and show various fractures etc. Maybe not perfectly...

I also really need figure out this not being a completist thing. I'm making baby steps :) I LOVED that article. I've gone through a few purges of my Star Wars collection as well and it IS so much more satisfying to collect and to enjoy my collection when I know that everything is there for a reason and has meaning for me. I've actually been doing the same thing with my photo albums - there are so many pictures of random things, or multiple angles, or whatever...I've gone through and culled it so that only pictures that evoke some kind of emotional response or capture something unique are in my albums. Generally, people have to be in pictures (let's face it, post cards and stock images capture landscape/monuments, etc better than my camera can) unless it really is something unique or memorable or funny, or helps to 'tell the story'.

And yeah, books...trying to only concentrate on things I WANT to read, not just what I feel like I 'should' read, or like I have to complete the series as well as every single companion book.

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