Dec 11 2013 9:00am

Morning Roundup: Itty Bitty Orphan Black is Cloning its Way into our Hearts

Itty Bitty Orphan Black by Lady-Adventuress

Pre-school ain’t easy. Helena’s always scarfing down everyone’s food, Delphine’s being a goody two-shoes tattle tale, and Cosima is just straight up delinquent. And all of them are each other! What’s Principal Leekie to do?!? You’ll just have to read this brilliant Itty Bitty Orphan Black Tumblr by Lady-Adventuress to find out.

Your Morning Roundup is upstaging Neil Gaiman with a cat, piling the hurt onto Jonathan Frakes, and replacing dragons with Thomas the Tank Engine.

Sad Riker

Oh man, we are immediately sorry for making that joke. LUV U FRAKES.

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1. charming.quark
Well, I might like to see both Lois Lane and Superman trying to get with Wonder Woman...

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