Dec 6 2013 4:30pm
MacKids Holiday Sweepstakes!

We want to help you out with your holiday gift list by sending you a bundle of great books from MacKids, including Madeleine L'Engle's The Twenty Four-Days Before Christmas, Midwinter Blood by Marcus Sedgewick, Bad Kitty Christmas by Nick Bruel, and The Elf on the Shelf parody The Dwarf in the Drawer (complete with plush toy!).

One winner will receive all of these books in time for Christmas, so comment on the post to enter!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of 50 United States and D.C., and Canada (excluding Quebec). To enter, comment on this post beginning at 3:30 PM Eastern Time (ET) on December 6. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 PM ET on December 10. Void outside the United States and Canada and where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor:, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

tony garza
1. tony garza
books rock!
Dan Herbert
2. Ordeith
This would be awesome, My daughter needs more books. I am tired of reading Elmo's Monster at the end of the book as a bedtime story!!!
tony garza
3. Craig Marquis
I have a ton of little ones to buy for - would love this !
tony garza
5. RobinM
I know some little monkeys who need more books.
tony garza
6. dalgoda
WOULD LOVE THESE BOOKS....for my kids of course! :)
tony garza
10. thukpa
We love books!
tony garza
11. olethros
My 2 1/2 year old can sort of read, so he could use these. And his younger brother will too, eventually.
Jacob Silvia
12. aethercowboy
this would be a great christmas gift for my daughter.
Michael Carter
14. Mcart
My kids would love it.
Please enter me.
tony garza
16. Christopher Castro
Always great to give books over videogames.
tony garza
18. Pam Blome
Ooh!! I know lots of kids that would love these books!!! Grandchildren, neices, nephews!!!
Robert Garza
19. FunBob
My Bubs would love them, especially the dwarf in the drawer
tony garza
20. RLBrown
Getting children to read is a wonderful gift indeed! Thank you Tor for helping grow another generation of readers.
T S Davis
22. tadmack
Ha - gotta love a list which includes both MIDWINTER BLOOD and BAD KITTY.
Andy Warta
24. dragontrainer
We have a little one that would get a lot of use out of this prize!
tony garza
25. Diagoras87
I have a toddler cousin who visits from time to time. She would probably love to have these read to her.
tony garza
26. Deadjack
Looks cool. Thanks for the giveaway chance!
Patrick Mosbacker
29. Patillian
Would love to read these w/ my 4 little readers. Thanks for the contest!
tony garza
30. Elizabeth Bevins
Sweet! Thank you.
tony garza
32. reportingjosie
Our house would love to make that dwarf at home.
tony garza
34. RobinC
Our twins would love to give all those books a home.
tony garza
35. teel77
this would be great!
tony garza
36. Rancho Unicorno
It's that time of the year again...
Peter W. Horton Jr.
38. mosaix
A gift to a children's hospital! Yes!
tony garza
39. harmonyfb
"The Dwarf in the Drawer" looks hi-larious. :)
Chris Gouker
40. gouker
These would be adored by my six year old
tony garza
42. mosquints
This would be awesome to win, my daughter would love to read all these! I especially love the dwarf in the Drawer :)
tony garza
43. sandy l
Excellent Christmas presents for friends with kids!
tony garza
45. Terri Dell
My nieces and nephew would love these. Merry Xmas!
tony garza
48. Story Cottage
Its a holly, jolly Christmas package!
tony garza
49. Sara WG
My two kids would be so happy if they received these books as a gift!
tony garza
50. Michael Clasen
They bong in a library
Richard Caywood
52. rcaywood
My boys need more books for us to read together.
tony garza
53. Kevin C.
Hoping to read to my little cousins
tony garza
54. McKim
My little grandson loves for me to read to him, so this would be a great package to win.
tony garza
57. K Newbrough
Merry Christmas
tony garza
58. Darith3duh
Cool prize bundle! :D
tony garza
59. Karen Drake
I would love to have this prize pack of books, they would make great winter reading.
tony garza
60. AnamariaAnderson
Love that dwarf!
Yagiz Erkan
61. yagiz
That would be an amazing Christmas present for my son. :) He loves books.
tony garza
62. Renee G
These all look like cute stories.
tony garza
63. Rosanne
They look like a nice twist on the traditional favorites
tony garza
66. saphyress
Grandkids would get a kick out of these
Ashley W
68. a_neonta
I have a future little SF fan who would love these.
tony garza
70. cheekysod7
a book or nine saves time
tony garza
71. marie constantineau
a great selection
thanks for the chance
tony garza
74. Stacytodd
The gift of books, reading, imagination, and time spent sharing them is truly precious. Thank you for offering this opportunity. I would love to win these for my daughters, but my congratulations to whomever wins.
tony garza
75. Agninus
Comment, you know, for kids.
tony garza
76. Amber Treadway
We would be soo excited to be the winner of these books.
tony garza
77. Roma Adams
Books inspire imagination and are a child's best friend.
tony garza
80. runner
Groovy MacKids Holiday!
tony garza
81. Charlotte Padgett
terrific offer
tony garza
tony garza
83. Julie A. Smith
These would be wonderful additions to our Christmas book boxes! (Yes, each year, everyone in the family, including the grandbebes, gets their own Christmas book box!) Thanks for the chance to win!
LYNETTE thompson
What a wonderful list of great books, my son Norton would love them. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.
tony garza
85. Dawn Katzoff
this would be great for the grandkids
Vernon Luckert
86. vl4095
Would be a great gift for my grandchild!
tony garza
87. rhonda struthers
What a great selection
tony garza
88. catherine copeland
These books are perfect for the kids in my class
tony garza
89. Michelle McLaughlin
grandbaby would love these
Linda Peters
90. linnett
grandchildren would love these, thanks
tony garza
91. george ashmore
My daughter LOVES Bad Kitty--he looks just like her cat.
tony garza
93. Rebecca B
perfect gifts for all the nieces and nephews on my list!
tony garza
94. Kelly G
This is a perfect gift for my nephews! The elder brother is a beginning reader. He's doing well but needs more confidence -- reading about goofy stuff will distract from his anxiety! :D
Jane Squires
95. squiresj
Would love to be entered to win for grandchildren
tony garza
96. Sarah M
My 2yo and 4yo would love these!
tony garza
97. Darth Touma
The cops had the place surrounded.. Looking for a way to get out.. I found it..
tony garza
98. VarnerV
What a great giveaway!!
tony garza
99. SciFiChick
Sing us a song, you're the piano man.
Scott Raun
100. sraun
I have grand-kids that would love this!
tony garza
103. Galena
perfect gift for my nice!
tony garza
106. Iron Maiden James
This is JUST at my reading level... awesome
tony garza
107. m bolton
Grandma had to have these !!!!!
tony garza
108. tubagator
All of the Elf on a Shelf fb posts are about to drive me crazy! A Dwarf in the Drawer would be fantastic for a change!! Thanks Tor :)
Aaron Tranes
110. Itchy
My little munchkins love books! I love reading to my little munchkins, and so I would love to win this one!
tony garza
111. BMichaels
Very neat. If not mine, these will make some family's christmas!
tony garza
113. Juanito
I'd love to check these books out!
tony garza
114. Fiestyflake
You gotte help me seem cool to my boyfriends kids!! No evil step-mom here!
Chris Battey
115. DarthParadox
My son loves books, and I'd love to read these to him.
tony garza
116. Jeanette Jackson
My grandson loves books. I'd love to win these for him.
tony garza
118. Nicole C.
These are some great books!!
tony garza
119. Donna M Clark
I think these books would have a good home here.
tony garza
120. Jufitaco
My daughter will love these.
tony garza
122. Paula Hafner
My kids would love these.
tony garza
123. beth shepherd
Thank you for the chance to win! Thank you!
tony garza
124. shawna
We love books and these look awesome!!
tony garza
125. Caleythia
Theses would be great for my boys.
tony garza
126. Lucanthis
4 kids + many books = many happy nights of reading
tony garza
127. laurie tilkin
these would be perfect for my niece
tony garza
128. Beverly Metcalf
I would love these cute Christmas books for my grandchildren. Thanks for having this contest.
Candice Hull
129. candicesweeps
I would love to read these books to my boys. Thank you for another great giveaway!
tony garza
131. heathersfolly
Yes, please!
tony garza
132. Heather B
looks like a great collection of books! My son and I would really enjoy reading these together!
Wayne Lecoy
134. hotrodguy
I am entering your MacKids Holiday Sweepstakes.
It would be great to win the books
Madeleine L'Engle's The Twenty Four-Days Before Christmas, Midwinter Blood by Marcus Sedgewick, Bad Kitty Christmas by Nick Bruel, and The Elf on the Shelf parody The Dwarf in the Drawer .
Thank you for having this great giveaway!!!!!!
tony garza
135. Sherry Conrad
Books are our very favorite gifts. Would love to win these for my grandson. :) Thank you.
Susan Smoaks
136. susansmoaks
that's an awesome prize pack. thanks for the chance to win! Merry Christmas!!!
tony garza
138. Sarah Marshall
I love to gift books more than anything! This is an awesome prize!
tony garza
140. Candie L
I love the Dwarf in a drawer. Thank you
tony garza
141. Jackee
These look like great books.
tony garza
142. Rickie Hinrichs
Books are #1
tony garza
143. beth c
i enjoy a good christmas book
Tarah Manning
144. tarah716
I would love to add these to our Christmas book collection
tony garza
146. Nicole Lancaster
My 4 year old daughter loves books. This would make a great Christmas gift for her.
tony garza
147. Beverly Metcalf
My grandchildren would love to read these books. Thanks for the chance to win them.
tony garza
148. melikegarfield
what an awesome collection of books!
tony garza
149. Littleroonkanga2
Looks like a great collection of books! My kids would really enjoy this.
tony garza
150. Gianna
Thanks for the giveaway :)
tony garza
151. amanda whitley
i love reading with my kids, especially around the holidays
tony garza
152. socratesjr
Wow. That looks like some good holiday reading for the family!
tony garza
153. joni l.
My children as well as my neices and nephews would love these books. They love coming over to read with us!
tony garza
154. Deanna Pflieger
Winning this great collection would be splended

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