Dec 24 2013 11:30am
MacKids Graphic Novel Sweepstakes!

We want to make sure you have plenty of new illustrated reading material in the new year, so we're giving you the chance to win this bundle of some of our favorite graphic novels from MacKids! With National Book Award nominee Boxers & Saints and American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang, Friends With Boys by Faith Erin Hicks, and Same Difference by Derek Kim Kim, plus lots of books for younger readers, we've got something for everyone who shares your bookshelf.

Comment in the post to enter!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of 50 United States and D.C., and Canada (excluding Quebec). To enter, comment on this post beginning at 10:30 AM Eastern Time (ET) on December 24. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 PM ET on December 28. Void outside the United States and Canada and where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor: Tor.com, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

Paul Go
2. greyarea
This would make great gifts for my nieces and nephews (after I read them, of course)!
Corvus corax
3. Corvus corax
Ooo, awesome. :)
Corvus corax
5. chaya311
so many good titles
Corvus corax
6. olethros
My kids will love this.
Corvus corax
7. Sybylla
Supremely cool.
Corvus corax
8. Tenth
Awesome! Crossing my fingers. I can't count how many of these I've enterered and have yet to win.
Corvus corax
9. Benjaminjb
An exciting collection.
Corvus corax
10. Fiestyflake
Gotta start the kids off on the right foot for the new year.
Peter Czyzewski
16. sebastianelgar
That looks like a good addition for my collection.
Rich Bennett
20. Neuralnet
Wow, my kids would love these, but first I wants
Stephen Bristow
22. Vanesmantha
What a great mix...just the thing for ever-curious minds!
Corvus corax
25. Natejt
I do so enjoy Astronaut Academy :)
Nicole Senter
27. joyskully
My kids can never have enough books...my daughters dream is to have a wall full of them.
Corvus corax
29. Rannin
Great idea. 'Yule' be amazed by these.
Corvus corax
30. hng23
Me! Me me me me me! And I solemnly promise to share (there are young 'uns amongst us).
Sky Thibedeau
31. SkylarkThibedeau
My kids will enjoy these....right after I'm done with Them
Corvus corax
34. Carla Pullum
Graphic Novels is a favorite in my house!
Corvus corax
36. wandering-dreamer
Ooooh, been wanting to read Boxers & Saints and Relish for a while now, commenting!
Scott Silver
38. hihosilver28
Holy crap, that's an awesome collection! Yes, please!
Corvus corax
39. harmonyfb
Wow, that's some super-cool stuff! :)
Michael Carter
41. Mcart
Great contest!
Please enter me.
Thanks ---
Bruce Arthurs
43. Bruce-Arthurs
Would definitely like. Although I do have this feeling that the proper way to enter a drawing for graphic novels would be to post a drawing, rather than just a comment.
Corvus corax
45. BigFan
I could not resist.
Corvus corax
49. BCsmith
I dunno. It's a nice-looking set, but it's a bit weird to suggest that books such as Templar, American Born Chinese, Same Difference, Friends With Boys, and probably the two most adult books in the whole bundle, Sailor Twain and Boxers And Saints would make great reading for children.

I guess I must have a different viewpoint than most people here, but I fail to see how a two-part graphic novel about the Boxer Revolution and another book with a mermaid who's topless for a good majority of the book could be considered children's lit.
Corvus corax
53. LisaReader
I would love to win these for my boys!
Corvus corax
56. Jane Drew
Those would be great!
Wyatt Packard
58. Wyatt95
So many great books I've been dying to read! Hope I win!
Corvus corax
59. alaskan
Sweet, that looks like a cool set!
Corvus corax
60. Brie
Those look great!
Corvus corax
62. Jeanette Jackson
Great prize! Count me in.
Corvus corax
64. Erich Eberhardt
Great looking collection!
Rammy Meyerowitz
65. m5rammy
Hot stuff there, perfect for the cold weather here!
Corvus corax
67. Jikorijo
More Gene Luen Yang is always a plus.
Corvus corax
69. RLBrown
Fantastic collection!
Corvus corax
70. J. Walker
Sweet! A great way to start the new year!
Corvus corax
72. Amanda Casto
Such a great collection!
Corvus corax
74. matkeltri
Wow, that's awesome!
J. Akimatsu
75. DesertLorelei
Merry Christmas, indeed! Consider me interested!
Corvus corax
76. Alli Ridley
I would love for Ultra Violet Ridley, daughter of Alli Ridley, to have this wonderful start to a life time library.
Corvus corax
78. Andrew S Hall
looks cool
Corvus corax
79. Claude Pruitt
I want these!
Corvus corax
81. Terri Flood
what a great giveaway
Corvus corax
83. rickel bart
they look perfect for my kids!
Corvus corax
84. Joe R
Me wants!

Happy Holidays, folks at TOR!

Thanks for being awesome
Jim Johnson
85. wamegojim
This is a great collection. Some great books to get people into graphic novels.
Scott Raun
86. sraun
I've got some grand-kids who would love these!
bob keck
87. ky2here
Winter b-days are coming up, this would be perfect. thanks for sponsoring this.
Corvus corax
89. Shannon Baas
I would love these.
Corvus corax
90. miriam12
I read the first fifty pages of the Saints comic from Saints and Boxers and my goodness, it is excellent. I would love to be able to finish it.
Fade Manley
91. fadeaccompli
That is some sweet stuff, up there. I've been eyeing Saints And Boxers for a while.
Corvus corax
93. Ethyl
My step son has recently really enjoyed reading. I certainly want to support that.
Corvus corax
95. betty
i would like to win
Corvus corax
97. James Coyne
i love books
Corvus corax
98. Debra Miller
What a wonderful opportunity for children...great books!
Corvus corax
100. david higley
What a nice addition to my classroom library.
Corvus corax
103. Tom Scott
A true quote by Garrison Keillor "A book is a gift you can open again and again." Books make the best Christmas gift.
Corvus corax
104. Debbie O
Great Sweepstakes
Corvus corax
105. Tony Parsons
great prizes
Corvus corax
106. Carol Lynn
These are great prizes!!
Corvus corax
107. Melody Foote
Great cntest. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.
Corvus corax
108. Zabby
I've been looking forward to so many of these!
Corvus corax
110. Diane Baum
Reading makes the world better and these are some great reads
Corvus corax
111. Ashley M
Love to read. Thanks for the chance!
Corvus corax
112. reportingjosie
So many beautiful covers...
Corvus corax
113. Michele Neuhouser
What a great set of books!
Corvus corax
114. Marissa Falin
This is great!
Corvus corax
116. Kristen Roush
Thank you!
Corvus corax
117. Carolina N
nice gift for a really person
Jannet Kwan
118. JK888
I would like to enter this sweepstakes.
Corvus corax
119. marie constantineau
thanks for the chance
Corvus corax
122. Laurraine
Count me in!
Corvus corax
123. yetidad
commenting in the post, ftw!
Corvus corax
125. Darith3Duh
I've never wanted anything more than this! :D
Corvus corax
128. LaCinda
Great titles, would love to win!
Corvus corax
131. Tari Lawson
I have never read a graphic novel but know that they are popular. I would love to win these for my son.
Corvus corax
132. Joanne Gregory
A great gift for my grandson!
Corvus corax
133. Emas
Great collection
Corvus corax
134. Tehol Lives
My kids would love this, thanks!
Corvus corax
135. Sharon R
Thanks for the chance - my son would enjoy these books!
Corvus corax
136. Christopher Lacasse
Cool books
Corvus corax
137. sidetracker
Know what I'd do with them!
Matthew Kurnick
138. mkurnick
Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.
Corvus corax
139. Deb Philippon
Great collection. Hope I win!
Corvus corax
140. Heather A
Lots of good reading in this prize pack. Great contest.
Corvus corax
142. Marlene V
Thanks for the chance to win
Corvus corax
143. Anne Derkat
Would love to win these for my 2 grandsons
Corvus corax
144. megon dorward
I'm still not done Christmas shopping...this would be a great help!
Corvus corax
146. cynthia walker
gREAT giveaway
Corvus corax
147. cynthia walker
gREAT giveaway
Corvus corax
148. Jennifer Monteiro
Mykids love books!
Corvus corax
149. Ivan McKinnon
My granddaughter, Jordan, eleven, is an advid reader. she would love these books. thanks for the opportunity to win.
Corvus corax
151. yourmom30
What an awesome opportunity!
Corvus corax
152. Kerry M.
Great additions to the home library!
Corvus corax
153. Barbara Butler
love to win this for my grandson he just loves to read which is a good thing...
Corvus corax
154. Brittani
What a great prize! I would love to win..
Corvus corax
155. Matthew Fava
My daughter has just gotten into Sara Varon's books (in particular, ROBOT DREAMS!) so I think she is primed for this. Thus, I will happily win on her behalf...and I will totally read them as well.
Corvus corax
156. sharon miller
What a wonderful set for parents and children to enjoy together!
Corvus corax
157. silver97rwa
Excellent! Count me in!
Corvus corax
158. Jennifer I
This would be great for my 2 boys!
Corvus corax
160. runner
Groovy MacKids Graphic Novels!
Corvus corax
161. Rajee P Pandi
Great titles to read
Corvus corax
162. okiraan
I want to read them. And then my students can, too.
Corvus corax
163. Sandi Tymchuk
Wonderful books! Would make a great gift for my nieces and nephews.
Corvus corax
164. Michelle McLaughlin
What a great prize!
Corvus corax
165. lisa choi
looks so cool!
Corvus corax
166. Loren Palmer
grand younguns will really enjoy these!
Corvus corax
167. Melissa Avey
Some awesome titles there!
Corvus corax
168. Wonryang
Great prize for my cousin
Corvus corax
169. Linda Horricks
My son would love to use these in his classes (teaches middle school).
Corvus corax
170. Marie Williams
Books are the best prizes IMHO!
Corvus corax
171. john.deighton
nice book collection
Corvus corax
172. Mary Andrews
The more grandbabies we get, the more books we need!
Corvus corax
173. Durlath
Another great sweepstakes by tor.com
Corvus corax
174. Sara Alvaro
Terrific to keep at our home for the grandchildren!
Chi Shannon
175. anastasiafall
Oh my, what an awesome collection! Count me in too!!! :)
Corvus corax
176. Donna Doyle
Be great gifts after I read them.
Corvus corax
178. Norman Jackson
Great books to read
Corvus corax
180. Barbara Eubanks
I am a former media specialist that have to confess these novels were used as a bribe to get students help me in the Media Center.
Corvus corax
181. Julie Harris
Would love to win this one!! thank you!
Corvus corax
182. Tricia Brown
Hope to win
Corvus corax
183. donna graham
Six grandkids ...all readers.
Corvus corax
184. Lyn Tallant
Thank you for the chance!
Corvus corax
185. Leslie Sil
nice prize hope I win
Corvus corax
186. Pauline Linares
Awesome, would love to win! Thanks :)
Corvus corax
188. Paige C. M.
I want to win!
Corvus corax
190. Sunshine G
My husband would be over the moon - he collects these!
Corvus corax
191. Meredith Jones
Ever since I read a graphic novel by Phoebe Gloeckner, I've wanted to read more. I would love to win these!
Corvus corax
192. Marilyn Nawara
Very nice set of books
Corvus corax
193. Timothy Chalfant
Corvus corax
This would be very education for my family to win these
Corvus corax
195. John Bonini
My grandchildren will pray for rain so I can pull these out to keep them busy !
Corvus corax
197. Kathy McCrae
Wonderful graphic novel collection, thanks MacKids, Happy New Year!
Patrick Mosbacker
199. Patillian
This looks awesome. Between my kids and my students, I could make good use of this. Thanks!
Corvus corax
201. Ricci
Graphic novels are the best thing ever for reluctant readers! I love getting my kids to read these!
Corvus corax
202. Terri Ottenwess
Great contest, but what would make it better is if I win.
Corvus corax
203. jacqueline hannum
For the school library.
Corvus corax
205. jean hewston
for the kids.
Corvus corax
206. Florence C
Great selection for the grandkids.
Corvus corax
208. Kathy Knutson
Its the day after Christmas, and still have gifts to give.
Corvus corax
209. Amy T.
Thanks for the chance!
Corvus corax
210. Mary Warner
For library!
Corvus corax
211. May K
I would love to win these books!
Corvus corax
212. Susan Adams
Would love to win this for my school library!
Corvus corax
213. hiljacarol
very nice selection
Corvus corax
214. Wendy R.
I know several younger readers who would love these!
Corvus corax
215. Karen forrest
my grandkids would love these
Corvus corax
216. Tim Mooney
My 8yo Grandson loves to read. These would be great for him.
Ferri Pantaleon
217. fjonp
Awesome I never know what graphic novels to recommend
to my younger sister.
Corvus corax
218. Kitsa Tsivoulas
my son loves to read :)
LYNETTE thompson
219. LYNETTE52
MY SON NORTON WOULD LOVE THIS PRIZE PACK. thank you and have a Happy New Year to everyone.
Corvus corax
220. kara kjellman
this would be great for my 4 kids
Corvus corax
221. Carolyn Lindquist
My Grandson would love these.
Corvus corax
222. Laura Wernet
my little buddy, Ethan would flip!
Corvus corax
223. Tylerrock08
I'd love to win these!!
Corvus corax
224. Joseph Thomas
Would love to win these to add to our school's graphic novel collection :)
Corvus corax
225. Nancy Cargil
thanks for giveaway! :)
Corvus corax
226. Heather B
a little something for all 3 of my kids this would be awesome!
Corvus corax
227. Glen Pollard
my daughter loves to read!
Corvus corax
228. Jaime Cummings
Please enter me. Thanks!!
Corvus corax
229. Sharon U
Awesome, kids will love this.
Corvus corax
Great selection!
Corvus corax
232. Christine691
My sons would love this.
Tom Hill
233. thill2
First grandkid coming in March! No better way to prepare than to stock up on Graphic Genre Fic, eh?
Corvus corax
234. Wilson M
'Twould be good for the grand-kids
Corvus corax
236. Dick R.
My grandson would love these books.
Corvus corax
good for grand son
Corvus corax
238. ronframpton
can nrver has enough children books !
Corvus corax
239. Ray2084c
My girls would love it
Corvus corax
240. rickel bart
these would be great for my kids!
Corvus corax
241. Meredith Peters
Very cool books! Would be a great gift!
Corvus corax
A kids book on the Templars is a fantastic idea
Corvus corax
243. Kathryn Mackey
these would be great for my nephew
Corvus corax
244. Jane Ketzler
Good reading!
Corvus corax
246. Brandi Goolsby
My son would love these!!!
Corvus corax
My grand kids will love them.
Will I WIN???????????????????
Corvus corax
248. misty rummell
thats an awesome collection of books
Corvus corax
249. reillyman
very nice!
Corvus corax
250. Kasey Armstrong
This would be great
Corvus corax
252. Victoria Gammage
I have two grandkids and I would love to be able to give them these books. I am a retired school teacher and I believe that children can never have too many books.
Corvus corax
253. Meaghan Cool
My daughter would love this :)
Yagiz Erkan
254. yagiz
I'm crossing my fingers for my son. :)
Corvus corax
255. Glenna Roth
My son would really dig these books. Thanks for the chance to win them!
Corvus corax
256. Wes Umstead
Great books!
Corvus corax
257. Kirsten3
My kids would love these!
Corvus corax
258. Dana123
They look great!
Corvus corax
Nice looking books!!
Corvus corax
260. Littleroonkanga2
This would be great to have. Love the books!
Corvus corax
261. Jeffery J Manley
Corvus corax
262. Nick Tefoglou
Great read for my grandson
Corvus corax
263. Daphne Burks
Thank you!
Corvus corax
264. Allison b
Looks like a great prize pack to me!
Corvus corax
265. samspade221
I have been wanting to read several of them. I didn't realize that Sailor Twain was aimed at kids...
Corvus corax
266. Enizete Lane
Great prize! Count me in, please. Thanks!
Corvus corax
267. Happi Shopr
The kids would be thrilled
Corvus corax
268. Jennifer Miller
Would love to win this! Our daughter would be thrilled.
Corvus corax
269. royce walker
My grandkids will love these books.
Corvus corax
270. Joyce Bogard Stevenson
Perfect for my grandsons. And the winner is ....
Corvus corax
271. vicki gonzalez
Corvus corax
272. Andrew Domonkos
I love graphic novels, great set too. Good luck to everyone :)
Susan Smoaks
275. susansmoaks
oh this is an awesome giveaway. i would totally love to win! thanks for the great giveaway!
Corvus corax
276. melikegarfield
These novels would make a great gift for my nephew.
Corvus corax
277. michelle tremblett
Amazing Giveaway, Thank you for the chance :)
Corvus corax
278. Stephanie Taylor
Excellent giveaway! I would use these in my English classes!
Corvus corax
279. richelle s
My daughter would love these
Corvus corax
280. marie constantineau
thanks for the chance
David Kidle
281. airforceguy
Wow, great prizes, I'd love to gift some to my family!
Corvus corax
282. jenifer bazyl
Would share these books with family and friends!!
Corvus corax
283. brittany doerfler
thanks for the chance would love to win these
kathy pease
284. klp1965
Thank you for the great giveaway please count me in :)
Corvus corax
285. M Gibb
This would be absolutely amazing prize to give to my son, who cherishes every book that he receives and stores it on his book shelve. He loves books more than anything. Thank you for this opportunity
Corvus corax
286. Sheela Kamath
I'm in!
Corvus corax
287. Robby Rob
very cool! count me in
Corvus corax
288. TaddyCrow
To share with my nieces and nephews!
Corvus corax
289. Candie L
My kids and I would love these. Thank you
Denise Klay
290. deniseklay
This is a great selection of graphic novels and my son and I could share!
Corvus corax
291. Jon Th
These would be great to share with my wife and son!
Corvus corax
292. anna donato
Oh, what a great prize, I will read them first and then pass them on to my daughter so she can read them to her children.
Great end of year prizes.
Thank you.
Corvus corax
293. lori n.
Would love these for all the readers in my home and would then donate them to the school, unless the kids wanted to re-read them!
Corvus corax
294. Prominent Nonentity
This would be wonderful.
Corvus corax
295. Beverly Metcalf
Nice selection of books. My grandchildren would love reading them. Thanks for having this contest.
Corvus corax
296. christa P
My nephew has been asking to share my collection and go to the comic shops with me! this would be great for sharing
Corvus corax
297. lynn clayton
my kid would love this
Corvus corax
301. Kate l
What a great collection of books!
Corvus corax
302. flyedblain
I have my eyes on the Sailor Twain book.
Corvus corax
303. Ariel Chiu
yes please!
Corvus corax
304. Tasha Wilkerson
Love the variety!! There's a book for everyone on the family! Thanks for the chance!
Corvus corax
305. Dorris Turner
Quiet time with quality reading makes such a difference in a child! Would love to win!
Corvus corax
306. carmela jones
Merry Xmas: I would love to win these books for my godchild.
Corvus corax
308. Jeffery Clark
My daughter would LOVE these, and when she gets done, I'm going to read them!! And I know my wife will definitely be sneaking them too..... :)
Corvus corax
309. Cathleen Clark
I think everyone in my whole family will be reading these!!!
Corvus corax
310. playdreamthink
I'm 24 years old and I would LOVE to read these, and I promise to share them with my little sisters!!
Corvus corax
311. collegegirlbrittany
I'm not going to lie, these books look REALLY cool and I would love to read them! I know the children in my special ed class would love them too!
Corvus corax
312. sherri steinert
what a great thing for my grandkids we are all big readers
Wayne Lecoy
314. hotrodguy
I am entering your MacKids Graphic Novel Sweepstakes.
It would be great to win these books.
Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!
Corvus corax
315. Rose Holloway
I would love to win
Corvus corax
316. Karen Thaeter
My grandson would love all of these books to read.
Helen Gibbs
317. hrg126
What a wonderful surprise this would be.
Corvus corax
318. linda d
I would enjoy surprising my daughter with these books.
Tim Lucas
320. T1551L
Gonna love this as much as the "kid"
Corvus corax
321. RonMiller
for the granddaughter
Corvus corax
322. Ciara B.
I would enjoy these as well as my son!
Corvus corax
323. lisa gomez
My son loves graphic novels. Never heard of this company before.
Corvus corax
324. margaret geiger
This would be wonderful for my 9 years old son he has just discovered the joy of reading!!!
Carl White
325. AskTheTicketGuy
With National Book Award nominee Boxers & Saints....REALLY?...and American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang...OMG...Friends With Boys by Faith Erin Hicks...NO THIS IS TOO MUCH...and Same Difference by Derek Kim Kim...YOU MUST BE KIDDING...plus lots of books for younger reader...IT JUST DOES NOT STOP!!
Corvus corax
326. Ivan McKinnon
My granddaughters love to read and would enjoy any of these books.
Corvus corax
327. Belinda Hughes
My five grandchildren would enjoy reading these books.
Corvus corax
328. Nicole C.
My daughter would love these!
Corvus corax
329. Yvy
Would love to introduce these books to the kids in the family to encourage them to start reading again! Thanks!
Daniel Vice
331. dvice
This is a great collection of books. We'd really like to get these. Thanks.
Corvus corax
333. Melissa M
I would love to win those great Graphic Novels!
Corvus corax
334. Sandra Hedera
Always looking for more books to read.
Corvus corax
335. Rosanne
Good way to get them reading
Corvus corax
337. Dave McGowan
This would be great for my upcoming birthday
Sharon Smith
339. Sharona61bio
Hey! What a neat package to get my Grandkids reading.
Corvus corax
340. Lynn Dobriko
Great selection.
Corvus corax
341. tinatchick
This would be great for my Son
Corvus corax
342. Kasey K
Wow, such a great book prize...keeping my fingers crossed :)
Corvus corax
343. Cheryl Rahkonen
I have grandchildren ages newborn to 16. I would love to win these books for them. I see some cool titles such as "Sailor Twain" and "Astronaut Academy" that I know they would love.
Corvus corax
344. Melanie Comello
This would be perfect for us! something for everyone, from the smallest to the oldest member in our family :)
Corvus corax
345. Kathleen Gereg
A great selection that appeals to all ages!
Corvus corax
347. Melissa Snyder
Would like to win. Would make a great additions to my collection.
Corvus corax
348. Karen T Gonyea
Looks like a great read :)
Corvus corax
349. Katherine Dubreuil
These would be wonderful fo my grandchildren !
Corvus corax
350. Rickie Hinrichs
Don't have any young kids just grandkids, even if their parents act like kids at times.
Corvus corax
351. James Stringham
Excellent selection here!
barbara stenby
352. wikichoco
WOW! What an amazing collection, my son would greatly appreciate these for his collection of Graphic Novels Thanks for the chance
Corvus corax
353. Diane Potts
My Grandkids Would Love To Have This.
Corvus corax
356. Gayle B.
Many young readers in my life and books are the absolute best to give as gifts :)
Corvus corax
358. barb carlson
cool gift for the grandkids
Corvus corax
359. Lorrie Mandanici
Look forward to getting the chance to share these with my girls-they both love to read!!
Corvus corax
360. Mr. Wagner
My students would love those books!
Corvus corax
361. Kristin Sims
this would be such a GREAT addition in my classroom library, thanks!
Corvus corax
362. Kristina G
I would love to win!! :)
Thanks for the giveaway!!
Corvus corax
363. jason k
I wish these came with ratings so i could give age appropriate books more easily. Some times it is tough with graphic novels
Corvus corax
364. Rhonda Arr
My kids would love all of these titles and have them read quickly. Thanks for offering a great giveaway.
Corvus corax
365. bill norris
got nieces and nephews that would dig this
Corvus corax
367. Jennifer Oliver
I hope to be a winner!

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