Dec 20 2013 4:30pm

Gaming Roundup: Republique Represents True Advancement In Mobile Gaming

Developer Camouflaj’s episodic mobile game, Republique, is receiving rave reviews from every corner, and is garnering significant buzz as a worthy candidate to be considered the best mobile game ever, to date. The game, a stealth survivor horror effort set within a violently oppressive surveillance state, follows the attempt of one woman to break free of the constraints of her totalitarian environment.

Republique stars Rena Strober as the escaping girl, Hope, and Jennifer Hale, best known for her fantastic take on FemShep in the Mass Effect series, as Hope’s mentor. The game casts the player into the role of a hacker attempting to help Hope break free of a facility named Metamorphosis, into which she was born and raised. In a uniquely meta and timely take on surveillance, your phone or tablet acts as a window into Hope’s world, and gameplay consists of the player assuming control of computers, cameras, and alarm systems to help guide Hope’s escape and to monitor her progress. Accordingly, Republique utilizes a highly refined and intuitive stealth-based touch gameplay system that integrates so seamlessly into the game that you forget you’re playing on a mobile device—high praise, indeed.

Republique is available now on iOS devices everywhere.

In other gaming news this week, AC IV’s first DLC, Freedom Cry, takes some bold steps, Firefly Online gets a launch date, and Fallout 4 may be further away than imagined. Read on!

  • Diablo III’s first expansion, Reaper of Souls, now has a release date. Take on Death itself on March 25, 2014.
  • Fallout 4 may be coming, but if Bethesda’s holiday card is any indication, it won’t be next year.
  • Will you be able to solo your way through Bungie’s upcoming MMO shooter, Destiny? Sort of, says developer Jason Jones.
  • A lucky wave of 300 Steam Machine beta users got their hands on the device recently, and the dissections have begun! Nothing revolutionary in terms of hardware, mind you, but the differentiation will lie in the peripherals and the OS.
  • Developer Wizet’s wildly popular free-to-play MMORPG MapleStory is getting a sequel, and it’s looking mighty pretty so far.

  • Firefly Online hits the mobile scene (as well as Macs and PCs) in Summer 2014. Expect a small-scale social RPG that with any luck might lead to something more robust down the road.
  • Assassin’s Creed IV’s first DLC, Freedom Cry, walks a fine line in dealing with the ugly history of slavery of the slave trade across the Caribbean, but apparently does an admirable job of reconciling history and fiction in a game setting.
  • Enjoy your holidays, Dear Reader! We’ll see you in the New Year.

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Chris Nelly
1. Aeryl
AC4 Check in!

I am mostly in agreement that the parts at sea are the best. My biggest frustration is how far back you are set if you desynch while at sea though.

The camera movement is the worst part of being on land(seasickness ON LAND, Ubisoft you think of EVERYTHING), and in addition, they got rid of the ONE THING they got right on AC3, which was the refined fast-running. Conner actually went where he needed to go, but Edward does the same thing Ezio did, which is go HIS OWN FUCKING WAY if the controller isn't pointed in 100% the correct direction.

I'm still pretty "meh" on the combat, it's still nowhere as fluid and smooth as it was in the Ezio trilogy.

All in all, I'm pretty disappointed that I went against my (poverty stricken)instinct to wait for a WAY discounted preowned version, and bought it full price when it came out

The best thing, IMO, is the present day story detail. That shit is eerie as fuck.
Walker White
2. Walker
Just played around with Republique. The camera movement mechanic is really the big advance, since touch-to-location stealth has been around before. With that said, the camera movement works really well. It gives the game a classic cyberpunk feel. With a strong story frame, this could be really good.

Unfortunately, the story (so far) is very heavy-handed and I am feeling zero connection to the character. Too much telling and not enough showing (which is just as much a rule in game design/writing as it is in books).
Walker White
3. Walker
The strength of AC4 is that it returns to the exploratory roots of the franchise. AC1 got a lot of crap for being repetitive, but the game was really about working with an incredible open ended sandbox (the Hidden Blade exploits are still the best for AC1 over any other game in the franchise). AC2 gave the game more structure, at the price of player freedom; but most people agree it hit a sweet spot that makes it the best in the series. From that point on the game became increasingly more scripted, destroying player freedom and losing sight of its roots.

The fact that you can do so much in AC4 while ignoring the main story is a sign that the designers realized this and are going back in the other direction.
Chris Nelly
4. Aeryl
All of that is great. I like the sandbox to an extent, though I myself like the story more. It's a big open world, and I'm looking forward to finding out how Kenway gets more "officially" integrated to the Assassins.

What bugs me most, is the mechanics. The controls STILL suck like they did in AC3, and Kenway can't even counter right. Maybe I just haven't gotten far enough in the game, and he gets new abilities when he meets up with the actual Assassins, but in EVERY AC game, countering gave you a one hit kill on the opponet you countered. Now, you counter and Kenway slashes away at them like five times, and sometimes they STILL don't die.

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