Dec 9 2013 5:25pm

The Night is Dark and Full of Snowflakes: Game of Thrones-Inspired Patterns!

Winter is...oh, you’ve heard that one before? Well, no matter, you should still deck all of your various halls with these Game of Thrones snowflake patterns! Artist Krystal Higgins has created a snowflake design for each house, and she recently added Houses Arryn and Martel! (Maybe there should be an official “Snow”snowflake, for all the illegitimate Westerossians out there...)

As you can see in the above image, the detail is truly impressive. Each House is immediately recognizable, with stags for the Baratheons, Direwolves for the Starks, and rampant lions for the Lannisters, but they’re still simple, so you can festoon every imaginable surface with ease. You can download the patterns for free here!

1. Ducky
Lovely! I need to decorate something, now!
2. a1ay
Like so many GOT characters, these snowflakes are short a limb or two.
3. srEDIT
@2: Your mild manner is much more polite than my outraged thoughts, which were more along the lines of . . . "Why doesn't anyone seem to know that water crystals are always six-sided?
Stephanie Saathoff
4. snowbear79
I literally squealed out loud when I conquered the Targaryen flake! I made all 10 of them! BEST HOUR OF MY LIFE....
5. Dr. Cox
Quilting patterns!!!
I haven't read the books and don't have HBO but I do quilt, tho' of course the patterns would be much more meaningful for people who do watch GOT and quilt.

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