Dec 17 2013 10:15am

Casting the Endless in a Sandman Movie

Death and Dream, Sandman

The Endless, from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics, are not people. They are—as Destruction says—patterns, ideas, repeating motifs. It’s one thing to learn their stories, but something quite different to imagine who could embody them.

But now that Joseph Gordon-Levitt has confirmed a forthcoming Sandman movie, we thought we’d take a crack at casting them anyway! And we’ve got some picks that will either enthrall or enrage you, so you should probably join us.

[She is Death, just as he is Dream, and that one is Desire.]

Mordicai Knode
1. mordicai
My "dream cast"-- pun intended-- starts with Goyer leaving the project. Oh, crud, I think I'm doing this wrong.
2. GothHick
Read the series in my late teens, so trying to cast for people now as opposed to then. F'rinstance, then my choice for Death was Fairuza Balk, whereas now I'm leaning towards Kaya Scodelario. Tom Hiddleston as Dream... or, in an only slightly less serious take, Dylan Moran. Orlando Bloom as Desire. Rebel Wilson as Despair (hardly a flattering recommendation for any actor but I see her as having the skill and the confidence to pull it off). Andrew Scott as Lucifer, based on his laugh alone and because they'd be damned fools not to start off with Seasons of Mist. Alan Cumming as Lucien. Alan Rickman as Destiny. Never got much of a clear read on Destruction, so eh, whomever.
3. Magick
I just don't think Joseph Gordon-Levitt would make a good Dream, I mean sure he's a good actor but I don't think he can truly inhabit the character. As for Death, that was my dream to play Death in a sandman movie if there ever was one, So they should atleast get a quality actress to play Death.
4. GothicLibrarian
I honestly think Neil himself should play Dream.
Who has read The Sandman and looked at Neil without thinking how perfect that is.
I'm pretty tired of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's insanely BORING Gotham( that he created a character just for Jada pisses me right off), his part in TheDark Knight Rises was bland, and he is overall just a boring person portraying insanely intresting characters in insanely boring ways.

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